Military Son-In-Law

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Military Son-In-Law

By: Ngozi precious OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Kyle is an average worker who tries hard to make ends meet, he finally gets the chance to get married to the love of his life but his adoptive parents switched him with their mischievous look-alike son to sign off a deal with a rich Mafia family as a collateral for their debt, his life is shattered ad he faces emotional and physical trauma, what will happen when the girl he marries treats him like trash because she's also forced to marry him? Will he find his real parents or strive to break off the contracted marriage to get back to the woman he loves?

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Chapter One
"You little whore!" A man cursed."Don't you dare curse at me! I haven't done anything wrong." A woman retorted."Take this and leave this instant!" The man yelled and threw a bundle of cash at her.The woman scoffed and neglected the money which infuriated him. He stood confidently in his underwear and looks frustrated."What the hell do you want from me? Your job is done, you may leave!" He shouted."I am your girlfriend, you have no right to treat me this way, I should be treated with respect!" The woman demanded.The man was about to retort when the loud clanging of heels was heard, the two looked towards the origin of the sound only to find a sexy looking woman ascend the stairwell and approach them, she looked exquisite and seductive . The newcomer ignored the presence of the other woman and went straight to the man, she kissed him fully on the lips and smacked her lips as well before throwing the bewildered woman a dirty look."What's this Richard? I can hear your voice all the
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Chapter Two
Marco laughed as he smacked the butt of his secretary, her eyes reddened but she dare not say a word."What? Are you not happy that I'm showing interest in you? What's with the frown? Do you wish to resign?" Marco threatened.The Secretary's eyes widened in shock and she shook her head in disapproval."No sir, I'm sorry, please don't fire me. I have siblings and I'm the only one who sponsors their education, our parents are dead." She begged.Marco smirked, he loved taking advantages of helpless people like her. He had lusted after her from the moment he hired her two weeks back and he was determined to get her in his bed as he has done to his previous secretary."Then you'll do exactly as I say." Marco instructed."Okay sir." She replied.Marco was pleased with himself, there was no one around and he had intentionally built a side room in his office for occasions like this, he sucked on his bottom lips as he eyed her, she became uncomfortable under his stare and wished to escape. Mar
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Chapter Three
Diego laughed hysterically, Marco was amusing him with his foolish words. As the head of the Sanchez family and empire he never showed his face to those who owes him money, if he did then it would be the last thing they'd see before they die. He needed reasons to keep the fool alive, all he cared about was his money."Your son? Is he worth more than you?" He asked rhetorically."Of course not but all that I have is willed to him, you'll have my entire empire under your command, it will bring in more money and assets to you and he might be more useful to you some other way." Marco offered.Diego glared at him and he shut up, he began to contemplate his words, what was he to do with a worthless chronic gambler's son? If he needed a man he wouldn't need to lift a finger when a hundred men would troop him, that's how powerful he was."I don't need your useless son, I want my money." Diego concluded.Marco went on his knees in the car not minding his reputation, he held the Hem of Diego's
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Chapter Four
Diego swirled the glass of champagne that was in his left hand, he took another long drag from his cigarette and puffed the smoke out. He gulped the contents of the glass and took the entire bottle taking large gulps from it directly. What was he thinking getting his daughter married to someone? Was he right or wrong? He had been tempted by Marco's offer that he took it almost immediately.He owned the entire Sanchez empire, his generation had set up their empire in New York and he grew up to became the heir, they built it on fear, blood, sacrifices and most of all; violence. He was more feared than anyone and his name became a terror in the streets and beyond, no one dared look him in the eye, not only did their business run on legal but also illegal grounds but he was known as a Mafia boss who dealt with whoever dared cross him.He was a big shot in the city, no! He was the king of the city. Everyone struggled to get in his good side and he lived a perfect life fit for a Sanchez but
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Chapter Five
Elena paced to and fro in the huge bedroom she shared with her husband who was restless as well."What do we do?" Elena asked impatiently."Do you think I'd be here if I knew?" Marco snapped."I know, I'm just restless, mad, worried and I don't even know!" Elena exclaimed."This is all your fault! If only you haven't squandered half the money! Maybe I'd still have something to present to him." Marco yelled."My fault? As if you didn't spend the other half on sluts and some stupid business which you were duped." Elena retorted.Marco's face softened as he discovered that his wife was right, all that didn't matter since she had already squandered the money, there was absolutely no one who would lend him such huge amount of money, he would soon lose his head."What do we do now? You went ahead and spent the money without thinking twice, who would lend us such money, what do we do? I can't die now, I'm still young!" Elena lamented.Marco was lost for words as well, he held his head with h
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Chapter Six
Elena screamed at her husband once more, he was trying to murder her only son and she couldn't stand by and watch, he wasn't listening to her hence she tried to separate the two but Marco was much stronger and he yanked her off. She staggered backwards and almost fell but Kyle was quick to hold her back. She shrugged and freed herself from him, she hated looking at his face and felt disgusted when he touched her."Don't you dare lay your filthy hands on me!" Elena barked.Kyle retracted his hand and raised them up in defeat, he did it out of pity not that she was worth the effort, she scoffed and resumed screaming in an attempt to dissolve her family's dispute."How dare you give my property to a slut?" Marco roared and his hands began to press on Richard's neck."I told you father, she's my girlfriend." Richard retorted."You're hurting him Marco, let the boy go and we'll talk about this!" Elena ordered.Marco tightened his grip and Richard began to cough, Elena saw that her son migh
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Chapter Seven
"You'll do as I say young lady!" Diego barked.Iris scoffed and threw him a dirty look."I will do no such thing father!" Iris retorted.Diego clicked his tongue and snapped his fingers."Can you hear that? You've grown wings and suddenly think you can disobey me? I have given you everything you ever wanted and I will not do all that just to have you disobey me, you hear me?" Diego yelled."How can you hear to just marry off your daughter to some outsider in two days time? Are you that tired of me? If you wish to get rid of me, do so father but not like this, I'm barely done with college!" Iris cried."I don't care if you're done with college or not, who said you can't be married and go to school at the same time, are you trying to bring shame to my name? I have given my world already and the boy will be ready in two days!" Marco insisted."Then he'll have to get married to my corpse! I'll kill myself before morning or run away!" Iris threatened.Marco laughed."You wouldn't even get
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Chapter Eight
"What do we do Marco? I got a package today from Esperanza, it's a gown she wants me to wear for the wedding with instructions that only we should be in attendance." Elena said alarmingly."All these wouldn't happen if your useless son hadn't squandered the entire properties I put in his charge." Marco lamented."It's all over for us, do something Marco else we'll be sending our son to his grave!" Elena cried."You think I haven't tried? There's nothing I can do Elena, I'm fed up!" Marco said.Elena burst into tears and Marco couldn't help but sigh, it was less than forty eight hours to the proposed wedding and he hasn't come up with enough money to pay off the Sanchez, giving out his son meant he was killing him because it was evident that it's a trap, Elena suddenly flew to her feet and wiped her tears off."What if we send him to my distant cousin in China? They'll never find him there, we'll simply tell them he ran away." Elena suggested.Marco shook his head."All his passports h
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Chapter Nine
Richard paced to and fro in his room while his mother tried to calm him down, he had initially thought his father was bluffing earlier on but two suits were sent to his room with the instructions to try them on. The packages carried the signature of the most expensive and famous designer whom only the Sanchez could afford."Calm your nerves Richard." Elena advised."It's easy for you to say that Mom, you're not the one getting married to death." Richard blew hotly.Elena sighed, no mother would watch their child walk into a death trap but they had no choice hence she could only hope he'd survive the ordeal."We have no intentions of doing you harm, we're left with no choice, if you don't get married to her then we all will be dead." Elena explained."I'm better off dead now." Richard lamented.Elena knew no words could soothe a man walking into his own grave and she could oy urge him to try on the suits. Richard's eyes were filled with tears as the thought of leaving behind his perfec
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Chapter Ten
Kyle woke up with a throbbing headache as a bucket of water was poured on him, he blinked severally before he could finally open his eyes."After all I've done for you, you decided to run away with some slut?" Marco asked maliciously.Kyle was still processing what had happened and grunted hearing Marco's voice."Let me go!" Kyle said weakly.He tried to move but discovered he was tied to a chair and Marco laughed."What do you want?" Kyle asked rhetorically."What I want? It's for Richard to get married to Sanchez's daughter tomorrow but the problem is that Richard is trying to elope with a whore, what will Mr. Sanchez do if he finds out about this?" Marco asked no one in particular."I am not Richard!" Kyle shouted, trying to free himself.Marco grinned."But this picture and certificates shows that you're Richard." Marco mocked and threw a bunch of documents at Kyle, Kyle struggled to see them and gasped when he realized that Marco had fabricated all the documents and erased all tr
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