My Overlord Demon System

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My Overlord Demon System

By: Ruby_banks02 OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The human race has been at war with the vicious blood-thirsty humanoid-alien species that had appeared because of the illegal experiments that took place in the world many years ago. Just when they thought they had successfully annihilated them all, they began to rise again. This time with the sole purpose of taking over the entire human race. It is at this cause that Angel Academy, a military-like school was built. For years, it helped the world by building up potential ability users in preparation for the upcoming great war. -------- Max isn't able to awaken any ability and even knowing the fact that he'll be ridiculed by his mates, he was sent to the Academy to study. Every day his life is made a living hell by everyone around him, he was turned into a laughing stock. One day he is driven to a part of no return and is on the verge of dying but that is when he met his saviour. He is given a system that will help him grow and become an unrivalled demon lord.

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  • E.isreal


    great book. it's so addictive and I recommend 100 percent

    2024-03-22 03:12:16
  • Ruby_banks02


    Hello! Author here!! Am still a new author so mistakes could be seen. Above all, just give my book a try and you'll like it.

    2022-04-22 05:06:42
  • Eric Lavin


    Isn't that Asta on the cover?

    2022-05-12 09:41:36
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27 chapters
A Surprise Help
"Keep running away Max, until you have no place to run to!" A boy yelled by the corner of the school library, followed by a burst of laughter.Max didn't stop despite the warning from the boy, rather, he kept running towards a more desolate place. He knew running there would make things more tricky but at this time, it was the only option.Max, after running around for a while, got to a certain point and stopped. "I'm fucking doomed, this time!" he almost yelled out as he stared at the large tall wall before him in self-pity."No place to run to?" The boy taunted with a smirk on his lips. He began to approach Max in light steps, making every step he takes look like forever when actually he couldn't wait to tear the boy apart."What were you thinking before now? That I'll go down on my knees and begin to beg you? You are nothing but a fucker! A solidified jerk!" Max screamed at the top of his lungs. Seeing the rage forming on the boy's face, M
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The System
Slowly, Max's eyelids began to blink until they were fully opened, his body felt heavy and his head was in pain. He got up slowly from the floor and touched his head carefully to see if there are any injuries.'Why do I feel pain in my head but I don't feel any injury on it? And my chest....the wounds are gone!" He thought to himself and yelled inwardly, he was stunned to see that the deep wounds in his chest are all gone, leaving the place smooth and clean.Just as he tried to get up, he tilted his head to the other side and was shocked to see someone lying comfortably on his bed."Wh-who are you? And how did you get in here?" He asked with a stammer. By now he was already on his feet but he dared not go anywhere close to the figure.The figure Max was talking to simply yawned and stretched before sitting in an upright position. "Of a truth, I have never slept so soundly and peacefully in all my life as a Demon Lord," the figure who was a man with a mask
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New Quest
It all started when a strayed alienoid creature appeared in the world. It was captured by a scientist who was driven insane by his hate for humans. For a long time, he hated the humans for how he and his family were treated by everyone around them which led to the death of his children and wife. Driven by his desire for revenge, he sought out ways to punish the entire human race and after years of trying, he finally came up with an idea.Mixing the genes and blood of the alienoid creature with that of a human, he was able to create a specie of an alien-human. He thought that as the creator, this specie will obey him forever but it was nothing but mere imagination, the humanoid-alien began to show rebellious characters for some time until one day, it ran away into hiding and began to multiply until they were overpopulated that they needed to find a new place to live. They made their way into the human settlements with the hope of making a deal with the leaders but instead of t
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Defeating Him
Just like any other school where the powerful kids are on top, Angel Academy was one of them. The rich kids who had advanced ability books were considered the top students because they were also skilled in their abilities. Some rich kids whose goals are to bully the poor weak students become the boss students, going around with dogs they call lackeys who keep trailing behind them and licking their feet.One of these kids is Nat, a blonde-haired boy with earth eyes and bulky features. He is considered one of the top ability students in Angel Academy and Is respected by students and teachers and also feared by the weak students. As the only son of his wealthy parents, he derives so much joy from hurting weak students and turning them into slaves.Max became his pawn the day he stepped on his tail. It was an unforgettable day with painful regrets. That day, he was asked by another top student to attack Nat, when he found out that they were both enemies, it was already lat
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Cleaning The Mess
One thing is to commit a crime and another thing is to not be caught, especially when one is not up to the task.Max upon hearing the voice froze, his mind wandered to many possibilities of being caught by different people. It could either be a teacher and hell, if it were to be one it could only mean one thing — Expulsion! And he wasn't ready for that not even when he hadn't achieved anything yet.Another possibility is that it could one of the strong ability students, students like Nat who bully and torture the likes of him. It would not be a dead road but he knew he was going to pay a heavy price.Fear gripped his heart, sweats filled his forehead, his chest kept rising and he dared not turn around until the voice spoke again."Kid, you will surely die of a high BP!" The voice said and let out a chuckle, walking to the front."You!" Max blurted out while pointing at the man, who was none other than the Demon lord. Max wanted to talk
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Ability Level Check
Upon hearing the question, Max's heart skipped. He stared at the faces of the boys and he could see anger written all over them, they glared at him silently, waiting to hear from him.'Didn't that old geezer say that he has taken care of everything? Why are they suddenly asking me that, fuck! I'm doomed' he thought to himself as he kept staring at the four boys."Hey, you ain't saying anything here. We are asking you a question and you are silent, have you suddenly become deaf?" One of the boys with red dreadlocks asked. He among the four boys is the tallest and seemed to be the leader of the trio."I- I don't know what you guys are talking about," Max replied, trying his best to act normal whereas his heart kept pounding faster than normal."Kelvin,  I told you...there is no point asking him about that. We all know that by the time we came, he had left and Nat was all alone. We should go visit him later at the clinic instead of wasting our precious
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Twice A Failure
"Ah! Damn it! Damn it!" Max yelled as he walked through the path of the school without minding the students that were all staring and laughing at him.*Bang*The door closed with a loud bang as he slammed it behind him angrily, he strolled to his bed and slumped. His chest kept rising and falling with no plans of stopping, veins bulged out of his head as his face was filled with anger."Fuck the awakening stone! Fuck the school! Fuck this goddam system! It's so useless!" He screamed at the top of his voice. He could not believe what happened earlier even though it was still vivid in his head.-----Max stood at the centre of the hall with his hand on the awakening stone. One minute passed, two minutes passed, three minutes also passed but there was no sign of the stone glowing."Come out kid, you aren't lucky again this time," The Dean's voice rang, it was filled with disdain and disappointment as he stared at Max. The students w
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Yet, Another Failure
Max's heart began to beat rapidly again and he quickly withdrew his hand and turned around slowly.  Upon seeing the person who had just walked in, he subconsciously breathed a sigh of relief and did an imaginary sign of the cross."Oh, it's you? What are you doing here by this time?" Max asked the person who in turn gazed at him in confusion."Am I not the one supposed to be asking you that?" The boy asked in return and walked to the bed. After checking Nat's body and making sure he was fine, he turned to Max and stared deeply at him. "Now tell me, what are you doing here and by this time?""I-..... Of course, I came to see him. I don't know what happened to him or who did this to him so I thought it would be nice if I visit him," Ma replied, sounding in the best of his cool."At night?" The boy asked with a raised brow. Why would he come at night time to see Nat?! It's very suspicious, however, he could not accuse the boy yet
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The next day was Friday and it is a skill training day for Angel Academy. The skill training is an activity for students to train themselves using weapons like gauntlets, scythes, daggers and the rest that can't be mentioned. It is mandatory for all students notwithstanding gender and failure to not participate will have to undergo some punishment. The school had to take extra measures to see that the students are well prepared for the forthcoming great war against the humanoid aliens."Argh! My head feels so heavy!" Max grumbled as he got up from bed.<<Daily Quest: 500 sit-ups & 500 press-ups>><<Quest Status: Not completed>><<No rewards>>"Fuck this system! Am in no mood for your messages this morning," Max yelled as he waved the translucent screen off his face. He had woken up late this morning due to how stressed out he was last night. He should count himself l
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Lesson (2)
"Harry!" Max called out as he stared at the ball of flames on Harry's palm. No one could explain the expression on Max's face as he kept staring at the ball of flames. "My 20XP is gone!" He suddenly said out loud causing the students to stare at him in confusion."Is he mad already or something?" A student asked and no one had the exact answer to his question, they were all confused."Hey, the hell is wrong with you? I just saved your ass and you can't show some appreciation!" Harry said. He was upset at Max's sudden behaviour."Thank you but I didn't beg to be saved...I need that thing on my chest, two of it on my chest or my reward will be gone," Max replied pointing to the ball of flames."Are you okay?" Harry asked in confusion. He was here to eat some breakfast when he saw the ball of flames dashing towards Max, out of instinct he rushed and caught it before it slammed on his chest. What he didn't understand was why he is acting the way he is doing r
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