MMORPG: I Have to Kill 700 Millions Orcs to Pay My Debt
MMORPG: I Have to Kill 700 Millions Orcs to Pay My Debt
Author: WestReversed
Returning from Prison

It was nighttime, inside a small house in a crowded, run-down neighborhood.

Aaron placed his bag on the floor after pressing the light switch. His eyes were filled with tears as he looked around. He had left this room for over ten years, so was now in a completely unkempt state!

Aaron let out a long breath. He could only swallow his misery.

The most famous player in the entire world, adored by millions, now languishing in his shabby little room in deplorable conditions. No one would have ever guessed it!

Ten years ago, Aaron was a swordsman cultivation legend in a MMORPG game called ‘Martial Earth Online’. They dubbed him as Unmatched Sword Master for his unbelievable swordplay skills. Aaron never suffered a single defeat!

“What should I do now?” The light of his life had vanished to the end, and he was desperate.

Aaron took a deep breath. He glanced at the apple-cutting knife lying on the floor of his room. The knife had rusted, but it’s still sharp enough to slice through human skin...

‘Knock! Knock! Knock!’

Aaron’s reverie was broke when his ears caught the sound of knocking on his house’s door. He strolled towards the door and looked out through the small round glass on the door.

He could see that a charming young woman was standing in front of his door in a formal attire. Aaron’s face immediately paled. He thought that she was a messenger from Martial Online Company who came to collect his debt!

“Is anyone inside?” The girl asked in a loud voice.

Aaron adjusted his breathing. Only when his mind calmed down, he reply, “My life will end by the moment. Leave me alone!”

There was silence for a little time before the girl’s voice finnaly heard again, “I didn’t come with bad intentions. Let me in, and we can talk well.”

“What did you want to talk about?” Aaron replied.

“Something very-very important, related to your debts, but not to collect it,” said the mysterious girl. “I can’t reveal that in this place, so let me come in first.”

About his debts, but not to collect it? A little apprehensive, Aaron opened the door, holding the girl back from entering his room.

“What’s wrong with my debts?” Aaron asked immediately.

“Mr. Aaron, can I come in to your room?” The girl asked back in a flat tone.

“My room is very dirty.” Aaron smiled bitterly. He thought that the girl should have been able to figure out that after not coming home for over ten years, her house was not in a state to receive guests.

“Not a problem.” Having finished saying that, the girl stormed in. Aaron couldn’t hold her back anymore.

By raising a pair of eyebrows that were beautifully arched like an archery bow, the girl had shown her surprise at the condition of Aaron’s room, but she did not comment at all.

“I am Leen from Martial Online Company. I’ve been privy to all of your problems regarding those debts. Under these causes, you should be in a huge miserable. As I knew, you don’t have even 100 Credits right now.”

Aaron could only smile bitterly without being able to reply to anything. The words of the girl named Leen were the absolute truth...

“Are you here to collect my debt, Miss?” Aaron asked again.

“No, I’m not, as I say to you before. I’m here to make an offer.” From inside her bag, Leen took out a helmet that was familiar in Aaron’s eyes. “Ten years ago, you ruined our company. We lost ‘Martial Earth Online’. But right at three years ago, we created a replacement, which is much bigger and more amazing more than ‘Martial Earth Online’, that is ‘Martial Universe Online’.

“Even so, there was a system flaw in the game that our programmers could not fix. It was the increase in the number of Goblins and Orcs beyond what the players could handle. Many complaints have come to us, and we must take action as soon as possible if we don’t want to go bankrupt again.

“Since the system can not fix the flaw, we must eliminate manually the Goblins and Orcs. We have seen your reputation as a skilled swordsman. You were once dubbed as Unmatched Swords Master. So we want you to help us reduce the number of Goblins and Orcs. One Goblin or Orc will be worth 1 Credit for you.”

Aaron knitted his eyebrows. If the offer was like that, then to pay off his entire debt, he would need to kill 700,000,000 Goblins or Orcs!

But Aaron's answer very shocked Leen. “I don’t want to raise the sword for your company anymore. Ten years behind the prison is enough for me, while I’m not doing what your company sued. ”

However, the girl remained calm. Literally, she has guessed that Aaron is never easy to be conquered.

“It’s easy. If you don’t want to, then you must pay your entire debt to the Martial Online Company within seven days.”

“Seven days? Seriously! You guys intend to frame me?”

“To be more precise, you don’t have many options right now. Don’t you know what you’re facing with right now? You’re facing with the second largest company in the world!” Leen smiled cruelly while glancing at the rusty apple-cutting knife on the floor of Aaron’s room. “You don’t have to make a decision right now. I will leave this helmet for you. You agree to the offer if you activate it. I will also leave some food money for you to use at least the next seven days.”

Leen placed the virtual reality helmet as well as a large envelope of money on the very dusty table. After that, he walked towards the door but stopped before actually going out.

“Oh, and well, it’s looks like you’ll be so exhausted so you won’t be able to think straight if you clean this room alone. I’ll send some guy to help you.”

Aaron was silent as he stared at Leen’s back, which was getting away from him. Only then did he take a long breath.

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