LECTER JAMES: Rise of the Braveheart

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LECTER JAMES: Rise of the Braveheart

By: Rholle Petz OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Lecter James was ridiculed, humiliated and betrayed by his wife for losing his wealth in an investment which she deceived him to take. She kicks him out after a divorce and still, her family allegedly murders Lecter's mom. However, when lecter discovers that he is the sole heir to a multi-million business empire, he returns to exact revenge on anyone who has ever hurt and looked down on him. But his enemies are many, and betrayal looms still. Who can Lecter trust?

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49 chapters
Chapter one
A thundercrack ripped through the clouds in the stormy night as flashes of lightning butressed the rumbling. Lecter stood in a grand living room with expensive furnitures, and Venita, his wife, glared at him with fiery eyes. Her face was darkened, and her lips curled into a frown. She eyed his old, worn-out clothes in disgust before her eyes settled on his face again.It's was nearly midnight, and the dawn of their two years wedding anniversary was upon them. "I want a divorce!" Venita's cold voice echoed while she slammed divorce papers on the table before Lecter. Lecter froze for a moment. He could not understand why his wife would decide to divorce him after everything he had done for her. "Venita... " He started to speak, but she slapped him before he could finish. "Are you fucking deaf? I said I want a divorce! A man like you does not deserve to be with a woman like me. You're a freaking stigma to my reputation and I am done!" Venita's words cut through Lecter's heart like
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Chapter two
Alaric drove at high speed to a mansion on the far end of the city. While the rain poured, Lecter's mind constantly went back to the scene of Venita's betrayal. They took his wealth and made him look like a fool. Anger slowly built within Lecter's heart. The pain he felt was being replaced by something darker, and all Lecter could think about was getting revenge. "We are here, young master," Alaric said to him while he drove into a large compound and quickly parked the car by the fountain located just in front of the main building. Then, Alaric jumped down and opened an umbrella. He unlocked the door for Lecter to step down.Lecter could not believe his eyes. Not even when he was rich did he experience such wealth. The mansion was easily the grandest thing that he had ever seen in his life.As they walked towards a door, a lady stood by the side, gazing at Lecter with fury and disgust."Thank you, Alaric. I'll take it from here," she said to Alaric who gestured for Lecter to walk
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Chapter three
"Mr James, there's someone here to see you," Lecter's secretary said to him while she stepped into the office."Who is it?" Lecter asked without taking his eye off the screen. It's been a week since his announcement as CEO. However, Lecter had refused to make any public statement or appearance since that time.He preferred anonymity, at least for the time being."It's the acting CEO of Thorn Incorporated, sir. Venita Thorn," the secretary replied and Lecter paused. He gazed at the secretary with a frown on his face."Why is Venita here?" Lecter questioned. "She has been bugging us for a contract, sir. Apparently, her company is on the brink of collapse due to mismanagement. She needs this to kickstart operations," she replied.Lecter smirked as he thought for a moment. A wave of anger filled his heart and when he turned his attention to the secretary, she saw a darkness on him that wasn't there before."Send her in," Lecter instructed.The secretary quickly left, and through the tran
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Chapter four
High-ranking billionaires and CEOs in the city trooped into Reginald's event center. There were several fleets of cars parked outside of the hotel.By the door was an attendant who allowed the guests to go inside with a huge smile on his face.Lecter stepped down from his car, wearing a plain black suit. Other than meeting with Reginald, It was also a good opportunity for Lecter to familiarize himself with this billionaire world that is not easily accessible to anyone in the city. "Get back, mister! I need your identification," the attendant at the door said to Lecter while he attempted to walk inside. Other people stared at them. "You did not ask anyone else for a means of identification," Lecter said to the attendant who crossed his arms in defiance."That's because I did not find them suspicious. I know people like you. There is no way you are one of them. You are too young to have that kind of wealth," the attendant argued. Lecter just chuckled but the attendant did not bulge."
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Chapter five
"Our sources have revealed that the man in the viral tape last night is Lecter James, the heir of a multi-million empire, and current CEO of-" Rand switched off the television as he drowned himself in alcohol. Getting sacked by Lecter was exacting a heavy toll on him.The clip showcasing Lecter saving Reginald had gone viral, and Rand had hoped that finally, he would be able to show Lecter's face to Venita.But the tape showed a blind spot, and Lecter's face was hidden.Venita stepped into the living room in a skimpy red dress with black heels. She shot Rand a glare as she began to apply lipstick."Where are you going?" Rand asked her."To seek an audience with Lecter James. If he wants me to convince him with my body, I'll do so," Venita stated without remorse.Rand slowly placed the cup in his hand on the ground and frowned at her."We are engaged, Venita!" He yelled at her."That means nothing to me! Let me make this clear, Rand. There is nothing I wouldn't do to get what I want. B
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Chapter six
"I have checked your company's profile. I'll invest five hundred million dollars in the app project that you have launched," Lecter said to Anna over the phone.The unprecedented meeting with Venita that morning had almost ruined Lecter's mood, however, he knew the shrewd brat did not deserve so much attention from him."Five hundred million dollars?" She exclaimed. "That is more than enough to save my father's company from collapsing. Thank you very much, Mr James. How could I ever repay you?" Anna said to him. Lecter could hear her voice breaking from excitement. He smiled."Then, let me take you out for dinner," Lecter replied."Of course, Mr James. I'd love that. Plus, to show my appreciation, I will take care of the arrangements. I have to show you how grateful I am," Anna said to him before she hung up. Lecter was intrigued. But just as he placed his phone on the table, Alaric rushed into the office."We have a serious problem boss," Alaric said to him, agitated. Lecter frowned.
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Chapter seven
Joe dragged his luggage out of the mansion while Venita was away with their father. He could tell that something terrible was about to happen to them, and he was not sticking around to find out what exactly it was.Joe felt guilty about trying to leave Venita behind, however, from what she said, he was certain that she had made up her mind."If you all want to kill yourselves, be my guest. I won't be here when the brimstone rains on ya," Joe muttered as he put his luggage in the trunk of his car. He had a flight that was leaving for Brussels City in the next hour."Fuck! My phone!" Joe rushed back into the house. He grabbed his phone and dashed out, but when he saw several policemen standing beside his car, Joe froze."Can I help you? You're making me nervous," he said to them. One of the cops stepped forward and showed Joe his badge."I'm Detective Bruce. Joe Thorn, you are under arrest for breaking into the Orient Museum and stealing an artifact," Bruce said to him and Joe chuckled
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Chapter eight
It rained heavily as Lecter drove at high speed back to his mansion. Something about that night reminded him of the night when Venita and Rand betrayed him. Although Alaric told him that Morris Thorn was the one attacking the house, Lecter figured he had to cripple the man's powers on the spot.Lecter had done his research and found out that a gangster, Venom, was working with Morris. Venom provided Morris with arms, men, and weapons. Even the assassin who tried to kill Reginald was one of Venom's boys. Lecter drove faster.As soon as he got to the mansion, Lecter could see a band of armed men aiming at his father from the distance. The bodyguards with Kent James were not enough to stop the artillery that Morris had brought with him. However, things soon took a turn.Morris and everyone else present watched as Lecter parked the car and stepped down, quickly unlocking an umbrella to shield himself from the rain. The umbrella also covered the upper part of his face, making it impossible
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Chapter nine
The next day, Venita went to the station to see Joe. However, he was not so intrigued to see her."What are you doing here?" Joe asked Venita. She had requested to see him in an interrogation room and was granted access since they were siblings."Joe, I wanted to see how you were doing-""After you abandoned me, you mean?" Joe cut her off and scoffed. Venita glared at him with disdain."You brought this on yourself. How could you be so stupid? I tried to help you though but father thinks it's a wrong idea. He wants you to suffer for some time to learn a lesson," she said to him and he chuckled. "You know, Venita, I see where this is going. Right now, you feel like you are on top of the world. Daddy's girl. Promising future if you kill Lecter James and steal his wealth. But let me tell you something. If Father could knock our mother out and let me rot in jail, he will do the same to you. Leave now while you still have the chance!" Joe admonished. However, Venita smiled."I have the ch
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Chapter ten
"Are you alright, Anna?" Lecter asked Anna as she kept glaring at her ring while he drove away from the mall. Venita's unruly attitude had given her a scare. "I'm the happiest woman alive, Lecter. You saved me from that bitter woman. She already broke your heart. What else does she want with you?" Anna asked with a sigh."Don't worry, my love. I'll keep on protecting you. Do you like the ring?" He asked she smiled. "It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen Lecter. It's perfect. Thank you very much for this. Becoming your wife has always been a dream of mine since the first time we met," Anna giggled. Lecter smiled at her."That means you have a wedding to plan," he added and she smiled. But just as Anna was about to say something, Lecter's phone rang. It was Alaric calling. Lecter picked up the phone."Alaric," Lecter said with his eyes still on the road. "Boss, can you make it to Mr Reginald's house right away?" He asked."What for? I just proposed to Anna. I'm taking her on a
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