Dragon Peak Emperor

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Dragon Peak Emperor

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Starting from the destruction of his entire family by the King of Wine, Jing Yue raised his son to become a powerful being with the title of 'Dragon Peak Emperor' only to seek revenge for the destruction of the Jing Family. On the other hand, the King of Wine also taught his son to become a knight with the principle of 'Defeating Without Killing'. Once upon a time, the two students met on a hunt. They did not expect that their weapons and knowledge came from the same source. The two of them also try to uncover the secret about the mystery of a pair of 'Golden Dragon Spears' which they both have. Is there a mystery between the two? Why do they have the same weapons and knowledge?


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    Also get the Indonesian version with the title 'Kaisar Puncak Naga' only on GoodNovel and MegaNovel ...

    2023-09-20 10:50:59
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    All your works are number one... Keep up the enthusiasm

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28 chapters
01. Hunting Snake
In a meadow a boy was running through the thickets of weeds and weeds. He didn't even mind the delicate skin of his feet which was occasionally scratched by the thorns of the weeds until they bled. Apparently, the boy was hunting for something.The boy stopped in front of a fairly dense bush. His beautiful eyes watched a slight movement in a clump of plants with long, yellowish-green small leaves. His tiny mouth softly muttered, "Where is he?"A rustling sound accompanied by a soft hiss, made the pair of pretty eyes turn their attention to the other side of the bush. A long, dangling object had caught his attention. The boy grinned slightly, because what he was looking for had been found."Hmm, here it seems!"The boy reached out to reach for the long, soft object entwined in the stem of a bush. Apparently, that thing wasn't an inanimate object that couldn't stay still when danger threatened it.The object was also with a quick movement immediately avoid the hunter. However, the boy w
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02. The Defender
"Junior Brother Ling, don't you want to see my uncle leave this afternoon?" Hua Fei asked, reminding Jing Ling that it was quite troublesome when he wanted to."Haaaa? Dad is leaving?" Jing Ling immediately stopped his rebellion because he was shocked. "Is it true that father left? Why didn't father tell me anything?""I don't know either. Maybe to avoid us," Hua Fei's answer made Jing Ling very disappointed."Dad is really too much!" Jing Ling felt very neglected by his father."Maybe it's because...."Hua Fei failed to continue his words and shouted when suddenly, Hua Ling or Jing Ling ran away from him."Brother Ling! Wait me!""Why is he always so impatient?" Hua Fei could only shake his head repeatedly. The boy walked after his younger brother, carrying Jing Ling's basket. The boy's mouth kept mumbling, as if he was memorizing something.“Mongoose leaves, coconut oil, lavender oil … then, what else?” Hua Fei walked while opening a book about medicine. "Could it be that black jade
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03. Small Fights
"What did you say? Did I hear wrong?" Hua Fei was the one laughing this time. He felt very amused when he heard Jing Yanxi's words about putting himself first and never being humble to anyone. "And I think a donkey is even smarter than you. I don't think even a frog is inferior to that arrogant you!""How dare you laugh at our young master, Hua Feeei!" One of Jing Yanxi's men shouted. He really couldn't stand their young master being insulted and called names by someone who, to them, Hua Fei was just a child with no abilities other than a nerd."Move!" Hua Fei shouted as he ran over to Jing Ling after crashing into Jing Yanxi's body and pushing one of the young master of the Jing Family's men to the ground. The boy repeatedly rubbed his brother's clothes to clean the dust and other dirt stuck to his little brother's body. The little boy asked with a worried face. "Junior Brother Ling, are you okay?""I'm fine, Brother Fei. Don't worry!" Jing Ling answered as she took a stance. "Brothe
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04. Fistfight
"Fat!" Jing Yanxi's other followers shouted hysterically. They all looked furious after the fall of their friend at the hands of Hua Fei.They really wanted to help their fat friend who was now falling on the ground and groaning in pain. However, Hua Fei had already jumped in to block them all."Hey, want to help him? Come forward all of you if you want to feel my fist!" Hua Fei clenched her fists in a defiant manner that he made as arrogant as possible.One of them shouted loudly, "Hua Feiii! You really defended the son of that traitor!""Don't talk too much!" Hua Fei snapped and ignored what they said about Jing Ling's father. For him, he would be on the front lines when his brother was in danger."Come on! Who else wants to feel my fist?" Hua Fei challenged by raising his fist while grinning sinisterly. "I'll take you down one by one, or all six at once!""Look how arrogant the defender of that traitorous child is!" One of Jing Yanxi's younger children pointed with a chin motion at
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05. Reverse
"Dear Young Master Jing Yanxi. Looks like you are now very comfortable under my feet." Jing Ling said with his hands on his hips. "Wasn't it you who wanted to make us both footwear?""Ji--Jing--Ling!" Jing Yanxi hissed angrily but was completely helpless.“Taste the consequences of your arrogance, Yanxi!” Jing Ling laughed again with his hands on his hips. He felt satisfied that he could avenge his heartache towards Jing Cheng's son, who was Jing Yue's mother's cousin."Jing Ling! I will avenge you!"Jing Ling laughed long and mockingly and said, "Dear Young Master Jing. You should have thought about the consequences from the start. You are nothing more than a loser who will never be able to beat Jing Ling!""I--I still haven't lost to you, Jing Ling!" Jing Yanxi tried hard to get up from being bullied by his younger cousin. He is still a hard-hearted child who will not be humbled by anyone.Apparently, even though the boy's condition was quite pathetic. However, Jing Yanxi's body sti
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06. The Snake is Free!
"You!" Jing Yanxi glared at her sister with growing anger, but at this time she couldn't add any more trouble. Jing Yanxi cursed inwardly. "Damn! This child really makes me angry. But he will definitely complain about this to father!""Huh! Do you think I will be afraid of your threat?" Jing Yunxi pouted her mouth at Jing Yanxi. Then, the girl turned to look at Hua Fei."Brother Fei! Is Brother Fei okay?" Jing Yunxi squatted down and helped Hua Fei to get up. The little girl's eyes looked very worried when she saw that the condition of the boy she secretly admired didn't look very good."I'm fine. Don't worry!" Hua Fei replied while wiping the blood on the corner of his lips with the corner of his dirty sleeve. Even though the pretty handsome boy's entire body felt sore and bruised, he chose to move his body away from the beautiful-looking little girl from the Jing Family.“Young Master Hua, let me help you walk!” A female bodyguard offered to help. However, of course Hua Fei would re
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07. Ageless Pill
"Young Master Hua, if we don't kill those dangerous beasts, then we will be the ones they attack." Jing Yunxi's personal bodyguard said as she put away the snake corpses."Did you see them attacking you? They can't even move like before we caught them. Because we have paralyzed them." Hua Fei spoke while moving slowly to collect the corpses of the snakes. "Even though they are dead, I still have to take them all!""Even though the dead snake might not be included in the assessment, I hope Jiang Lao is willing to give us another chance," said Hua Fei with teary eyes."How is this? Will we not be able to pass to the next stage?"It took them six months to enter the advanced examination of the poison class in the Cloud Valley Sect. Even though he and Jing Ling were future sect leaders, they both had to continue studying according to the sect regulations that had been implemented. Moreover, they were personal disciples of the sect master Hua Yan."Brother Fei, sorry! We didn't know how mu
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08. Little Uncle
"Miss, isn't that inappropriate?" Another voice came from under a thick, shady redtop tree. The voice was very familiar to Hua Fei and Jing Yunxi. "You'd better go home now!""It's none of your business, where I want to go!" Jing Yunxi replied in an indifferent tone to a boy who was standing leaning against the tree trunk. "Heh! What are you doing here?"The young man who had just arrived seemed very indifferent to this little girl. If you look at the attitude of both of them, they don't seem to like each other. However, the female bodyguards who came with Jing Yunxi still saluted the boy."Shouldn't I be the one asking you, what are you doing here?" It seemed like the kid had been there for quite some time. However, he seemed reluctant to approach Jing Yunxi. "A girl looking for a boy. Isn't that very inappropriate?"Jing Yunxi, who was starting to feel very angry, finally shouted, "Shut up!""Huh, just good at bluffing!" The young man dressed in a blue and white hanfu immediately ap
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09. Mother's Prayer
"What?"Jing Yue, who was preparing food for her children, was very surprised when she heard her son's name being called. The woman ran as fast as a deer towards the source of the commotion. "Ah Ling, what's wrong with my son?""Madam! Young master, Madam!" From a distance a female servant came running until her breath seemed to stop.Jing Yue rushed over to the maidservant of her residence. "What's wrong with Ah Ling?""Ma--Madam! Madam!""Ah Ruo, tell me what's wrong?" Jing Yue became more and more curious, so she pressed the woman who was panting while holding her chest.Su Ruo tried hard to regulate her chaotic breathing and gasped for breath. "Young master passed out!""What?" Jing Yue's surprise was not artificial. "Fainted? My Ah Ling fainted?"Su Ruo nodded her head with a worried face. "That's right, Madam. It was the guards from the Jing Family who brought Young Master Jing Ling.""Jing Family Guards? That means….""Okay, let's see!" Jing Yue could already guess what had just
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10. Hard as a Rock
Jing Ling was shocked. How could he forget Hua Fei who had clearly been with him against Jing Yanxi and his followers?"Brother Fei, I don't know his current situation either, Mother. I only remember that he also fought with those children.""Okay. Mother will see the situation outside. Now you continue to rest accompanied by Aunt Su Ying." Jing Yue adjusted Jing Ling's blanket."Okay mom." Jing Ling could only obey what her mother said. The young man looked at his mother's departure with feelings of guilt."This is all because I'm lazy about practicing all the knowledge my father taught me." Jing Ling said in his heart. He seemed to still be staring at the blanket feeling very sorry."After this incident, I just realized all my mistakes. When my father comes back, I promise to train hard for the sake of me and my family!" Jing Ling clenched his fists. "Especially to take revenge for the actions of the people who abandoned me and my mother!""Jiu Wang! Wait for that moment to come. I
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