Lord's of Eldoria

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Lord's of Eldoria

By: Night _Glow OngoingFantasy

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Immersed in the cosmic tapestry of rebirth, Zephyra, our resilient protagonist, weaves through death's embrace, embracing myriad memories. Emerging in the pages of her masterful novel, she intertwines with the shattered spirit of a sleep-deprived businesswoman, haunted by both insomnia and psychological wounds. As fate unfolds, Zephyra seizes a serendipitous moment—arriving just before the Eldoria system ushers souls to an otherworldly realm, where becoming Lords is the coveted destiny. Armed with a potent system companion, she embarks on a gripping odyssey, a tale of ambition, intrigue, and ascent, determined to conquer the celestial hierarchy and etch her name atop a world where power reigns supreme.

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  • Iconic


    Nice novel author, keep it up. Though you could polish the novel to make it better.

    2023-12-30 23:53:56
  • Sugar Spicy


    Nice story line author.Keep it up and more ink to your pen

    2023-12-17 03:35:19
  • Night _Glow


    Hi guys .... Shameless author here. I do not have much to say, except the fact that I hope you enjoy the novel regardless of the grammatical error, give a review, like, comment and share ....... Have a nice day and make your day more wonderful by reading my novel.

    2023-12-15 03:31:59
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32 chapters
Chapter 1- Reincarnations
Chapter 1- Reincarnations.Zephyra looked at her approaching enemies in the mirror as she prepared to cast the last forbidden magic.Splurt!She looked at the blood she had spurted out and her mana core which was approaching it's limit.Anymore and she would be crippled.Seeing that she could no longer cast the forbidden magic she had prepared to cast on her enemies, she knew for sure that she could last no longer.So, why not explode! She would never let them get their hands on her.Leaving the small makeshift shack she had built, she ticked the mirror into her space ring.Zephyra gazed at the spatial tears before her.If she could not explode, she would go into the spatial tears and whatever her fate may be, she would accept it.To show how dangerous the place she stood was, it had a lot of mayfly dust and rips of space fabrics tearing and closing intermittently.She was currently in a very dangerous situation, being chased by all cultivation sects in the world including the so-calle
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Chapter 2- New Life
Chapter 2- New life[Organization successful]Was the last word she heard before she woke up again and this time she arrived in amodern world.The world was not too futuristic but not also average.She woke up this time in the body of a business woman.Gasp!!!"Shit, I could never get used to this pain"As you know, what followed next was assimilation of memories.According to the memories she just gained, this lady could be said to be an orphan.Not an orphan in the sense of losing her parents or stuff like that.Her family is quite complicated and at the same time simple.Her mother and father did not love each other and married each other and this marriagewas on the condition they provide one child from their union be it a girl or a boy.Her parents had agreed and they gave birth to her.She became a child born out of agreement instead of love.Her parents went their separate ways after they had given birth to her and she wastrained by both grandparents.Her training was as rigor
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Chapter 3- Welcome to Eldoria
Chapter 3- Welcome to Eldoria She never forgot to train herself physically.She also made sure she has more skills, to be able to survive anywhere.She went as far as learning how to farm, fish etc as therapy.She could never forget what her family had done to the extent it turned to her nightmareand she started having insomnia.She usually used drugs to sleep but it also caused her death.After building her business to where it is today, her body couldn't take it and died due to the pressure, stress and all that has accumulated over time.Zephyra felt it was fate. They both have the same name and surname.Zephyra used another surname after she left the family.The family had not bothered with her and so had she.She even left the country the moment she had the chance and had never returned sincethen.Before Zephyra could marvel at the fact that she was now alive and not going to die again, a black whirlpool appeared behind her and her eyes darkened.At this point, a white light app
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Chapter 4- Thoughts
Chapter 4- ThoughtsZephyra scrolled through and quickly gathered some information.First, according to the announcement, they have seven days to establish themselves.Second, the outside world is dangerous.Third, they could draw talents.She quickly browsed through the market with things being sold such as sand for a piece ofmeat, water or bread.Having gone through everything, she quickly clicked the inverse.On the panel, it had;¶ Status¶ Dimensional travel¶ Shop¶ Inventory¶ Future AnnouncementShe clicked on the future announcement to which a page appeared.The first tab mentioned what the test would be and how long it would last.The second tab mentioned when the next test would start while the third tab mentionedwhat the test was.Zephyra could not help but raise her eyebrows.Clicking on the tabs, she read the information in detail and began drawing plans in hermind.She clicked on the shop and the first thing she saw was the dazzling array of points shehad.She wonder
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Chapters 5- Her personal World
Chapter 5- Her personal world[Congratulations, SSS Talent - Dispossessor (Unique)]"Great" Zephyra could not help but click on the description.[Δ Dispossessor; A dispossessor typically refers to someone or something that takesaway or deprives others of their possessions or rights.Effect; Strip others of their talent after their death.][The talent is quite good and it can be upgraded. It's also unique meaning your the onlyone who has it.]Zephyra nodded her head happily. She decided to use the skill inspect on the hut.[Building Name: The Lord’s Wooden House][Territory Name; None][Territory Level: Level 1][Building Effect: The Lord’s residence. At the same time, it is also the place where the Territory Token is kept.][Construction Upgrade: 20 units of wood, 20 units of fine sand, 20 units of stone, 20 units of metal, 2 level 2 core][Territory Construction: Lord’s Wooden House (Level 1), Gate of Summoning (Level 1 )][Lord Talent: Dispossessor ( Unique)]—[∆ Dispossessor; A d
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Chapter 6- Recruitment
Chapter 6- RecruitmentZephyra lowered her eyelids and thought about her plans."Do we have any seeds?"[We have more than enough]" Okay, arrange them in the inventory "Zephyra clicked on the inventory and noticed that below each section had a general name for them.She clicked on seeds and different kinds of seeds appeared before her eyes.She clicked on each seed and studied their properties to know which she would plant.She decided to plant all kinds of seeds related to food and herbs while she studied the ones related to poison.She recognized all the seeds in her inventory due to her identity in the second world she reincarnated to.The world where she was killed by a void beast, the owner of the body was a saint alchemist which is the top of alchemy.As for the void beast which had killed her then. It wasn't just any void beast but a Celeste beast which can't even be seen and can only be chanced upon.She quickly skimped through the descriptions since they were more detailed.
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Chapter 7- Clearing
Chapter - 7- clearing [ Name: Thyme LeVert][Level: 3][Age: 15][Status: Deaf][Loyalty; 30][Class: Assassin][Ability; Illusion, Dagger mastery, shadow walker][Talent; Shadow sculptor (Iron)]Zephyra nodded her head at the talent and ability.She frowned at the fact that the young lady was deaf before looking at the talent description.[ Shadow sculptor: a unique skill with the ability of using shadows for illusion and deception.]Zephyra nodded her head in approval at the talent though weak.She also noticed that the two might be related.She checked the next person who happens to be a young boy. Zephyra looked at the young boy and noticed his eyes were foggy. She hoped it wasn't what it is.She opened the panel and unfortunately, her guess was right.[ Name: Zion LeVert][Level; 1][Age: 10][Status: Blind][Loyalty; 50][Class: Chronomancer ][Ability; Chrono-Lock, Time sense, Clairvoyance, Temporal sight][Talent; Time Weaving (Iron)]Zephyra's eyes widened at the talent and
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Chapter 8- Plans
Chapter 8- PlansThe tables had already been set with the children and father sitting together around the table."We guessed that you would be back by now" he stated with a twinge of disappointment appearing in his eyes briefly before it disappeared.Zephyra also received the notification of a loyalty drop.Zephyra sat down while sneering inwardly.Zane sat down as well while unfolding the map she had drawn."Don't, let's eat first." Zephyra stops her before she completely unfolds the map.…………"Good job Thyma. The food was good." Zephyra said while trying to do the sign language of that.She was not sure if it was correct, but well at least she said what she wanted to say.Zephyra turned to Zane and was about to ask her to unfold the map when she heard a croaked voice."You don't have to do sign language, I can read lips though I can't hear."Zephyra looked at her and frowned. Her frown caused Gerald and Zion to become fearful as they clenched their fist."Come here"Zephyra frowned b
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Chapter 9- Dealing with people
Chapter 9- Dealing with peopleVooom!!!!Screech!!!!!The sound was so ear piercing that many people winced.Few bodyguards arrived to question her but the moment they laid their eyes on her cold and piercing eyes, they shivered unconsciously and made way for her."How dare you? Who are you? Guards arrest her" a young handsome man stood up while pointing at her.The guards did not dare step forward, after all she was their Boss.The old woman behind the boy shivered the moment she met those eyes.She finally came to realize. She wanted to stop her grandson but her grandson had been pampered by her and his mother that she herself couldn't control him ."Son, She is your sister" What followed next was Zephyra's cold words."I have no family. Am sure it was made clear when I was sent out of the family. I don't know why you are here or why you are lusting after my company but right now I need you outta my sight.""You!.. how dare you talk to your grandmother like that" the young man spoke
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Chapter 10- Realization
Chapter 10- RealizationAll she could hear was that she was born out of rape."Ah!!!, How could that be.?!" She asked with a mixture of confusion and hope. Hope that what her mother had said was wrong."How couldn't it be? You father was a dandy young master and I was a person he couldn't get, so he decided to have his way and that you are the product of what he has done.He did not want to acknowledge you and I forced him to, before he finally succumbed to the pressure and married me.I couldn't give birth again and to avoid your father from looking outside for a son, I did what I did"Aisha said not looking at her daughter anymore as she entered the hospital.Their family situation had been going down the hill for a while now.Her daughter's second husband had found out about her daughter's past which was about her frolicking with boy toys and all that and couldn't accept it even though she did not cheat in the marriage.He felt like there was a vast green land on his head.Her grand
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