Marie the Shadow

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Marie the Shadow

By: Dian Armay OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The fight for power between the two kingdoms wreaked havoc on the common people, especially those who live near the border. One of them was Marie. The family was wiped out in plain sight by a prince who was always adored by many. Only she alone can escape the distress. How can she exact revenge when she's a nobody without anything special to offer hers?

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War Victims
The Hiden Stone border area is the most frequently contested area between the two kingdoms that share a border. This is a subscription battleground. There are wars almost every year, whether between kingdoms or between criminals. A poor village, Haen village, is not far away. Natural resources are insufficient. If hunting in the forest failed, only the previous wars were used as a backup.One of the residents of Haen village is Marie. The twelve-year-old girl was neither a superhero nor a seasoned fighter. She's just a regular young woman. It has no power or wealth associated with it. She assists her mother in the kitchen on a daily basis."On the right side of our house is the kingdom of Lamberg, and on the left side is the kingdom of Jan Nolen. We are sometimes part of Lamberg and sometimes part of Jan Nolen. In fact, we have been to another country," the mother said to her son."What kingdom will I join when I grow up, Mom? Jan No
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In the Wood
"What are you doing?" the magician inquired."We take revenge on my brother, whom you used to sacrifice. Now you must face your death," remarked an archer.A green wand is about to be taken by a magician. However, the black one was discovered. He was about to cast a spell when an arrow struck him in the neck. As a result, the incantation cannot be clearly heard. Several arrows followed, and the magician died from a lack of blood and oxygen.Marie was not far from the magician. The fear of death triggers memories to resurface. Only running is possible. The events of today are causing tears to flow freely.Marie couldn't keep up with the archers when it came to running speed. The archers got closer and closer. He was even more terrified by the arrows. She is in possession of the black crystal that is the furthest away."Please don't kill me," Marie begged, her eyes welling up with tears."You're in luck
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Exit Way from the Wood
Miryu looked at Marie's gaze. There was a hint of admiration for the girl he had just seen. Without feeling a lot of meat in Miryu's stomach. The remaining water is used as a cover for lunch. "Marie, thank you very much. If you recover, I will repay your kindness," he said."Sir, you should rest first. Heal your wound and then talk about it again," said Marie. The leaves that had run out of water he took again.Nobody knows how long it took Marie to come out of the cave injured. Miryu was very afraid of what he wanted to happen to Marie. Anxiety was always in his heart. He wanted to catch up with Marie but Miryu couldn't move the slightest bit. All limbs ached and could not be moved. The worry only disappeared after the man saw the figure of Marie who was limping carrying twigs and fruit. She doesn't forget the water in a container."Marie, I'm glad to see you," Miryu said with a smile."Sorry Sir, I have no intention of getting married. If I may, I would
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First Time in the New City
“Marie, you sleep in here and I sleep in your front bedroom. We are of different gender and cannot sleep together," Miryu said."But I'm afraid. What if someone came to kill me? I can't fight and don't have a weapon,” Marie reasoned."Don't be afraid, this is a hotel. What is certain is that security here is guaranteed. Moreover, you are in a special room with full security.” Miryu closed the bedroom door tightly and disappeared from Marie's sight.Memories of family continued to haunt that night. Because of that, she couldn't sleep well. The girl turned around but still couldn't move to dreamland. She also closed her eyes and moved the lantern behind a table so that the room was pitch black. It wasn't sleepiness that overtook Marie's body, instead she remembered running away and falling into a ravine. The lantern was put back on the table. The room became bright again.From time to time, Marie looked outside. A little light illuminates
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The Loven
“Marie, you don't scream or your life will be lost. Remember the rules here, you have to follow all of us. You are not a guest but a free slave,” Erina threatened."Remember, if you don't obey, your stomach will contain my seeds. Your family and you will be embarrassed," Jackson added.The two of them left Marie's room. The girl felt relief. She lay on the bed.The red moonlight was overhead. As usual, Marie woke up earlier than the rest of the family. The small lantern that was on the table was taken with the right hand. The girl stepped out of the room. Slowly he walked towards the kitchen. But something is different there. The room that should be empty is actually bright. Marie hid first to find out what really happened there. The girl saw several slaves holding bloodstained knives. The drops of red liquid reflected dangerously from the lantern made of white crystal. She didn't even go there. Marie turned around and was surprised by the arrival of
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Desired Class
Jackson is worried about the girl he loves. He ran and looked at the lake. The heart feels relieved to see Marie who is already there to help. "Marie, you're right! I was worried about you!” his screams."I'm okay!" Marie cried. Her dress was wet. The girl was with an ice-type wizard.The journey on the boat had ended by anchoring on an island in the middle of the Underland lake. There stood a huge building over two hundred meters high. The Lovens, along with most of the group, headed to a place on the edge of the island. The queue there was very long. Marie took out a black orb that was taken from a magician. Had in mind to be able to use this object.Miryu took his group to a place. There they do not need to queue at all. In addition to a cool place, they also get a treat and other luxurious facilities.Actually, Marie was not comfortable if she had to enjoy these facilities. But she also doesn't like it if she has to refuse because Miryu and Jack
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Meet with Family
A girl in a yellow miniskirt and a green shirt boldly brandished a sword made of bright purple mana. Hearing the Loven surname, she drew the sword back into the shape of a small crystal. Her hands lowered while lowering her head. "My name is Luna, I'm just a slave from the kingdom of Zattan," she said.Susan releases Marie's black hair. Footsteps moved to approach Luna. "How dare you go against the authorities here," Susan was furious. A slap was thrown by the girl he had just met. But the movement was restrained by a man."The Lovens don't deserve to do that," a man in thick fur said."Who are you?" Susan said.“I am Jorva Gsaro, prince of the kingdom of Zattan. You don't dare hit my sister or you'll face the holy swordsman class,” said the man.The angry expression on her face turned to embarrassment. Susan paid her respects while bowing her head. “My apologies, My Majesty. I didn't know if you were a prince," she said.T
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Second Exam
"Good question. Nothing and just take next year's exams and start all over again. If you resign, just take this exam immediately, in six months," a teacher said."Anymore questions?" another teacher asked.Marie raised her right hand and asked, “Mrs, I know that if we write something, we must use a pen and paper. Here I see no pen or paper. Then what are we writing about that?”“You guys use cube stones. For more details, I will teach you the steps later," the teacher answered.Several questions were asked. Along with the question and answer, several students left the place.Question and answer time is over. The building was tightly closed so that no one could leave without approval from the teacher's council. An aura formed protecting the place."Now it's too late to resign. You go ahead and take a stone and step on the white stone. You are welcome to sit or stand. Remember, one student one stone," a teacher ordered.<
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Before Class Time
"Marie, what are you doing?" a female mentor was in front of the girl who had just picked up the cube."Miss, someone pushed me until the rock rolled there." Marie's face was very embarrassed. No courage to hold the head up.“Hihihi, you're the first student to be able to break through a mana wall without carrying a stone cube. This object is access to get in here. How did you do it?” The mentor straightened Marie's face. The girl's hand was pulled towards a place."I do not know." Marie was forced to follow a mentor."Introducing, I'm Gracia. I will be your mentor while you are here. If you're having trouble, tell me."The mentor disappeared from Marie's presence before the girl shook hands and introduced herself. Not sure what happened or would be done there, Marie felt a sense of confusion. There was no one around to ask or give directions. The crowds of new students become a destination for answers and security.Marie's where
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In the morning, the weather was sunny. A small wind blew around the lake. It's time for students to start studying. Green clothes with yellow flowers are worn by young girls. Skirts are limited to covering the base of the foot worn. Most of them let their feet smooth in the wind without wearing any more upholstery. However, for some female students, upholstery has become something that must be worn, especially for noble children.Marie is listed as Loven's daughter. Therefore, she felt the need to bear the b
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