The Observatory

The Universe Immortal Clan originated from a very special upper realm known simply as {The Observatory}. This upper realm is special due to a number of reasons.

One of these reasons is that compared to other upper realms in the boundless universe, the size of the observatory is unbelievably small.

The various realms in the universe are like small pocket universes themselves that are scattered throughout the main universe. These small pocket universes, otherwise known as realms, contain everything that the main universe has, with only a few differences. These differences are mainly in the predominant elements of law that make up the realm.

Most of the time, the thing that differentiates one realm from another is exactly the kind of law element that is predominant in that realm. It could be that it is the law element of fire that takes precedence. In such a realm, there would be many natural beings and treasures that are born with a great affinity to the element of fire. As for what determines and separates the upper realms and the lower realms from each other, that in itself is a whole other matter entirely and will not be discussed at this time.

Generally, the size and scale of a realm are very large, almost to the extent that the inhabitants born in that realm would not be able to completely explore it completely. Also, the higher the realm is the larger it usually is, although this was not always the case as some lower realms are known to be much larger than some upper realms. Still, compared to other upper realms, the observatory was really too small.

The observatory was roughly about as large as the solar system in the milky way galaxy is which in terms of the sizes of upper realms go is really too small. Still, apart from this, another special aspect of the observatory is that all the law elements that make up the structure of the entire realm and breathe life into it were unusually stable without one being greater or more powerful than the other. This has created a situation where there is boundless vitality and energy in the observatory that was more than what other upper realms possess.

It is said that the secret to the eternal life of the Universe Immortal Clan is linked to the vitality of the entire observatory.

The lighthouse was located at the center of the observatory, and it was where all the energy of the realm was concentrated. There, the council of elders that govern and lead the entire clan set up their base.

After having his meal with his sisters and freshening up a bit, Clover started to make his way towards the lighthouse.

Clover and his sister's home was located far away from the center of the observatory and it was almost at the extreme end of the whole realm. The three of them had set up their home on a large asteroid that had been left to them by their dead parents.

In the past, this asteroid had been a wandering space rock without any special properties but it was later acquired by Clover's parents for some reason who had anchored it close to the borders of the observatory which was far from the main area of activity of the other Immortals.

After the death of their parents when they were little, Clover had been accused of causing their deaths, which had not only orphaned himself and his sisters but had also led to the most important artifact of the Universe Immortal Clan going missing. Because of this, Clover had been exiled to this corner of the realm far away from everybody where he would have to fend for himself.

Normally, anybody who had been charged with such serious offenses would have long been executed by the Immortal elders but because Clover had still been very young, then and considering his parents had held a very important position in the Immortal Clan, the elders of the clan had only exiled him until the time when he had grown up before his final sentence would be decided.

Finally, that time had come, and Clover was on his way to receive his sentence.

With the help of warp technology that was developed by the universe immortals, it did not take long before Clover arrived at the center of the observatory. It is also because of this technology that even though Clover had been exiled to the ends of the realms, he and his sisters had still been able to keep in contact with the rest of the universe immortals.

Finally, after a short time of traveling at warp speed, Clovers' spacecraft arrived at the lighthouse.

As the center of the universe, the lighthouse was definitely impressive.

Right in, deep in the void of space, there was a giant pagoda that was as large as a plant that hung right in front of a massive Whitehole in space. The giant pagoda was dwarfed by the Whitehole as white creamy lights bathed the pagoda in a resplendent glow of majesty like a crown of flames.

This was the lighthouse, and it was the place where all the powers of the entire observatory were located. This giant pagoda that was bigger than a planet was actually an alchemical construct that was created by the universe's immortal clan over countless unending years. It was created to draw power from the Whitehole behind it so that this energy could be distributed more efficiently to the entire realm in order for life to propagate and flourish.

In a way, this pagoda, which is known as the lighthouse, has the same functions as a Dyson sphere that is meant to siphon and store energy from a star. Only in this case, the energy of the Whitehole is almost limitless.

This pagoda is the second most important artifact of the Universe Immortal Clan, with the first having more power and importance than the lighthouse did. Sadly, this artifact had been missing from the Universe Immortal Clan for many years.

Eventually, Clover reached the lower levels of the lighthouse where he docked his spacecraft. Then, under the escort of armed guards, clover was escorted to the sky platform where the immortal elders waited for him.

As Clover was being escorted, he was pulled back to the very first time he had stepped into the lighthouse. It had been more than a hundred years since then. That day had been the most painful day in Clovers' life as well as the day when Clovers' life was changed forever.

On that day, more than a hundred years ago, both of Clovers' parents had died in a crash after being ambushed by the mortal enemies of the Universe Immortals who had been after {The Obelisk}, which was the most powerful treasure of the universe immortals.

As the guardians of the number one artifact of the universe immortals, clover's parents had held a powerful status in the clan. They were also very powerful in their own right and what happened on that day should not have happened. The only reason why the tragedy had occurred was mostly that clover's mother, having just given birth to the twins Arya and Verna not long ago, had been greatly weakened. That and the fact that there had been a traitor among the universe immortals.

The events leading to the death of Clovers' parents, as well as the loss of the most powerful treasure of the Universe Immortal Clan, was not something that a child like Clover would have understood then, and even now as Clover had already grown up, he was not able to understand everything that had happened on that day.

The only thing that Clover knew was that on the day {The Obelisk} went missing, he had lost his parents, been branded a traitor, and had been exiled to the ends of the realm where he had to raise his sisters all by himself.

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