The Guardian Spirit

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The Guardian Spirit

By: Momon OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Thomas Adams, a young man who has a guardian spirit in the form of a Garuda. Thomas has a duty to find his father and investigate the incident fifteen years ago that destroyed his clan, the Garuda Clan. In his journey, Thomas is assisted by ten friends and teachers who guide him. Thomas carries out various dangerous missions to test his strength against the great power from the underworld that has destroyed the Garuda Clan. Thomas also repeatedly receives assassination attempts from those involved in the destruction of the Garuda Clan. Can Thomas survive and restore the glory of the Garuda Clan? Let's read the story of The Guardian Spirit! Lots of suspenseful, heartwarming, betrayal, and shocking plot twists.

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Chapter 1
ROOARRR The sound of a beast roaring is loud. A young man runs fast toward the source of the sound. His movements are nimble between the trees, and he jumps over the roots sticking out of the ground. His hand holds the bamboo, which he makes into a spear. The young man's name is Thomas Adams. A battle between beasts is taking place at the source of the sound. Nine boars are attacking a tiger. It seems the tiger is in trouble and is injured in several parts of his body. They fight over territory. JLEP A bamboo spear pierces the head of one of the boars. The boar die instantly. Thomas arrives. He takes his spear again and moves to attack. Thomas moves in a zigzag to thrust the spear into the side of the boar's body. SET Thomas jumps to avoid the boar that attack from behind. SET SET JLEP JLEP JLEP Thomas' zigzag movement can stab the spear into the boar's body. He kills the boar with just one stab. It doesn't take long for Thomas to overthrow all the boars that attacked. He t
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Chapter 2
"If you know the form of the guardian spirit of garuda. It means you also know about The Garuda Clan." Barnard doesn't answer. He stands up and enters the room. After that, he exits and brings a box. "fifteen years ago, a married couple came to my home. They were seriously injured. At that time, the wife was pregnant and was going to give birth. My wife and I helped her give birth. With the remaining power, the wife tried to give birth so that her child was safe. After giving birth, she died due to a great loss of blood. The husband was very sad to see the death of his wife. But he was also happy that his son was safe." "After burying his wife, he stayed here a few days to heal the injury." "He told me if there had been a massacre of his clan. He and his wife were able to escape. However, many other clan members died in the tragedy. The anger was evident in the man." "After a few days, The man left here. He entrusted his son to my wife and me. Since then, we took care of the son u
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Chapter 3
Thomas, Barnard, and Edward go to the grave behind the house. Thomas sits down and prays beside his mother's grave. Edward feels strange. There are three graves in that place. "Why are there three graves here?" Edward asks. "That is my wife's grave." Barnard replies. "I understand why Thomas is hard to leave you. He is worried that you live alone." "Thomas is a kind person. He cares about his family and people around him." After praying at his mother's and adoptive mother's graves, Thomas approaches his father's grave. "I'm sorry, Dad. I just found out about the actual incident. I will find this truth further. I will fulfill your desire to restore The Garuda Clan. I hope you are still alive, Dad. I hope to meet you." Thomas packs his belongings before leaving with Edward. Not too many items he brings. Thomas is ready to go with Edward. He had loaded his belongings on the andong. (Andong is traditional transportation. This transportation is in the form of a horse-drawn carriag
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Chapter 4
"By the way. What's your father's name?" Edward asks. "His name is Howard Adams." Thomas replies. "What? Really?" Edward is surprised. "Yes, so what?" "I don't think you are that person's son." Edward looks at the back of the Garuda emblem. It is true. On the back, there is a carving of the name Howard Adams. That is the identity of the emblem owner "Do you know my daddy?" Thomas is happy that Edward knows his father. "I don't know personally. But, all fighters must know a Jawara nicknamed Storm Bringer. He is Howard from Garuda Clan." Edward says. "Is my daddy famous? It seems Master admires him." "It seems you don't know your father because Mr Barnard doesn't know either. I'll tell you a little about him. How his actions as the most feared fighter." Thomas becomes more enthusiastic. He moves to sit beside Edward. "Please tell me, Master." "You're so enthusiastic. Haha. listen carefully." Edward smiles. "Your father was a Jawara title. He was the strongest Jawara. The nick
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Chapter 5
Thomas was already standing in the arena. He has prepared mentally and physically for this test. Although the preparation is short, he will do all his power to pass. Tristan enters the arena. He is the first opponent Thomas will face. Tristan's stare remains sharp. But now the look is more intimidating. "Both of you, prepare yourself!" Dixon gives instruction. "Yes, Master!" Thomas replies. "Okay!" Tristan replies. "Ready? Fight!" Thomas and Tristan attack each other. Thomas runs while preparing to attack first. At the same time, Tristan runs faster than Thomas. His hands are in a claw pose. SET 'What?' Tristan easily avoids Thomas's punch. He quickly gets behind Thomas while swinging his hand to attack. SET Thomas succeeds in dodging. He lowers his body with his knees as a toehold. In that position, Thomas is jerking his feet backward to attack. But Tristan will still be able to catch the attack. 'It's bad!' Tristan spins his body until Thomas's body is lifted. Then he th
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Chapter 6
A few minutes later, Thomas and Felix were already in the fighting arena. Edward, Dixon, and their friends only slap their foreheads when they see Felix’s ridiculous behaviour. Ignoring Felix’s behaviour, Dixon begins the fight. “Ready? Fight!” Thomas runs forward. When the target is within range, Thomas jumps and hit Felix with a kick. DAK! However, Felix can parry Thomas’s hit using only one hand. “What?” Thomas shocks that his attack was easily blocked. “Your hit just makes me itch,” Felix says. Thomas quickly pulls his leg before Felix grabs it. “What the hell is he? I struck him, but he didn’t move an inch. If I think about it, it’s not surprising. His body is big. He is the biggest of all. How am I to defeat him?” Thomas thinks hard to break down Felix’s solid defence. Thomas doesn’t attack again. He also sits down. Everyone couldn’t understand the two fighters just sitting around. Felix also doesn’t understand why Thomas follows him to sit down. “Why is Thomas even
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Chapter 7
“Get ready? Fight!”Thomas moves forward. He will attack from the front.‘I believe his fighting style is the same as Felix's fighting style.’ Thomas says to himself.Yhomas increases his running speed. When near Brian, he is stooping then is quickly throw an uppercut.Brian easily dodges the punch just moving his head to the back.“What?” Thomas shocks that his attack was easily dodged.“You're blundered to attack me from the front like this.”BUAK!“Uaaargh!” Thomas was hit hard on the left side of his body. He was thrown. Luckily, Thomas was still able to hold his body with his hands and knees so he didn't fall down.“Uhuk uhuk uhuk!” Thomas coughs. The impact of Brian's hit on Thomas's ribs was very painful.‘Damn it! Hit of his foot was very hard. The attack movement was fast. It's impossible if he's a defensive fighter.’ Thomas says to himself.“Why are you just sit? Are you tired? Alright, I'll give you the final attack and end this fight.”Brian moves forward while stretching
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Chapter 8
“Urgh!”“Urgh!”Thomas and Brian both hit the floor.Everyone focused on the two of them.“They are draw.” Gary says.“That means Thmas doesn't pass this test.” Sena says.“Looks like you're all wrong. Your eyes are less observant.” Javin has a different view.“What do you mean? Brian and Thomas had hit the ground together.” Sena doesn't understand.Not only Sena, the others except Javin also saw the end of Brian and Thomas's fight, both of which hit the ground.“The fight is over. The winner is Thomas.” Dixon announces the winner of the fight between Thomas and Brian.“What?” Sena and others who thought the fight ended in a draw are surprised.“You guys look carefully at Thomas's back.” Javin shows the reason for Thomas’s victory.Everyone squint to look at Thomas's back. Even Gary and Felix crouch down to straighten their eyes with Thomas's back.“Fantastic! Turns out Thomas's back doesn't touch the floor.” Felix says.“Only half an inch away. That's almost impossible to do. Thomas
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Chapter 9
“Wait wait.” Thomas undo the intention to attack.“Why hasn't Javin attacked me? whereas now is a good chance to attack me when my strength is drained.”Thomas finds something strange in Javin that throws away the chance to beat him.“If it's Brian, Felix, or Tristan. They will definitely attack me all out to bring me down. Right, this is so strange.”“Whatever it is, it's to my advantage. My strength has been replenished even a little. Now it's time to find answers to the strangeness of him not attacking me.”Thomas makes a movement. He attacks from the left side of Javin. Thomas jumps while doing horizontal foot strikes.WESThe kick only hit the wind because Javin lowers his body and then jumps backward.When stepping on the floor, Thomas’s feet press the floor. One push makes him fly forward fastly.‘He's so fast!’ Javin looks worried.WESThomas's fist can be avoided by Javin even though it is half an inch away.TAP TAP! SET!Thomas uses his hand as a landing. After that, his fee
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Chapter 10
'No. I can't fall.'"Huuaaa!"Thomas forces his body to spin and then uses his hand as a toehold.Thomas success in getting away. He steps back, taking distance from Gary.'Damn. What should I do? This Banana peels hinder my movement. Although the opponent's punches are weak, his ingenuity is troublesome.'When Thomas is still thinking about how to win, Gary moves again to begin the attack."You're overthinking!"Thomas moves away from Gary. He jumps between the banana peels scattered all over the arena.'Right now, I can't go near him. First, I have to adapt to moving between these banana peels.'Thomas's movement is slower than Gary's. Gary's movement is agile, jumping between banana peels. The movements are beautiful as if Gary is dancing."What are you doing? Why are you jumping around like a horse? Hahaha." Gary taunts Thomas for provoking him.Thomas and Gary's position is getting closer."I get you!" Gary does one jump to reach Thomas.SET SET SETThomas quickly jumps to the si
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