The Blades of Apocalypse

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The Blades of Apocalypse

By: M.J. Solidor OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Jinbu Pakesh, A young novelist, goes on a journey to find a monk that posses' the four most powerful weapons known to man, the Blades of Apocalypse. How did the monk come to the possession of these ancient tools of destruction? Why Is Jinbu searching for this monk? And will the Blades be used to reek havoc through the land?

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  • Ansherina Mae Mapula


    I like the story. cool cover too

    2021-11-06 07:31:54
  • Arnold Manuel


    Nice story. Good read.

    2021-11-06 06:42:40
  • tatatsuki411


    its good. entertaining specially in the fighting parts

    2021-11-05 02:15:54
  • Manuel Job


    chapter 8 was action packed

    2021-11-03 06:54:31
  • Manuel Job


    chapter 6 and 7 were pretty fun

    2021-11-03 06:53:55
  • Hanie Magtibay-Billones


    Nice story, I like how creative and intense the story ends at chapter 7, hoping for the next chapter and hopefully a new character kicks in, someone that's tiny and has power to be as huge as a tree hahaha

    2021-10-31 21:11:46
  • arnold manuel


    an interesting teresting read. i'd like to see how it progresses

    2021-10-26 12:25:19
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11 chapters
Chapter 1: Our Story Begins
In the beginning, there was nothing but darkness. An unrelenting void of black that engulfs the whole universe. However, in this void, fiant glimers of light started to manifest. In time, these lights didn't just become brighter, they gained a life of their own.   Ten lights in total brought life to the never ending void. these lights will forever be known as the Ten Gods of creation. The Gods brought about the creation of the stars, immense balls of burning gas that lights up these entities' path as they play with one another.   These Gods then decided to create life within the void, making more friends for them to play along with. Once settled, they made a home for the lifeforms they will make in the form of a planet, a ball made up of things they have thought up of that the creatures they will be making will need to survive, since the Gods can't give these new
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Chapter 2: A Stranger Walks Into Town
It's been four days since he left the Obsidion Castle. Four days of travel, carrying four of the most dangerous weapons ever seen by man, wourn around his waist, and hidden by the long dark moss green robe tha was given to him by the guardian monks to aid him in his perilous journey.   Along the way through the harsh desert of Hegiyet, this young man has been accosted by bandits, hunted by deadly creatures, and battered by the elements. However, this young man never faltered and carried on all the way to his first stop, the trade city of Carcasa.   After making his way from the dusty dirt road to the city's large wooden gate entrance, he is stopped by the town guards. "State your name and purpose of visit." Said the guard that's clad in leather armor and armed with a spear. The traveler provided a fake name and identification papers to be able to enter the city and procure the supplies he will need for what he knows will be an even longer ju
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Chapter 3: A Warm Welcome
After a long, yet comfortable jurney, Ive finally reached my destanation, the trade city of Carcasa. My plan for locating the monk that came from the Obsidian Castle is to Start asking the people near the city gates if they've seen anyone with the same description. To my surprise, however, the docks were full of injured people. Peeking my interest, I approched one of the doctors treating an injured man. I asked him what happened for so many injured people to find their way up here in the docks. The doctor said that these injured people are all bandits that were locked in deadly combat with the very person I've traveled all the way here to meet. From what the doctor gathered, there are over four hundred bandits currently located within this city. They came from three separate gangs that decided to form a temporary alliance to take down the monk, now dubded with the monicker the Blade Wielder. The doct
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Chapter 4: A Battle for the Ages
The Blade Wielder feels the pressure emitting from the three combatants . He felt it in his bones. Outside of the Obsidian Castle, these three are unlike any he has faced so far. Yet, he does not yield to these opponents. He stands at the ready, observing his enemies as they prepare themselves to attack. The BLade Wielder also observes the weapons they are using. First is the large man with short brown slickback hair and the same axe tattoo he's been seeing from all the other axe wielding bandits. He also uses an axe, but this one has a red crystal in the middle of it's double blades, meaning it's a magical weapon that can emit fire. Next is the woman with the eyepatch. Her leather chest armour has a print of a desert rose in the center, same image tattooed on her right forearm. Her weapons are two katars, one in each hand. A katar is made out of three blades that folds together to disguise them as one full blade. They don't appear to be mag
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Chapter 5: In The Form Of Death
I've just witnessed an unbelievable fight between the man known as the Blade Wielder, and the three formidable leaders of the most powerful bandit gnags across all the kingdoms. An yet, as I look at the now one armed Blade Wielder clutch one of the legendary blades, an overwhelming fear envelopes me. It's clear from everyone elses reaction, however, that I am not the only one that feels it. Soon enough, I bore witness to the true power the ancient blades possess. The skies suddenly gathered dark clouds that threatens to swallow the whole city in to darkness. Yet, the most frightening occurence is that of the transformation the Blade Wielder is under going. Upon grabing the pale blade, the Blade Wielder's already tattered clothes was completely torn off of him by unseen forces. As his bare torso begane to turn from his regular slightly tan complexion to a more greyesh bone like color, I gasped from seeing the more gruesome changes happening on his face.&n
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Chapter 6: A Chase Ensues
The Blade Wielder has finally left the city of Carcasa after a harrowing fight with the three bandit leaders. To anyone who saw the battlethat took place within the city, they would think that the Blade Wielder wouldn't have the anergy to stand anymore. Yet, he wlaks onwards to his next destination, the Forest of Shadows at the Southwestern side of the kingdom of Mayinkov.   It will normally take over three or two months to get there on horse carrige, but the Blade Wielder plans to run there. With his speed and seemingly limitless stamina, he'll be able to reach it in two weeks, even with food breaks and sleep. However he will need to address the matter of the man that's been following him since the battle in the city ended.   A man on horseback gallops towards the Blade Wielder. This man is the same one that was observing his fight with the bandit leaders, the one who followed him to the cantina, and has been following the Blade Wielder as
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Chapter 7: Dinner with the Lorc Family
The mother and sons are safe and sound. We managed to tie up the bandits using the ropes the traveling family have. The Blade Wielder made sure that the said bandits doesn't have anything to cut the ropes with by stripping them naked. He then hog tied them together so they can't bite each other's ropes. I found this act a tab overboard. The family had a signal flares that we used to signal authorities of our location and capture the bandits. While we wait, the family invited us for dinner as thanks for saving them. As it was getting dark, I took their offer. The Blade Wielder didn't wish to participate on the other hand, but the children grabbed him by the robes, looked him in the eyes, and in unison asked the Blade Wielder "Pleas stay, sir." I thought at first that he would still leave, but for some reason the Blade Wielder decided to stay until the authorities get there. As the night starts to blanket the skies, the fa
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Chapter 8: The Horrors of War
The Blade Wielder hold the crimson blade on his right hip tightly, as a wave of death in the form six limbed monsters comes charging at him. Red mist starts to emerge from him, as if blood is evaporating from his very veins.   Just like what happened in Carcasa, the clothes on his back were torn off by unseen forces. From the Blade Wielder's wrists to his elbows, sharp double edge blades started to shoot out of his skin, the blades mimicking the scales of a dragon. The skin on his entire hand turned from soft flesh to scales as hard as steel.   His skin color changed reb to match the dagger his body just absorbed. From both sides of the Blade Wielder's face, protective armour emerged that looked like gragon wings, openning themselves mid flight, protecting his cheecks and ears from harm.   The Blade Wielder's eyes turned black as night, as his teeth became fangs and his wavy brown locks stood on ends, like that of a star
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Chapter 9: In the Beginning
In the beginning, there was nothing but darkness. An unrelenting void of black that engulfs the whole universe. However, in this void, a part of said darkness suddenly started to become sentient. The living darkness spent unknown amount of time viewing nothing but back, a master of nothingness, and loneliness.   The being of darkness does not know how he came to being, all it knows is that it doesn't wish to be alone anymore. It's sadness and isolation made the dark being wished for companions that will quench his lone existence.   For what may have been millennias, the dark being wished and wished for this never ending loneliness to end and for anything to give him reprieve. Then, on a wishfull instance, the being feels a power within it. It can sense a change from inside of it, and the ability to make it's wishes come to life.   As the being concentrated, it thought of what it truely longed for, what it truely needed.
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Chapter 10: The Hero Prince
Before the Hegiyet kingdom fought their full scale battle, the civilians were evacuated to the Mayinkov refugee camps. As the battle starts to rage on with the Dark Army, the rulers of the unified kingdoms met with each other in the castle of the crown city of Gratige.   In the meeting were Gravise Tarvick, the king of Gartige. He is thirty six years old, has a well defined and elegant look to him, as though he was born to rule based on his looks alone.   Next is king Louis Cayev, ruler of Tistodra. He is fifty seven years old, with a long yet well kept beard and a dignified look to him. He is accompanied by his three sons, Darvish, Hugo, And Vintry Cayev.   The third king is the Great Mage Basagrath, a mage of unknown age, and the ruler of Maljus. It is said that mages are people that have the most abundant mana within them, which in turn makes these people the most adept in using magic.The Unified kingdoms sends their
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