Chapter 267 - The lent

Chapter 267 - The lent

Brian's students cheered with joy. It had been a long time since anyone had wanted to train them personally. Alex warns that the girls' training is no joke, especially since Sanao is proficient with the sword, Nana is very talented in using various combat tools, and Sia is professional with spears and shields.

They were enthusiastic after listening to Alex explain the girls' abilities. He smiled, seeing their happy expressions. The young people shouted, saying tonight was the last night, so you had to be drunk to fall asleep immediately.

"Well, make sure you guys should be fresh here tomorrow before I wake up, or you will be taking a poop bath." Said Sanao, stood up from her seat, and went to rest. Brian's subordinates were still carried away by the impromptu party. Sanao watched from the window, along with Nana and Sia.

They wanted to discuss what to teach the children. Sia knew little about teaching someone to fight. Her fighting instinct
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