My Trillionare System In The Otherworld

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My Trillionare System In The Otherworld

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Aldric has always been the target for bullies because of his body and because of being poor. While being bullied in their classroom a magic circle appeared and together with his classmates, Aldric got summoned by a Queen to another world and just when he thought that his life will be finally better, his status window revealed that he is only level 1 while his classmates were all heroes. His classmates bullied him for being the weakest, and the Queen disposed of him and sent him to a barren land filled with monsters to die. Just when he thought his life was over. A translucent appears before him. [You have successfully recruited 10 Goblins in your small Kingdom. You have gained 1,000,000,000,000!] [You have successfully had an elf as your wife! You have gained 1,000,000,000,000!]

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    the double chapter has been fixed. Remove and add the novel back again to your library to read the edited chapters.

    2024-02-12 21:13:57
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    i apologize for the double chapter 19. It was supposed to be Chapter 20. It will be fixed immediately when editors are back with their break.

    2024-02-09 15:08:06
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    Warning that the first R18 chapter will not be very detailed, but the next R18 chapters will be. That's all, thank you. Happy reading!

    2024-01-28 04:14:21
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    great storyline. love this!

    2024-01-21 20:06:18
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    Just found this book and I am loving it

    2024-02-11 23:36:48
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Chapter 1: Summoned To Otherworld
ALDRIC was trembling as he groveld on the cold floor in the classroom. Due to his fatness, his uniform was on the verge of tearing, barely containing his larger frame. There were also signs of footprints on his uniform. He was surrounded by the students who wore the same uniform as him. "You bastard! I told you to get me apple juice, not grapes!" Drake yelled and kicked Aldric, who was trembling and defenseless."You fucking pig!"It was a group bullying. Aldric was beaten and kicked many times that he could barely breathe.His other classmates only looked at him with pity and didn't dare to do anything to save him. Some of them were afraid, and some weren't bothered."I-I'm sorry! The apple juice was expensive and I couldn't afford it—""Shut up, pig! Did I permit you to speak?!"Suddenly, Drake grabbed his hair and lifted Aldric's face as he was coughing violently."P-Please, stop it already…""Shut your fucking mouth, you piece of shit!"Once again, a kick landed right in Aldric'
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Chapter 2: Level One
AS soon as his skin made contact, a big status window appeared, and it showed Drake's information.Status window:Name: Drake SkylarkLevel: 100Race: HumanClass: HeroTitle: The Human from the Otherworld. The Destined. The leader of the heroes. Stats:HP: 10,000/10,000MP: 1,500/1,500STR: 5,000VIT: 1,000AGI: 1,000INT: 800Skills:AppraisalBattle DivinityCelestial SlashFlash StepLight MagicRapid StrikeSword MasteryElemental affinityElemental Resistance Physical ResistanceAdvanced Sorcery Superhuman StrengthArmor ProficiencyForesightIncreased Mana RecoveryDetect PresenceDetect Magic Limit Break "Wow! What power!""There is no doubt! He is a hero!""The Goddess has not forgotten us!"The men in the robes were chanting and bowing in reverence, their faces lit up with awe and devotion. "You are the Chosen Hero," the elder who was still holding the orb declared, his voice resonating with authority."I am a Hero? Ha-Ha! This is amazing!" Drake had a smug grin on his
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Chapter 3: Wrath
"A-A spider?" Aldric whispered to himself. The monster's color was pale, and it seemed to have gone thinner. It is in a weakened state, but for Aldric, who was only level 1, it doesn't change the fact that he is in danger.His instinct was to run, but it was as if his body was not his. It wouldn't listen. Is he gonna die here? By this monster? Because of the Queen? Because he was weak?Aldric heart raced, and his head was pounding now, too, beating hard on his temples, and he could feel the sweat running down his back."Shriek!"Noticing Aldric and angry that a man was able to enter its territory, the creature suddenly let out a guttural growl, its posture shifting into a predatory stance. Aldric's heart raced as he realized the danger he was in. He has to move, or else he will die. 'Should I run? Where? But what if I run into a much more terrifying creature?' His thoughts were interrupted by the creature's sudden lunge. "Ah!" Aldric narrowly evaded its attack and stumbled backw
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Chapter 4: King
AS he tore through its exoskeleton, he felt the warm, viscous fluids that gushed forth.Bitter! It's so bitter, and it hurts! The burning sensation of the toxic fluids made Aldric's mouth feel like it was on fire. He was coughing up blood from all the poison that he has cosumed, yet Aldric didn't stop. He would have faint from the pain, but the wrath that Aldric's was feeling had overpower all his other feelings—even pain.Aldric gulped down the flesh and bit again. Again and again. Blood dripped from Aldric's mouth as he ripped into the spider's flesh, each bite filled with vengeful fury. [Proficiency has reached the required level. Skill [Poison Resistance LV 20] has become [Poison Resistance LV 30].Aldric's teeth sank deeper, breaking through the spider's internal organs. The taste of the creature's innards filled his mouth, a nauseating mix of bitterness and decay. [Proficiency has reached the required level. Skill [Poison Resistance LV 30] has become [Poison Resistance has re
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Chapter 5: World Wide Shop
“K-King?” Just when he thought that the announcement of the system was over…[... Error… Lack of subjects detected… Making a mission to continue with evolution…[Mission: A King is no King without his people, but a people without their king would be lost as well. Objective: Tame the Dreadwolves and put them on your command. ]Aldric's eyes widened as he kept rereading the words on the translucent screen and then cast his gaze on the Dreadwolves, who appeared to be of the lower rank compared to the wolves who attacked him.Gasping for breath, Aldric said, “They didn't do anything at all and just watched. Is it the hierarchy between the wolves? W-What am I supposed to do? I just killed their leader. There is no way they are gonna submit to me. But is this even possible? That bitch Queen told me that they are curses, monsters that wreaked havoc on this world and the system is telling me to tame these deformed monsters?!"Just then, the wolves started to move and walk towards him. Fear
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Chapter 6: Ruler Of Gluttony
"W-WHAT?!"Aldric couldn't help but feel a tinge of disappointment realizing that the Celestial Elixir couldn't restore his lost arms.He tried to find another potion but found nothing. “But I still need it for my wounds. ” Aldric looked at his sides where his supposed arms should have been as he sighed. "I'll go for the Celestial Elixir. Purchase 5," he declared.[Purchasing Celestial Elixir, would you like to confirm?]“Confirm.”[Transaction complete. Celestial Elixir acquired (5). Remaining coins: 2,999,999,500,000.]A radiant vial containing a golden liquid materialized in Aldric's hand.The Celestial Elixir seemed to pulse with potent energy.Eager to experience its effects, Aldric wasted no time in consuming the elixir.He only drank one, yet Aldric felt a surge of revitalizing energy coursing through his body.His wounds closed rapidly, and fatigue seemed to dissipate, but as he already expected, his arms didn't regenerate. “Maybe there is something else.” Finally, after sear
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Chapter 7: Transformation
Aldric screech cut off abruptly as he collapsed onto his back, and his body spasmed. He felt as if something were eating away at him from within. “Agh— Aghghhhhgh!”Aldric screamed in a way that made everyone wish they could plug their ears. “Shabe— Shave me! Please! It hurts so much! P-Please!” Aldric shouted repeatedly, but there was no one there to help him. He was alone.As time passed, the pain only grew worse. The pain entered his head like his brain and he felt like his head was being squashed and smashed by a metal repeatedly.Aldric felt like his head was gonna burst.“Aaaaaaaaah!!! Wh-What’s— Aaaaaaah!!!”It was unendurable agony. The pain was trying to eat him from the inside out. Aldric writhed on the ground, screaming in terror.“Ahh!” Aldric yelled in pain and agony, the veins in his throat pulsating with the intensity of his suffering.The relentless pain surged through his entire being, threatening to overwhelm his consciousness.His body convulsed involuntarily as i
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Chapter 8: Visitors
ALDRIC has been walking for almost an hour now.Thankfully, his stamina has increased thanks to the level up he hot and the bunos he got from Wrath and Gluttony. He also brought the skill ‘Endurance,’ so it was impossible for him to get tired quickly."I'm still not used to my body. I felt so light, and I'm not gasping for air no matter what I do. When I was fat, even getting up make me feel like I ran a marathon."Aldric checked his stomach which has gotten hard with muscles once again to checked that he wasn't dreaming at all. "Even my junior has changed significantly. It grew big for some reason," Aldric commented. He checked it last night and he was shocked to see it. Aldric shooked his head and put all the dirty thoughts aside.“It's daylight, so I won't find Demonic Monster but just normal monsters, but that doesn't mean I should let my guard down. Although I have grown stronger, I still don't know how strong I have become. I'm still clueless of my other skills,” Aldric mumbled
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Chapter 9: Goblins
THEY were green and small in size, and some of them were almost skin to bones and filled with wounds.‘I guess even monsters are affected by the curse,’ Aldric said in the back of his mind as he kept observing them without uttering a word.The gobliins' faces were dirty and devoid of intelligence. Their swords had rust on them, and their armor was thin and torn at the edges. Some of them were dressed in nothing but stained rags. Their suken eyes that showed signed of dehydration, as well as their weapons, were trained on Aldric, although a few of them were ready to flee at the least provocation. Aldric smelt blood on them. Blood of other goblins.[Appraisal Activated][Name: Unnamed Goblin][Level: 5][Stats: - HP: 35/35 - MP: 15/15 - STR: 8 - AGI: 5 - INT: 2][Skills: - Basic Swordsmanship - Scavenge][Info: A small and weak goblin, often treated as the lowest rank among their kind. Their survival skills are essential in harsh environments, and they rely on scavenging and ba
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Chapter 10: Humans
HAVING dealt with all of that, Aldric gave Goblins the scales that he got from killing Gila Monsters and made them pile into a neat stack. But because the Gila's Monster scale was strong and sharp, he warned them to be careful, but it didn't take long before one of the goblins accidentally cut themselves on the sharp edge of a scale.Thankfully, the female goblin was there to heal them. Aldric found out that from the female goblin that the reason for her skin color being different wasnt because she was a woman but because she was special from the others.Aldric could not understand any of it.[The Goblin (10) has pledged loyalty to King Aldric. Goblins are now under your command.][Your Kingdom grows stronger.][You have received $1,000,000,000,000][You can now name the Goblins.]Aldric was making a weapon when the translucent screen appeared before him again."Name?" Aldric nodded, having understood what the system meant. "That's good. Since I will be living with them, it will be i
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