Love, Guns And Everything In Between

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Love, Guns And Everything In Between

By: SKMnovels OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Darkness. Complete utter darkness that could make even the devil shudder laid in the heart of a single man. Unable to bear this darkness, he had locked away his dark side so it could never interfere with his normal life but that did not mean that he had dropped it behind. This is the story of a man who had achieved all there was to achieve but still felt there was something lacking. He decided to do something he had never done before, he had decided to find love. Now that it was beginning to seem like he had found this feeling that had eluded him for years, he now has to tackle between maintaining what his heart desires and keeping his dark side at bay. Journey with one of the most powerful men in the urban world as he traverses the world of love, guns and everything in between.

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45 chapters
Tokyo, Japan.Amidst the bustling sounds of the Japanese marketplace and the loads of people who were active there despite it being late in the night already, Tate's pained groans as he ran away from his attacker were drowned out.He kept running, maneuvering his way through the crowd but he was getting slower and slower as the stab wound he was still applying pressure on oozed out more and more blood.Even though he was getting closer and closer to death's doorstep, he couldn't help but laugh slightly when he thought about what brought him to this point. He had wanted to meet up with his girlfriend outside the abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town.His plan was for both of them to experience a few moments of tranquility before he popped the question. Tate was already brandishing the ring box in his grasp as he awaited her arrival when he suddenly heard faint sounds coming from inside the warehouse.He ignored them since he thought that it could just be rats and other small cr
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Kelvin J. Gregory
"And what are you feeling today Mr Kelvin?""Hate."....The blaring sounds of car horns could be heard from the multiple cars that were stuck in traffic. Kelvin could hardly even hear himself think despite having rolled the windows up in his Lamborghini urus. He was a few seconds away from losing his cool. The most annoying part of it all was the moron that was honking at him from behind like he wasn't seeing the line of cars in front of him!All that was left now was a slight push, a very slight push and Kelvin would step of his car and go give that moron in his shitty ass suburban a violent piece of his mind that was sure to leave him bedridden for weeks.Unfortunately, but luckily for the driver, the traffic moved a bit and Kelvin finally had the chance to move into the next bend which would lead him to his destination and would set him free from this torture.After a few more minutes of speeding, Kelvin finally made it to the tall skyscraper that housed his office. He immediatel
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Family dinner(1)
"As your therapist Mr Kelvin, I won't suggest that you keep involving in these intimate interactions due to the state of your current mental health.", Theodore said as he took off his glasses."Well I can't help it, I am a man and I've got urges I need to quell.", Kelvin stated with a laugh."True, but I just want you know that it isn't good for you.", Theodore added.Kelvin released a sigh before moving his gaze to the ceiling, becoming lost in his thoughts."I've done everything.", Kelvin suddenly said."I became one of the richest men in the world, and I'm also one of the most powerful. Heck, I'm even friends with president of the fucking country! Why do I still feel this way?", Kelvin exclaimed as he buried his face in his palms."Only you can answer that question.", Theodore responded."I'm pretty sure I'm paying you to answer that question.""There are questions that only we can answer Mr Kelvin.""Stop with the "Mr" thing, just call me kelvin.", Kelvin said with a sigh as he la
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Family dinner (2) {Cassidy Smith}
The procession of black SUVs stopped in front of an estate's gate as the people in the car at the lead talked to the gate's security. After clearing up a few details, the gate was finally opened and the cars moved in an orderly fashion through it towards their final destination. This estate was one of the best in Santa Monica with over 300 well furnished and top notch homes within it's walls. The community was amazing, very kind people who respected each others spaces and minded their own business. Not to mention the high grade security.These were some of the many reasons Kelvin's parents decided to stay here despite how much he tried to persuade them to get someplace else to stay so he wouldn't make the multiple hours trip here evertime he wanted to see them."This is a really nice environment. Good roads, lovely decor and beautiful people too.", Gary commented as he gazed at the multiple homes they went past."Want to get a house here?", Kelvin asked."And abandon my penthouse i
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Family dinner (3)
Even though it might have seemed like Cassidy was ignoring everything that was going on, it was actually the opposite.She was so nervous that she couldn't do anything but operate her phone. On the outside, it looked like she was very calm but underneath that dinner table her legs were vibrating."Hey Cassidy.", She suddenly heard a voice call out to her.Cassidy raised her head to find out that the person who called her was no other than Kelvin. Her mind went haywire for a moment but she quickly regained her cool."Yeah?", Cassidy responded."Are we boring you Cassidy?, You haven't uttered a word since I got here.", Kelvin said with a smile."No, you are not boring me. I'm just... not a very social person.", Cassidy replied nervously."Oh, I see. Well, I don't like people being so quiet around me so let's talk for a bit.", Kelvin smiled.Cassidy gulped a little after hearing those words. She got so scared that she would say something stupid and Kelvin would laugh at her.Kelvin's mum
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Family dinner (4)/The attack
"You sure came late to the party.", Kelvin stated."I'm so sorry, we had a movie shoot that the director wouldn't let me miss. I quickly got on a plane after that and managed to make it here before dinner ended.", Jennifer said as she sat down on the free chair at the dinner table."As long as you made it in time.", Emmanuel smiled."I hope I didn't miss the meals?", Jennifer asked after seeing that there was no food on the table.As if on cue, the chef rolled in with a large tray and began to serve the appetizers, Artichoke spinach dip with tortilla chips."This is amazing!", Jennifer exclaimed excitedly after taking a bite from the tortilla chip she had used to scoop up a large amount of the artichoke spinach dip."Specially prepared for your pleasure.", The chef responded with a smile before moving back into the kitchen."You sure pulled out all the stops mum.", Kelvin commented after taking a bite too. He had eaten a lot of artichoke spinach dip prepared by a bunch of world renow
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Never mess with the Apostles
Cassidy sat at the desk in her room with her glasses on and her light blonde hair tied back in a neat pony tail.She was still wearing her pyjamas even though it was already 9am. Music was playing from the large speaker at the corner and she sang along with the song's lyrics. Showing on the monitors on the desks, were multiple market charts and indicators. She was working. There were knocks coming from her room's door but she couldn't hear it because of the loud music.Getting frustrated, her roommate Nicole, stomped into the room and turned off the music."Hey!", Cassidy exclaimed, angry that she had turned off her speaker."I've been knocking for over five minutes, what the hell is wrong with you?", Nicole snapped."Oh, sorry. You know I like working with my music on.", Cassidy apologized."That's not an excuse Cassy. You haven't even showered yet.", Nicole said, noticing that she was still in her pyjamas."I'll do that later, just let me breathe.", Cassidy stated as she returned
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The alarm clock rung and Kelvin lazily stretched his hand towards it but soon retracted it when he couldn't find the snooze button.He then remembered that Gary had bought a special alarm clock that will only stop when he got up from the bed and left the room. Apparently, it used motion sensor technology.Kelvin silently cursed Gary before getting up and leaving his bedroom. It wasn't until he left that the alarm clock stopped ringing. He then made a mental note to destroy that clock when he had the chance.He then felt a vibration coming from his left pocket. He reached into it and pulled out his phone to see that he was getting a call from Gary."I hate you and your alarm clock.", Kelvin stated as he answered the call."You can hate me later. There are some FBI agents at the office, they want to see you.", Gary replied."I'll be there in a few minutes, just need to tidy up first.", Kelvin said before ending the call.He then walked back inside his room and laid back on the bed so he
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"You should wear this. It has a sexy feel to it.", Nicole said as she held up a black dress she just pulled out of Cassidy's wardrobe."Please Nicole, just let me pick out a dress by myself.", Cassidy begged."Nope."Cassidy could only blame herself at this point since she was the one who decided to tell Nicole that she was hanging out with Kelvin.Kelvin had informed Cassidy that he would be coming into California the next day for a business trip so they could hang out then but she quickly informed him that she was no longer there. She was now in Boston where she officially based.He was a bit surprised since he thought that she actually stayed in Santa Monica with her parents, but it seemed like she was only visiting.Kelvin didn't actually have any business going to California, but to keep his cover, he informed her that he would fly to Boston after his business trip.Cassidy was actually not okay with it since she felt like he would be putting himself under stress just to meet up
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The date...sort of (1)
Kelvin sat in his private jet as it soared through the air with it's destination being Boston. It was finally the day."So, I got the car delivered to the house you requested that I bought so once the limousine drops you there, you can drive to her house.", Gary said with his attention still on his laptop that sat on his laps. He had accompanied Kelvin here because once he was done with "hanging out" with Cassidy, they had some buisness that they had to attend to."I'm having second thoughts.", Kelvin suddenly stated."Hm?", Gary raised his head and looked at Kelvin with a confused gaze."I can't help but feel like I'm putting too much effort into this and it's really putting me off."Gary smiled after Kelvin said those words. He understood why he felt that way. Kelvin was someone who had always had everything land in his lap since he got to the top of the mountain.He had been at the top for so long and has gotten accustomed to having everything he wanted without having to put in to
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