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Years ago, gods descended from their realm down to earth. One of the god's goals was to bless mankind, while the other was to rule Earth. The evil god known as Lord Zodiac wasted no time in wreaking havoc, creating dark armies to fight against humanity and make them kneel before him. When all hopes were lost, the human race cried onto the second good to help them. Their cries were heard and Lord Zodiac was vanquished. His body was burnt to a crisp and locked in a jar. After the whole chaos, the last remaining god blessed some selected humans with different abilities and techniques to protect themselves from the creatures Lord Zodiac created. A boy named Kakashi who lost his family in a car accident, accidentally inhaled a strange dust on a mountain, and his life took a dark turn when Lord Zodiac was awakened inside of him.

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Chapter 1
"GO,GO, GO!" A male's voice sounded in a high pitched tone, cheering up his friend from the stand. The place was quite noisy with hundreds of supporters watching the ongoing basketball game being played by the highschool students.People wearing the same jersey as their highschool players, and also holding up banners of their favourite players and team ace while chanting their names. But among the crowd, no one cheered up Kakashi Aoki, except for his best friend.Kakashi was among the Shibuya highschool basketball team, but never played a single game even if he always showed up early to training. He only got to play the ongoing match because the starting player developed an illness and wasn't able to play.Standing on the same spot, dressed in the yellow sleeveless jersey with the number 72 behind him and yellow shorts, Kakashi waited patiently for the whistle to be blown. The opposing teammates were clad in red sleeveless jerseys, and their body features were almost like giants, maki
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Chapter 2
'I..i..if he inhaled the dust, can't be..' The man pondered with a tensed expression.Kakashi finally turned around and faced the strange person. Once he caught a glimpse of him, he flinched a bit and raised up his hands. "Who the hell are you?" Kakashi asked in shock. No one had hardly come to the mountain all these years he had been visiting it, so seeing someone strange amidst the thick dust made him flinch a bit.The man seemed to be in his early twenties. His height was around 6'3, clad in a black long sleeve attire, black long trousers, and black shoes. His spiky shiny golden hair covered his eyes completely and most of his face. His looks weren't bad at all, he was the perfect guy every girl would dream for. 'Can he even see with his hair covering his eyes and most of his face?' Kakashi wondered."What are you doing in a place like this?" The man known as Jiro Shoei questioned, his two hands placed in his pants pockets while standing a few meters away from Ka
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Chapter 3
Lord Zodiac's dust. A dust that was gotten from Lord Zodiac's body when he got burnt during the battle against Lord Genzen. The dust was placed in a supreme jar that was sealed with high-ranked chaos energy to prevent it from escaping.But all of a sudden, after thousands of years, the jar cracked open and now the dust escaped, looking for a human or anybody to possess."I am finally free." Lord Zodiac voiced, his deep voice echoed throughout the mountain as he glanced at the night sky and sniffed in the relaxing atmosphere."Hehe, this is cracking me up." Jiro's chuckle from behind made Lord Zodiac turn around and see a strange man behind him."Let me guess, a Godlinker?" Lord Zodiac stated, disgusted by the sight of Jiro. "Correct," Jiro responded, moving closer to Lord Zodiac. "You see, a lot has changed since you met your demise. This world is now different from what you once knew. I suggest you perish any idea of you trying to take over Kakashi's body completely, and then take o
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Chapter 4
Kakashi headed back home after his crazy encounter with Jiro. He still couldn't believe all that just happened and what he witnessed. It was almost like he got transmigrated to a Hollywood series or Japanese anime he loved watching.Kakashi had no idea monsters existed, or the fact that a certain individual possesses some sort of unique technique. It's almost like these Godlinkers and Chaos monsters lived invisibly in the same world as humans.Jiro did say humans had no idea the monsters existed or about the gods because the monsters won't just waste their time going after weak humans, and Godlinkers are the type of people who love to stay hidden. But now that Kakashi inhaled the dust of Lord Zodiac, he was now automatically a part of their world and needed to be extra careful in what he did.Kakashi walked into his tiny one-room apartment that was messed up with trash and junk here and there. Kakashi never bothered to clean up the room since he stayed alone and mostly spent his time
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Chapter 5
Kakashi picked up Eugene from the floor and began dashing towards the clinic. He ran through the hallway with his heart pounding, afraid for his friend's well-being. After running for a few minutes, Kakashi barged into the clinic and placed Eugene on an empty bed."Please, save him!" Kakashi voiced out with a frightful expression as the nurse headed toward Eugene to examine him."What happened to him?" Nurse Iris questioned as she examined Eugene attentively."I do not know, I just found him in the changing room and he refused to say anything or who did this!" Kakashi explained restlessly and cold sweat trickled down his face."This injury is very severe. The chances of him surviving is seventy/thirty" Nurse Iris informed me as she began to do some work on Eugene.Hearing the words of Iris, Kakashi's heart sank and he stood there in boiling anger. Eugene never crossed his boundary or harmed anyone, yet Aoki went ahead to beat him up this badly. For what? Some stupid basketball game?K
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Chapter 6
Being a part of the high school's basketball team was Kakashi's dream, but now that he has been made a starting player he didn't feel too joyful about it. The reason was because of Eugene and Aoki."Thank you, coach." Kakashi appreciated it as the players kept praising him nonstop.***After practice was over, Kakashi made his way back to the changing room to wait for Aoki. He couldn't attack him in front of everyone, so he chose to return back to the quiet chaining room to wait."YOU SERIOUSLY PLAN TO FIGHT THAT GUY? YOU ARE WEAK! I WONDER WHY I GOT REBORN INTO A WEAK AND STUPID HUMAN LIKE YOU!" Lord Zodiac cursed Kakashi internally.Kakashi chose to ignore his voice and stand there with a determined look. His heart was racing but he chose to put aside his fear and focus on his main agenda.After a few minutes of waiting, the entrance door swung open and Aoki walked in with six more bulky students who all had fierce looks and weapons in their hands."What do we have here? The newly a
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Chapter 7
What the...." Before Oda could finish his words, he felt a gust of wind pass through his neck, and his head was chopped off instantly. Blood splattered around the floor as Oda's headless body hit the tiled floor and his head followed after."I KNEW YOU WEREN'T CAPABLE OF DEFEATING THEM." Lord Zodiac spoke in a deep and terrifying voice and his gaze fixated on Aoki who stood there shivering in fear.Aoki stood there with his minions, his heart racing at the sight of what Kakashi had become. The once innocent-looking Kakashi now had red hair and red vicious claws in his fingers.'Am I hallucinating or did he really kill Oda like it was nothing at all?' Aoki pondered with a racing heart. The way Oda's head fell off without anyone noticing Kakashi making any move came as a surprise to Aoki. All he saw was Off charging in and his head suddenly fell off with Kakashi still standing there."MY DISCIPLES WILL BE HERE ANY SECOND FROM NOW SINCE THIS TRASH SWITCHED SIDES WITH ME. THEY MUST HAVE S
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Chapter 8
Moments after Daisuke left the place, a tall man with spiky golden hair that covered his eyes arrived at the location. He glanced around the place, and after noticing Kakashi lying down unconscious amidst several dead bodies, his expression darkened and he swiftly made his way towards him."Damn, I am too late. Lord Zodiac took over." Jiro mused as he picked Kakashi off the floor and dashed away at superhuman speed to avoid being spotted by anyone."""The morning sun rose up, and the ray flickered into the room and shone brightly into the eyes of Kakashi, causing him to wake up from his sleep. He opened his eyes widely and jolted up from the bed after catching a glimpse of his current location."Where the hell am I?" Kakashi muttered."You are in the Godlinkers High." A voice sounded across the room, causing Kakashi to shift his gaze and see a tall good-looking man who stood meters away from him with his hands tucked in his pockets.Catching a glimpse of the man, Kakashi recognized h
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