The MaGe President

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The MaGe President

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Marcus Dezian finds out that he has been betrothed to marry Ciara Monavi, who becomes an underrated multi-Billionaire's daughter, so he tries to get her love by enrolling in her school but with serious hate from his mother in-law and her family, the Son In-law accepts his life threatening rejection, not until he gets chosen by a system that gives him powers! And now he swears to make his wife, his queen, while his enemies will bow and plead! indeed!


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92 chapters
Chapter 01
Marcus walked out of the train station.He was about calling a taxi before he notices a small group of worrisome people pointing towards the road, which revealed a slow driving Benz."She's unconscious, oh my god." a lady who carried a child panicked before Marcus rushes in to help the lady stuck in her moving car."We need a hammer to set her free, I think this Mercedes is a bulletproof Benz." one of the men doing all his best to stop the car from moving said to Marcus who moulds his hand into a fists and punches through the bullet proof mirror.He opens the car and stops the car from moving any further before pulling out the fainted lady."I am a doctor, I think she is..." the lady carrying a child said before being interrupted."Having a concussion... I'm used to this." Marcus says out as he starred back at the beautiful lady struggling for her life over his arms."I need water." Marcus requested and they rushed it to him, before he sprinkles it over the ladies face and then pours
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Chapter 02
Marcus gets pointed a Gun.He stood up at that instant."Pow!" The old man fires bullets at him.But Marcus dodges swiftly like nothing was fired at him, rushing in split seconds towards Mr. Monavi who kicks him to his stomach.The two fly right into the air as they exchange fighting techniques, with Marcus getting the upper hand as he disarms the gun, opening the gun till Mr. Monavi was left with a bullet spring in his hand and this caused Monavi to immediately dismiss the fight with Marcus."You're indeed capable! your mentor Guran sent you isn't it?" The old man said, calling the name of the man who trained and took care of Marcus since he was a kid as he landed over his chair, staring right at him, with a burning question."I thought so too, why would a man who my own master saved years ago want to kill me and I also felt your Chi... It seems you're unwell." Marcus tells Mr. Monavi as sadness covers his face in return."Old age happens boy, so tell me Marcus... Why did your master
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Chapter 03
Ciara's Grandpa stood proud."Oh Ciara, never in my days would I think you would be so honorable, although since your decision is as such then Please Mr. Marcus, how about you both school together." Mr. Monavi said as he held onto both of their hands.Marcus was honourable top tier Clan Assassin, but no one knew how feisty he could be, all Ciara's grandfather knew was that he had the skills and ability to protect his grandchild Ciara.Although Ciara saw this oppositely, she felt like her rights were been trampled upon."But is there any reason why I should go to school with Ciara?" Marcus asked."Well Yes, if you do, you both can get to know each other more not just as adults getting married but even for you to protect her life from business rivals looking for anything they could use to touch my dearest daughter, please consider." Mr. Monavi pleaded."Alright, I would do it for my wife." Marcus said whilst Ciara looked at him rolling her eyes.She could see how tall and handsome he lo
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Chapter 04
Ciara could notice Marcus's cuteness.After their mistake kiss, they separated, although they couldn't get their minds off that kiss, especially Ciara who kept starring and thinking.They soon enter their master's bedroom while Marcus pulls off his suit.From only the long sleeve he put on... Ciara could already see his abs protruding out of them so sexily that it got her feeling wet.But indeed, she was a woman of Culture so she took her eyes off him but Marcus had already fallen for her appearance as well."So we are couples now." Marcus says to her."Yeah so?" She asked rudely back."Would you love to walk out?" Ciara asked him as she had an evil plan in mind."Sure." Marcus said as he followed Ciara out of the house, wearing a silk white shirt and his boxers which carried a bulge that Ciara avoided."Hello Security, was my dog Jasper, brought here too?" Ciara asked and the security man answered with a yes to her."Please take me to Jasper." she requested."Sure Ma'am." he replied.
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Chapter 05
Soon afterwards the two slept off - even so, she still felt like Marcus didn't deserve her... She was unintentionally creating feelings for him.The morning breaks and Ciara wakes up to find out that Marcus wasn't in bed with her, whilst Marcus was in the parlour, drinking milk and switching through the TV Channels."Aw!" A pornstar moaned as Marcus gets startled immediately pouring the milk he held to drink over his silk boxers which reveals his huge length.Then Ciara ends up heading into the dining which was opposite where she saw Marcus as she watches her worst reality nightmare."He's masturbating." Ciara says covering her mouth with her hand in disgusts.This made her dislike him even more.She wondered why her grandfather would accept for her to get married to such a irresponsible pervert who didn't care about his privacy.At this point... She wanted everything to be over between them, but she decided to pretend.She sat down and had the breakfast Marcus had prepared before lat
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Chapter 06
Soon they Marcus and Ciara Refreshed, ate and slept off, waiting on the school biggest event.It was the day Ciara will be given her award certificate in theater and arts and a Bachelor of Fine Arts-Acting for Stage and Screen.It was her day Indeed.Although after they both dressed up in their clothes after refreshing and having breakfast, there was a sensual tension between the two, which had risen to an unusual level as well.Ciara wanted to live off her grandfather's Mansion and money and Marcus could sense it.He was beginning to feel her pain as well, and it reminded him of when all he wanted was guns and deadly battles but had to run his father's film firm for a while till he got someone else to manage the business while he learned his passion in martial arts.Although his master wasn't entirely pleased as he felt his apprentice and son was risking his life with the strong clan he controlled."Hey em... I hope we are good?" He asked."Yes, but I need a favor from you." She said
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Chapter 07
As time flew By, Ciara gained strong grounds in her career, she wanted to be a superstar at what she does and that's what she got."I learnt Mr. Steve got his maid pregnant, can you believe that's what they wanted me to marry?" Ciara asked her bodyguard who smiled briefly at her while protecting her.News casters had flooded the entire place and it was quite unfortunate that her grandpa had also passed on leaving her father to take over as head of the Monavi business too.Although Ciara's goal was to become even way richer than her entire family."Hello! Can I get a picture!" A voice shouts."Of Course... If you must." Ciara who was now full of fan-ship said walking off.News casters paraded the entire place."Your new drama just hit the box office and it's been getting a lot of positive responses? How do you feel?" The newscaster asked."There are rumors that you were to marry a certain Mr. Steve who got his maid pregnant, is that true?" one asked."Gossips has it that you will be no
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Chapter 08
Marcus looked at his car. He just got that car a few days ago! Will he have to give it away now? He looked at Moana again. He could see the determination in her eyes.Since she won't be able to date him anymore, she had to get something out of him. Marcus immediately regretted telling her anything.About ten minutes later, Marcus stood by the side of the road as he watched his car now worth $86 million dollars being driven away by some woman. He really wanted to mourn for his car.Ciara sat facing her so-called blind date. She had to say that there was something wrong with her mother's eyes. Before she came, she had called her mother and Catherine had told her that she would be meeting a really handsome man. How does this person in front of her classify as handsome? What nonsense is this?Ciara was doing everything possible to keep herself from exploding but it seemed as if the person in front of her did not understand it at all.He just would not stop talking!"Ciara, I'm a b
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Chapter 09
Marcus sighed. So she really is an actress. Well, that still did not change the fact that she had made fun of him and made him look bad. He is Marcus Brian! In his entire life he has never felt this insulted! But that woman called him crazy! She said that he is a reporter and a stalking fan! Why on Earth will be possibly want to stalk a woman? Celebrity or not, he is definitely not going to let her go. He is going to make sure that that woman pays for what she did to him!"I don't care if she is a celebrity or not! She completely insulted me and disregarded me! I even told her that I am the CEO of Helian Entertainment! But she did not believe me!""She even said that I am the CEO then she is the daughter of the chairman. When have I ever had a sister like that? If she is a top celebrity at the company then she should know me right? But she doesn't know me! What kind of a celebrity is she? When did our company start signing women like that? She really is something!" Marcus said.
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Chapter 10
Ciara looked at Emelda. She seemed like she knows something. Why is she asking her this question? She doesn't know that crazy person at all! He is just an idoit that got into her car and demanded a ride from her! In fact, Ciara suspected that he had something to do with this. He and the person who took the picture are definitely working together! He got into her car so that whoever took the picture can get a chance to start a rumour with him. She definitely is not going to let him go. Once she finds him, she is definitely going to sue."What do you mean by where I know him from? I don't know him from anywhere! He is just a crazy person! He got into my car and demanded that I give him a ride!"Why will I give someone like that a ride? I'm telling you Emelda that person is completely crazy person! I think that he has something to do with this incident! I should have known that something was going on! I totally let him fool him! I'm going to find him and I'm going to make sure t
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