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“Babe, what are you doing with him?” He raised a brow with a voice filled with contempt, his eyes raging in anger. “What does it look like?” She snorted in disgust. “Do you have the right to even ask me such a question? Just look at you.” She couldn’t help but laugh with a very loud voice and Carter followed suit. “You are looking worse than a dog and you expect me to stick with you?” She clicked her tongue, mocking his pitiful state. “Seriously? Babe, after everything I have done for you?” Logan stared at his girlfriend in disbelief. The woman he had fallen for had changed overnight and doesn’t have any regard for him again. “Don’t call me babe! If you ain’t ashamed, I’m ashamed for you!” She spat at his face in annoyance. ~~~ Logan couldn’t believe his eyes and ears. He had endured disrespect and belittlement from others, but he never expected it from the person he loved the most, Eleanor. He had sacrificed his savings to support her education and take care of her every need. He had neglected himself, believing that as long as Eleanor was happy and comfortable, he would be too. But now, he discovered that she had been two-timing him, using him as a mere pastime. She publicly insulted and humiliated him. However, everything changes when Logan stumbles upon a power system. A system that promises him beauty, wealth, and fame in a short span of time. With this newfound power in his hands, what will Logan do? Will he seek revenge? Will he rise above his past and create a new future? The choices he makes will shape his destiny and reveal the true extent of his strength.

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  • Ibiso Bobmanuel


    Here comes another masterpiece. Have been following this book from the beginning and I'm not disappointed by the development. More update please cos I'm anxious of Logan's adventures.

    2023-09-22 18:18:41
  • Ella Chimezie


    Daily updates starts next month, this month is almost over. I’m busy compiling chapters to be uploaded next month. I never fail to update so don’t worry!

    2023-08-26 01:38:30
  • Ella Chimezie


    This is a continuation of “System Activated: Revenge of the bullied”, however, it can be read as a standalone. Enjoy!

    2023-08-18 19:26:14
  • Sivaprakash


    Is it me or he has money but is thinking of a payment plan at the hospital I m Confused

    2023-09-18 01:45:35
  • Aurora


    I love it! Can’t wait to read more of it!

    2023-08-20 11:59:45
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The doorbell jingled as some patrons strolled into the canteen. The cashier was checking out some customers' orders while the others prepared the table.Logan checked his wrist and a smile escaped from his lips. He wasn’t much of a conservative type in the canteen so he made sure his giggle wasn’t heard to avoid any form of embarrassment.“Hey, you!” Someone patted his shoulder hard and he turned.“Me?” He gave a quick dekko behind before turning to his colleague.“Where are you going?” His colleague sneered at his face.“It’s my closing time. What does it look like?” He rattled out immediately and rushed to the locker to change.If he hadn't done that, he would have been bullied and forced to work overtime which was against his wish. He had plans for the night.Logan has been living a quiet life and despises getting into trouble, he doesn’t have at all but with the little he had, he was comfortable. Another thing that kept him going was his woman, Eleanor. She has been his dream woma
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Logan sighed heavily, staring at himself through the broken mirror. He wasn’t looking satisfied at all after the drills of punches he got from Carter. One of his eyes was slightly closed and the other was swollen. He decided not to let it get over him as he grabbed his working bag and crossed it over his shoulder.Since there was no morning free bus, he strolled down to the canteen where he works. On the way, he caught sight of a new mall that had just opened. He had no intention of stepping in but an attractive piece of jewelry got his attention, making him think about Eleanor.“It would suit her perfectly.” He mumbled as a small smile hovered on his broken lips.He knew quite well that Eleanor would love it so much and he wanted to impress her even more.He didn’t know when he stepped into the mall courageously, not minding if he had less than $5 in his bank account.“Good day!” The receptionist flashed a smile but it vanished as soon as her eyes stopped at his feet. “How can I be o
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Perhaps, he had heard wrongly or he must have hit his head somewhere. Whatever the case, he needed to come up with something lest he be certified as crazy."Hello, is there somewhere there?" Logan called out.There was a tingling sensation as his temples began throbbing."That's it. I must have hit my head really bad." Logan said as he tried to stand up.He groaned loudly as he did. His body rocked with so much pain than he could bear. It was all fuzzy as he reached for anything close to him for support.Eventually, the table closest to him proved the support he needed and he found himself leaning over the table for support."Hello, host." The voice from earlier suddenly says."Ah! Who's there?" He questioned again. "Power system uploading in 3...2....1.." Then came the blaring sound in his head as he screamed and placed both of his palms over his ears, covering them to prevent him from running himself over.It frightened him as much as it was strange. To hear a voice in his head, th
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Logan got onto the road as he resumed his long trek to his workplace. He would have to figure out a way around all of this and maybe ask his boss for an upfront since he had been robbed dry. He made his way there rapidly. As he came around the corner to his office, he saw that Carter and his cronies were all around the area on their motorbikes and the car they patrolled around with. He would have to pass around them to get to the canteen but there was no way he could do this without them noticing him. To think that whatever it was that had possessed his mind had asked him to confront Carter. Could it not see that the guy was scary and he was no more than a coward? How could he ever do that without getting beaten up?It had to be his alter ego. There was no power system and he was merely the weakling he would always be.He took a deep breath as he noticed now that Eleanor was nowhere in sight. That would lessen his embarrassment as he briskly walked around."Oh, someone seems to hav
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"So, you've finally come for your missed treat?" Carter asked him suddenly."Has anyone ever mentioned that you're a barbaric idiot?" Logan asked him suddenly.That emitted gasps and confusion from the rest of the bullies as they would never in their wild dreams think of Logan being this bold. They themselves feared the guy like dread as he seemed really scary."Did you say something?" Carter asked him with a frown on his face."I mean no disrespect but your personality is awful. You keep going around and acting all big and bad bully but I tell you what, people also find you a horrible person." Logan rattled off.He was trying to outwit the guy by making him very provoked and he sought after his weaknesses. He needed to be certain that he could actually get him off guard as right now Carter was watching him closely."Have you been drinking?" Carter asked him, totally amazed by his defiance as he looked up towards the canteen. "Hey, manager! I think your staff has been drinking on duty
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Logan finished off from the locker room and restored his phone where it used to be. It was time to go back to his job and focus. Daniel noticed his elated mood and wondered what was the matter."Did the manager give you a raise or something?" He asked Logan.Logan showed signs of confusion."A raise?" He asked the other guy."I mean, look at you. You are so excited like you just got a lottery for yourself. It can only be a raise." Daniel said to him."What if I'm just happy that I got to stand up for myself for once in my life?" Logan asked him."Oh, you mean when you signed your death certificate? Certainly. Look out there, Carter has been threatening hell. See that white handkerchief he left outside, it's for you. A sign you're done for." Daniel said to him.Only now did Logan look up and see the handkerchief outside the canteen on the ground. He could not see the goons though and wondered where they were."What about Carter and his men?" He asked Daniel."Gone to access the damage
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Logan was abashed. He could not believe what had happened but chose to think more about the situation at hand than his newly acquired powers. That was certainly something he would be looking forward to working out but until he does that, he would have to wait and see how far he can get away from the goons.One or two of them were already rising up. They glared at him distastefully. From the corner of his eyes, he saw another pick up a club and he knew he was ultimately done for. Or wait...The system was a power activator, right? Logan started to wonder if by any chance it would still fill him up with the much power as it had earlier. He did not want to be disappointed at all or to say the least, pushed around. He also did not want to spend time figuring out what probably was non-existent.One of them now made a move towards him."And where do you all think you're going to?" The other guy that was still trying to raise Carter over his back with the help of another asked them."Well,
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As the girl revealed her painful story, Logan's empathy and anger surged. He couldn't stand idly by when someone had suffered such an injustice. Determination etched on his face, he said, "We can't let him get away with this. We need to report him."Tears welled up in the girl's eyes, and she hesitated for a moment before nodding. She whispered, "Okay, let's go." She stood up, and with trembling hands, she took Logan's hand.Logan felt the warmth of her hand in his, and it strengthened his resolve. He couldn't turn his back on her or let her face this ordeal alone. "No one deserves to be treated like this," he said firmly.She squeezed his hand, grateful for his support. "Thank you for helping me," she whispered.Logan led her toward the manager's office, their footsteps echoing in the empty hallway. Along the way, he couldn't help but notice the torn state of her dress and the smudged makeup on her face. It pained him to see her in such a condition.Without a second thought, Logan be
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As they continued their journey towards justice, the atmosphere in the bank seemed to change. The once sterile and imposing environment now held the promise of change and redemption. Logan and the girl walked side by side, their steps echoing in the hallowed halls of the bank, ready to confront the darkness that had plagued them both.Logan and the lady stood just a few steps away from the manager's office, the weight of the situation pressing on them. But then, a rush of thoughts flooded Logan's mind, causing him to pause and consider the scenario more carefully.In his imagination, he pictured himself bursting into the manager's office, his voice raised in anger, accusing the manager of unspeakable deeds. The girl would follow suit, shouting that he had molested her. But Logan knew deep down that such a reckless approach wouldn't lead to justice. Instead, it would likely make them appear irrational, and nobody would take their accusations seriously. They'd end up making fools of the
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As the manager and Logan's eyes briefly met, the manager composed himself and approached Logan, curiosity gleaming in his eyes. He inquired, "Are you lost or looking for someone specific?"Logan maintained his composure and replied casually, "I'm okay, thanks. I've already found the person I was looking for," subtly referring to Aella.The manager nodded, a hint of suspicion hidden behind his facade, and walked back to his office. Logan watched him closely, frowning as the manager distanced himself from him. He knew that his interactions with the manager had now placed him under the manager's scrutiny, but he couldn't afford to back down now.Leaving the office, Logan took the elevator downstairs and made his way to the exit. However, just as he was about to step out, the bank lady who had directed him to the manager earlier called out to him. He hesitated for a moment but then stopped and turned back, walking closer to her, though he had no real desire to engage with her, given her p
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