LEAD System: Andrew on Top!

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LEAD System: Andrew on Top!

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Cheated on by his girlfriend, set up by the school bully, and poor as a rat, Andrew received a system while on the verge of giving up. He received a LEAD System that will give him a lot of money, power, influence, intellect, and strength. He embarked on a journey the system gave him towards leading the world and climbing on top.


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  • Carl


    good story thanks

    2023-08-25 09:48:16
  • Sivaprakash


    Why does this book look like Arthur Gardner

    2023-07-27 23:19:49
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62 chapters
Chapter 1
In the library of the university. Andrew Deffcon, wearing a worn-out checkered shirt and ripped jeans, walked through the library's entrance. He headed straight to the cleaning area, picking up his old companions - a bucket, broom, and rag. On his way to clean, he watched the bustling students, full of youth and energy. Andrew envied them greatly. Although he should have been one of them, his impoverished life forced him to take on various part-time jobs. Soon, he adjusted his mindset and turned to work mode. "If only I could work part-time at the library all the time." He sighed softly. At least he wouldn't have to work outdoors, enduring the scorching sun. What more could he ask for with air conditioning? Andrew's self-consolation was filled with self-deception. When he got into the public restroom to fetch a bucket of water, a group of tall men were smoking inside. Andrew looked up, seeing the smoke-filled restroom. "What are these guys doing in the librar
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Chapter 2
Behind a huge bookshelf. Andrew saw his girlfriend, Miles, passionately kissing Har. At the same time, Har's hands were roaming around her body. His head buried in Miles' chest, greedily sucking. And her face turned red with desire and pleasure, like a ripe apple. "Miles, what are you doing here with this bastard?" At that moment, intense humiliation and pain completely overwhelmed his rationality. He no longer cared about offending the campus bully with his words. Upon hearing Andrew's angry voice, Miles screamed in fear. She quickly jumped away from the man, covering her exposed body and frantically tidying up her disheveled clothes. It was even the first time that Andrew had seen his "pure" girlfriend dressed so provocatively. Tall stature, a sensuous figure like an hourglass, and her snowy bosom seemed to be carrying a pair of headlights of Audi, dazzling his eyes. However, the rose does not bloom for someone else rather than her boyfriend. Perhaps out of shame, Miles
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Chapter 3
The news about the fight at the library spread like wildfire. "No, no! That's not true! They were having sex here! I didn't do any immoral things" Andrew repeatedly shouted. Though he looked utterly pathetic, there was not even a pitiful look thrown at him. "Stop framing us. You're even moaning Miles' name." Har added, worsening the situation and making the students completely side with him. Since Miles and he were famous in college and both of them had lots of fans, their words were more convincing than Andrew's."That's right. I feel violated." Miles acted as if she was crying, gaining more sympathy from the students. She deserved an Oscar of Best Actress.Miles framed her ex-boyfriend without hesitation. "I'm just cleaning, I won't do such an act! Additionally, Miles was my girlfriend, I respected her so much!" he tried to explain but failed, which lit the fire of temper among the students instead."He must have lost his mind!""Did he say Miles' her girlfriend? Haha
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Chapter 4
[Welcome to Lead System, host Andrew Deffcon. The system has chosen you as fit to be the best host. This is a one-on-one exclusive binding system that cannot be transferred to anyone. Once the host dies, the system will automatically disappear.][The balance of one billion dollars is already transferred to the host's account and recognized by all the banks all around the world.][How to use the system: Please explore it.] [Aim: The system will help you earn money and become the lead personality around the world.]"What... What is this?" Andrew tried to touch the screen in front of him but it just went through like a hologram. "I don't get it! Am I dreaming?"As he contemplated his sanity, his phone dinged. A notification from his bank that said his balance of nine zeroes arrived and blew his mind off. "One billion dollars! Is it true~?" "System, are you still there?"[Yes, host. It is definitely a truth.]"Hey, system. Can I... use the money however I want?" Andrew asked, ref
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Chapter 5
After paying for the Diamond VIP, Andrew was immediately taken inside. The staff members were looking at him with curiosity and wonder.There was no way this man, wearing worn-out clothes and looking so poor on the outside would buy their diamond VIP.Andrew didn't care about the looks that they were throwing at him. While he was being toured inside the bar, though there was no need for that.He was accompanied by Noel, the kind man who, just like him, was bullied and mistreated by the higher-ups. The only difference was, he was a regular worker, while he was just a part-time worker."I still can't believe you can now afford a VIP here, Andrew."Noel said as they rode the elevator. Noel had been working for about three years already in the bar, but even when he added all of her salaries, he wouldn't be able to purchase even the Bronze VIP. He had been enduring the ugly treatment toward her by his colleagues and manager."I just got lucky lately. Don't worry, Noel. I know you're g
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[Congratulations, host! The task is 100% completed. You have gained: 10 million, +2 mind, +3 body.]]"B-boss..." James immediately fell down on his knees and hugged Andrew's legs."I'm so sorry! Don't take this job from me, I beg you, sir!"Oh, how the tables have turned. Andrew wanted to say.He could vividly remember how he also begged like that before to him.He needed a job at that time, but in his second week, a guest knocked down a vase and blamed it on him.He begged like that for him to not fire on because he needed the job, but like a deaf man, he still did.It was the hardest time of his life at that time, and he couldn't eat for a whole week because he didn't have money to fund his food.He held grudges against this man, and he could feel it until now."I have a family, sir! I do my job well! I know everything about running this bar, don't fire me!"He was bowing multiple times, as if headbanging on the floor, repeatedly begging and apologizing for what he had done.Noel wa
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Chapter 7
Har held his head and looked back to whoever dared throw that heavy bottle and interrupt his pleasure on Grace."Who the hell is that!? I'm going to flipping kill you!"He screamed at the top of his lungs, holding the back of his head and finding out blood on his hand because of the impact.The bottle was now broken, and it certainly hit a spot on Har's head as his vision went slightly hazy.However, when he roamed his eyes and found who the person was, his hazy vision changed into clear anger upon seeing Andrew standing there."What the hell are you doing here!?"He screamed, almost sounding like a lion roaring at his prey.Andrew stood there firmly, meeting his eyes and telling him that he was not scared nor bothered by his angered look."What are YOU doing?" Andrew replied, emphasizing his word condemning his move toward Grace.Grace was his savior earlier, and he would feel utterly terrible if he would just stand there while he watched her being violated."You don't care about wh
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Reputation Points
"Have you lost your mind!? You can send me out!My mother is the owner of this place!I'm going to have you all fired!" The guards didn't wait for the instruction and immediately jumped on the stage to hold Har on both of his arms. "I don't think you can do that.But you can try."Andrew smirked at him, and it made Har angrier and crazier as he flailed his arms and tried to ran to him.But the two guards were able to stop him and pinned him to the ground."You traitors, I'm going to fire you all,"He threatened to the guards and the other staff who were just watching. The two guards usually always followed him, but right now, they were turning their backs at him."I can't believe this!" Har screamed again.He couldn't control his anger, but he was being held tightly so he was practically being dragged.He was just shamed in front of him by the poorest man he knew.He would certainly get his revenge. He didn't know how, but he would do it as soon as possible.Har knew to himself t
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Chapter 9
It was another morning. Andrew thought he was kidnapped by a mafia boss that was why he found himself sleeping in a presidential suite. But then, he realized and was reminded of the fact that he was rich and all that he had now was bought whimsically yesterday.It was Monday, and he realized that there were classes that he had to attend in the university so he immediately changed and went to there.He was studying business.He believed that there was money in business, and it was the only thing that could save him from further poverty.Since he became busy with all the part-time jobs that he did in the past, he couldn't attend to most of his classes so he would try to take all that he could for the day.However, as soon as he arrived at the university, he immediately got the weird feeling as if everyone was watching him.He turned to the side and saw students looked at him, he also looked to the other and found the another group of students watching him as he walked in.They were wh
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"I need your help. I'm being accused of rape."The head for the office looked at Andrew weirdly as he spoke so silently.Those were the only words that he caught on since he started talking to the imaginary person he's talking to."Quit it! You're just wasting my time!"His patience was thinning as Andrew spoke on his phone and pretended as if he was calling someone.He couldn't hear who he was talking to or what he was talking about, but he was acting all too calm in the midst of being expelled.And that alone irritated the conductor.Andrew still kept on talking silently to the person he asked for help.Since he couldn't do it alone and he knew someone better who could do something for him, he grabbed the opportunity.Thankfully, the person was kind enough to help him gladly.He was even angry at what happened to him and promised him that he would get his justice right away."Thank you, sir. I'm going to wait."Andrew put down his phone and looked back at the head of the office. He
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