Mafia Boss In The Multiverse

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Mafia Boss In The Multiverse

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In the state of Nebraska, the city of Strawberry has one of the oldest Irish families in the nation. The Flanagan family dominates all the dark businesses in the city. However, on the surface, they are a respectable family which has a large amount of business. The current head of the family, Brian Flanagan is ready to retire, so he plans to leave the family business to his son Killian Flanagan who has ambitions to spread his family name across the country. But before he must consolidate his strength in the state, for this he will have to marry the daughter of the current governor in order to have a solid base to help with his future plans. The only problem is that the governor’s daughter hates him because she thinks that he is to blame for the death of one of his close friends, so he will have to find a way to fulfill his goals before his father gave him the power. However, on a rescue mission, things go wrong, so he suffers an accident, but it is because of that he gains the power to travel between parallel universes, so he decides to use his new abilities to get the power he so desires.

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A New Year in Strawberry Town
The noise of the fireworks could be heard throughout the city, however under the shelter of that happy moment things in one of the alleys were not so calm.With a blow to the face, a man fell to the ground while looking in fear at the two men in suits in front of him."John, you knew that today was the payment date for the loan that we very kindly gave you a month ago so that you could pay for your daughter's surgery."John who was on the floor said trembling with fear, "I'll pay you the money and interest, but how do you know the surgery went completely wrong.My daughter simply did not survive and the expenses I had to incur used up the money she had prepared to pay you. I just ask for some time.Please show some mercy as my daughter died and I don't have any kind of family anymore..."John's words were interrupted when applause could be heard, at which point the three men looked down the alley and could see a young black-haired man in a smart black suit."John, I never imagined tha
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Governor's Palace
In the morning after celebrating the new year, an alarm clock started to ring, so a beautiful woman opened her eyes and stretched out her arms.As she yawned, she moved the white silk blankets that covered her body. When she sat on her bed, the door to her room opened and a woman in maid clothes entered."Miss Olivia, breakfast is ready and her father is waiting for you right now."Olivia caressed her face and gave the maid a smile. "Thank you so much for waking me up, Ava. You can tell my father I'll be ready in a few minutes.I would also like you to prepare me a mango juice. For some reason, I really want to drink something with mango."The maid nodded and left the room so she could head towards the dining room. As she walked down the hall, she was able to listen to the news on the radio.'In breaking news, a shootout between members of the police and a former morgue worker occurred near Strawberry International Airport late at night.The individual known as John Sinn was on his wa
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Preparations for an important arrival
In a small hotel room, a young man opened his eyes when he could feel the sunlight on his face.The young man then stretched out his hands and at that precise moment he received a call, so when he took his phone and looked at the screen and was surprised to see that it was his father."Good morning father, is there something I need to do?""Killian, you must make the final preparations to be able to receive Olivia in the best way, I know that you have been preparing for the last few months to have everything ready but I have information that there is a group of stupid people that is trying to kidnap Olivia.Our informants are sure that it is a Vendetta against the governor by a group of traitors who have not been identified.Unfortunately, even with the family connections we have, it is almost impossible for me to find that group of bastards because they are so insignificant that they completely go off the radar.However, I am completely sure of one thing, and that is that while the g
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A series of reckless plans
In a small restaurant which had the tag closed, a group of men were having a rather heated conversation."It's a real shame about John, but I think he deserved it, very idiotic, because he was always quite confident in the way he did business.The only nice thing about all of this is that no one found out about our involvement in the data theft, so we can say we have an entry point for the industrial city of Strawberry.We have to work hard to be able to consolidate ourselves effectively. To begin with, we have to enter directly into the South zone as real estate agents.That will be the best way to legally enter the city and with the help of the information that John sold us we can begin to bring together the group of local criminals who have remained neutral to the rule of the Flanagan family.However, we have to be very careful in the way we move because it is only enough to have one mistake for everything to get completely out of control.That is why we must be quite careful when
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A painful reminder
Olivia opened her eyes in the morning and with a slightly disappointed face she prepared herself because today would be the day she had to leave her home to go to Strawberry University.She wasn't completely worried that something bad might happen to her on the road or in the city, however this didn't mean that she was happy with her father's decision.But she couldn't do anything to change her father's decision, so she just kept all her anger away and set out to organize the few things she needed before they left at noon.While she was organizing all her stuff, the door to her room opened and her maid, Ava, came into her room."Good morning Miss Olivia, breakfast is ready and we are just waiting for you to organize what you need so we can get all the cars up before we can leave for the city of Strawberry.Do you have a special request, or would you like me to send a message to your father?"Olivia who was putting away some of her most personal belongings stopped what she was doing an
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Prelude to disaster
Olivia who was sad got into the car with her servant Ava and looked out the window at the governor's palace where she had been living."I guess this is a new start for all of us. At least you're keeping me company, so I'm not all alone.With you by my side, I am completely sure that nothing bad will happen in my life as a university student."The maid Ava, smiled. "Don't worry about anything Miss Ava. With me you don't have to suffer any kind of harm at all.I may not be active in the military anymore however all my life experiences have taught me how to use anything as a weapon, so no matter who tried to hurt them I would always be there protecting them.That is a promise I made to her mother before the cancer ended her life, however it is because of her that my chaotic life returned to normal.I owe a lot to your family, so I will always be protecting you and if I have life, I will also protect your children. That's a promise."Olivia sighed and looked at Ava with a smile. "Thanks A
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Coordinated attack
When Ava got out of the car, she looked at all her companions seriously and began to coordinate everyone while one of them took out a box which she used to launch a special flare.The special flare was a variant of the traditional flare. To begin with, it could be thrown at a much greater distance than the traditional flare not to mention that it had a location transmission function included.Easily bypassing the electronic locks that existed at the time, although with the transmitter on Ava and Olivia's body the flare was unnecessary.Ava ordered that the flare be released as she would activate an emergency system with which things would have gotten out of control during the journey.After launching the flare from the ground at the side of the road, a man emerged from a specially prepared hole carrying a missile launcher on his shoulder.Resolutely aiming at one of the parked cars, he fired the missile, destroying the guards' black car with relative ease.One of the guards who was ne
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Rescuing Olivia the Governor's Daughter 1
Killian, after hearing his father's words quickly got on his motorcycle and started driving towards the police station.While he was driving, he put on a headset and started dialing a number. People on the streets turned their heads as they watched a speeding motorcycle pass by.Some of the traffic policemen who were nearby looked at the motorcycle but only shook their heads."Something big must be going on right now for Prince Killian to have to travel at full speed."One of the policemen drank some coffee and bit into his donut. "It must have something to do with the terrorist attacks that are currently happening in the state.Knowing this, it is likely that the national guard will be deployed to put an end to attacks and possible disturbances of people.Fortunately, we are in the safest city in the entire state. I would even dare to say that it is safer than Washington DC.In this place, foreigners or terrorists do not enter without first passing a complete search. That is why we d
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Rescuing Olivia the Governor's Daughter 2
Killian who was in one of the police cars took out a cigarette and began to smoke, looking at the road which was almost completely empty.This was mainly because the entire state had entered into martial law, so no civilian car should be outside the cities or towns, otherwise they would be immediately stopped by the national guard or the police.As they proceeded along the highway, they encountered a military checkpoint which asked them to stop.The national guard soldiers who were quite nervous about the attacks that had been going on in the state were very careful in dealing with the convoy of police cars that were on the road.One of the national guard soldiers approached the main patrol and looked at all the policemen seriously."Because your police units are outside the city of Strawberry, all of you are supposed to be guarding your own areas."Killian took a document and handed it to the soldier. "We are a specialized anti-kidnapping unit. We are on a mission personally signed b
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Rescuing Olivia the Governor's Daughter 3
Olivia, who was driving, accelerated the vehicle and at that moment, shots could be heard, all of which seemed to be aimed at the tires.This made Olivia start to tremble as she felt a lot of adrenaline, so at that moment to calm her nerves a bit, she turned on the car radio.'The eastern world it is exploding, violence flaring, bullets loading. You are old enough to kill, but not for voting…'Olivia, listening to the song she could only laugh nervously because she felt that the song was ironic for the moment in which she was."Damn father, you had to have Vietnam music in the car…"Olivia had to cut her words off when a bullet shattered the rearview mirror, so she instinctively ducked her head and accelerated the vehicle as hard as she could."You are all fucking sons of bitches. You killed Ava and my bodyguards. I'm not going to let them catch me without first trying to escape.It's the least I can do for them."One of the vans, seeing that Olivia's vehicle was accelerating, had to
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