212. Your task is..., Kill your Master!

"I already knew it was you, Lightning Sword!"

The wind was moving quite fast, hitting Saka's hair. Behind him, a huge fight was taking place. Explosion after explosion and a big fight with noise. Saka looked at Draken, his dragon armor covering his body and face.

"So... you chose to be with Guratin. Do you also want to be immortal and become a machine of destruction?" asked Saka.

The atmosphere became completely different, and Guratin was still seeing what would happen. Draken is the Lightning Sword; he came to him, and there was a pact between them. Guratin makes a promise of freedom and lives for real in the promised world. They both knew they had exited the game but couldn't have a real body.

Guratin disguised himself and took Edmon's soul, while the Lightning Sword could only camouflage into a ring and follow its master. They had both seen the earth and real life. And, as they know, in universal chaos. Everything is just an illusion and a game created by the system.

"Saka, your ea
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