La Recoleto

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La Recoleto

By: Richelle Salvador OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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In this time loop, two battle. One is the victor, while the other is lost in time once again. The power of Good and the power of Evil must battle each other, ending up with time as the prize. However, the loop doesn't only affect them but their friends as well. There are many paths, many opportunities but there are also many mistakes. Time may forgive, but it never forgets. One remembers, one forgets. The one who remembers reminisces in the past, while the one who forgets looks toward a bright future. In the end, will Good triumph Evil? Or will Evil blot out Good?

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14,997.  Gabri They were trying to summon him again. Ceon, Tulip, Selah, and Roy. I had tried to stop them, but they insisted on doing the ritual. They did not understand what they were doing. Like every other time.Tulip looked over at me and yelled, "This is your mess! Fix it!""I can't." I really couldn't."There is no turning back now. Purple is rising. When the hourglass hits zero, Purple shall rise into this realm. So, join us!""I am not needed here.""The ritual needs everybody!""I can't do it.""Yes, you can!"I kept debating with her until I finally said, "Okay, let's assume you're right. But do you understand what will happen if I help you?""We will go to the other realm?""He will take my soul, and I will turn against you.""That's a risk we are willing to take.""YOU WILL BE DEAD IN SECONDS." I say slowly, emphasizing every word.Read more
As I am falling into the abyss, I closed my eyes as flashbacks come running back to me.I hovered over Tulip, holding her in my arms. Purple all but had destroyed another timeline. I look down at her."Tulip, I am sorry." I hugged her to my chest and cry."Gabri..." I heard her whisper."Tulip!" I look down and examine her. You're okay!" She shook her head."Gabri," She tried again. "You have to go on. You have to live...for us.""No, I can't.""You have to...You're the only one who can fight him and be victorious.""No, you will be alright, Tulip. We will get you patched up and...""No, Gabri, it is up to you now. Fight him. WIN.""I can't do it again, Tulip." She put her hand on the side of my face."You have to...The timeline will never be set right if you don't." Hesitantly, I summon a fireball. Ever since the first time, I knew Tulip would want me to put her out of her misery."Gabri...If this h
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14,998.   I pant heavily on a bended knee. Each time I fight Purple, it gets harder and harder. It is not just because of the emotions, but because it seems like Purple is getting stronger as well. "I don't remember it being quite this difficult," I whisper to myself. "Come on, Gabri, we don't have all day. Are you in or out?" Wincing, I slowly get up. "And she is in, Folks!" As soon as I straighten up, I am knocked down again by a strong force. Purple pins my legs and arms to the ground. I just stare up at the blue sky. Noticing that I am distracted, he follows my gaze. "I miss them," I whisper. I watch as the clouds move across the sky, and I wish that I could go with them. "You know they will back soon. Jaja." I shake my head. "Not soon enough." Silence falls on the battlefield. After a couple of moments, I spoke up. "Purple, why
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14,999.   Purple is becoming way too strong. It is even harder to beat him this time. I think he remembers last time because even if I am flung to the ground, he stays standing, and he keeps his guard up. As if reading my thoughts, he says, "Going to stare up at the sky again, Briseño?" "Not today," I say as I stand up, wiping away a trail of blood that had started pouring from a cut on my lip. "I just need to beat you one more time." He raises his arms like he did a couple of days ago. "One more? Have I missed something? Did the Earth tell you something and not me? We are here for eternity!" He scrutinizes my face carefully and then, his eyes widen in realization. "You're giving up?!" It is more a statement than a question. Our eyes lock, and after a bit, I lower my gaze. "I can't do this anymore. They don't deserve this." "T
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Purple  I expected her to go for the dagger. I didn't expect her to run to the right before she got to me. I now watch as she disappears into the forest. Laughing to myself, I walk over to the dagger and pick it up. I hold it up to the light and examine it carefully. The curve and the sharpness of the blade are so beautiful. "This will come in handy." I look back to the forest. Whistling a cheerful tune, I follow her, walking of course. I have all the time in the world. As I enter the forest, I feel a sense of comfort. I am entering into my own territory. My hunting ground. I am the cheetah that chases down the gazelle. I am the falcon that swoops down to get the slithering snake. I am the wolf that comes for the lamb. **  Gabri  I keep running. Trees on both sides blur past me. I finally see a bright light glaring through the trees. It must
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"I won't remember." "I will make sure you do. Pain is such a good teacher." "I. Will. Never. Hurt. Them." He scoffs. "Never? Who hurt them all these times?" "I put them out of their misery." "And truly heroic that is. You know what I see in you?" "Weakness." "The potential to become more. I will shape and sharpen you. You will die a lamb and come back a lion. My will become yours, and you will spread it throughout the land. You will be called the Red Lioness, and when people hear of you, they will fear you." "That sounds nice," I say, finally giving in. Closing my eyes, I start to get a picture of it. I am a strong warrior with black hair and red ruby eyes. The townspeople scream, "It's the Red Lioness!" as they flee. As much as I want to hunt them, I have bigger fish to fry, so I let my soldiers take care of them. I
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I wake up, blinking my eyes several times in the process. Direct sunlight is hitting my face. I shift my eyes over to the side of me, locating Purple in the process. He is leaning against a tree with his arms crossed. He is humming with his eyes looking towards the ground. Suddenly, as if he feels my eyes on him, his eyes flash up to mine. He pushes himself off the tree and heads over my way. "Are you already altered, Leona Roja?" I motion for him to lean down. When he did, I whisper in his ear, "Ni soñarlo, puto." Grabbing a stray rock shard, I stab him in the kidney. Taking advantage of the moment, I roll off the rock, my back holding pieces of gravel in it. Using my elbows and knees, I drag myself along the ground, trying to get away. Recovering himself, Purple gets on all fours and crawls beside me. "You were so close to receiving new potential!" I keep on going. "Don't you get it? You are
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 I sit back against a tree relaxing. With my eyes closed, I am humming a tune, my foot swinging in the air as I do so. I allow Selah, Ceon, Tulip, and Roy to summon Purple. I don't need to fight with them anymore.As the ritual begins to become complete, my humming starts to compete with their chanting.Purple, Purple, Purple, rise! Purple, Purple, Purple, Purple, rise!So wake me up when it's all overWhen I'm wiser and I'm olderAll this time I was finding myselfAnd I didn't know I was lost.Purple, Purple, Purple, rise! Purple, Purple, Purple, Purple, rise!I tried carrying the weight of the worldBut I only have two handsI hope I get the chance to travel the worldBut I don't have any plansI wish I could stay forever this youngNot afraid to close my eyesLife's a game made for everyoneAnd love is a prize.Purple, Purple, Purple, rise! Purple, Purple,
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Purple  She stoops to the ground and whispers something to it. Suddenly, my mind is flooded with memories.Realizing she was about to give up, me slamming her to the ground, revealing to her about the energy I had stored away, the fifteen times she died before she ran into the forest.As if sensing the last memory, she gets up and walks toward the forest. Still firmly grasping my blade, I follow her, ready to run after her if she flees. She won't though. I can tell by the way she walks that she won't run. With her hands in her pockets, she seems relaxed. No, she is at peace. My mind corrects me. She walks slow enough for me to keep up with her and if I fall too behind, she waits patiently for me to catch up. When I am a few paces away, she starts walking again. We go through the forest and reach a clearing. Trailing her fingers along the waist-deep grass, she mutters something under her breath.I wait for her in the middle, humm
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