A normal life

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A normal life

By: Gatta_Gamer00 CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Every 20 years, a peculiar event happens in the world, most people call it "The blood moon". When the sky turns dark and the moon red. They say a beast will come hunt you at night, a beast born from your worst nightmares. Every 20 years, a genocide happens, no one ever being able to understand or stop it. It was during one of those specific nights that Shane lost something precious to him... but for some reason... he can't quite remember.

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Same routine, different day
WARNING: THIS BOOKS CONTAINS MENTION OF CHILD ABUSE, GORE AND THE USUAL TRIGGERS, READERS BE WARNED ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Beep... Beep... "Shut the fuck up..." Shane mumbled, burying his head in the covers, trying to muffle out the annoying sound of the blaring alarm. Unfortunately for him, the machine did not have ears... nor a soul for that matter, and therefore it did not listen to his plea, deciding instead to increase it's volume. He let out a tired sigh, sticking his arm out from under the covers, patting around until he felt the off button, slamming it perhaps a little too strongly, causing the device to let out a sickening crack. But it's not like Shane cared, as long as he could sleep a little longer, he would have gladly thrown that cursed thing out of the window. "Finally, some peace and quie-" Knock! Knock! Knock! "Brother wake up! We are gonna be late for school!" a female voice called from the oth
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An ignorant friend is the best friend
By the time Shane reached school, the few papers that he had in his backpack were reduced to a mushy white mess, not to mention that he was soaked to the fucking bone. "I'm definitely not going to class like this... I'll probably have one hella of a cold tomorrow too, thanks dad" he grumbled angrily as he walked around the empty halls, making a sick 'squosh' noise at his every step and leaving wet footprints behind. 'The janitor will clean it anyway' he thought as he pulled out his wallet, thankful that it was waterproof. He went up to the vending and bought one super warm coffee, he needed to bring his body temperature up desperately, even if just by a few degrees. As he was walking back outside, Shane saw a nice, fluffy, warm looking coat hanging at a nearby coat hanger. A thought crossed his mind, he looked around before muttering a "Fuck it" and snatching it, throwing his soaked jacked into the thrash, putting on his newly acquired coat. "So fluffy" he mumbled as he snuggled i
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Lunch time
"So this is your house huh? Not too shabby if I can say" Alex commented as they headed inside "Were you expecting a fucking nuclear bunker filled with weapons for the doomsday event? Much like the one in your house?" Shane replied sarcastically, earning a glare in response "We'll see who will laugh last in the end when that day comes" he scoffed back, offended. "Ok you two stop fighting!" Angela called, tugging her brother's sleeve "Shane I'm hungry! Can we have bacon?" "You already had bacon yesterday Angy" she pouted at his answer "But I want bacon!" he just sighed "I'll make some for dinner, how about that?" she pondered the offer for a moment before eagerly nodding "Oki!" "Go change and put down your backpack, lunch will be ready in 30 minutes" she darted off to her room, disappearing from their sight. "How do you get her to listen to you so obediently?" Alex asked, quite surprised upon seeing their interaction "I just give her a cookie whenever she does what I say and behaves"
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An unsettling encounter
It was 5:45 pm when Shane finally finished cleaning and tidying up the mess the two of them had made in the kitchen. He hid the freshly baked cookies inside a few random jars and put them on a high shelf, hoping that their parents wouldn't notice them. But, as he had learned several years prior, luck was never something he had on his side. The second he finished hiding the last jar, he heard the sound of the front door open. "I'm home" his father announced, walking in the kitchen, stopping upon finding his son there "What are you doing here?" "What? Can't I grab a snack in my own house?" he tried to act casual and come up with a believable excuse. "Not if you're supposed to be in school right now" he cringed "You know I hate repeating myself, give me an answer Shane" Shane stayed quiet, pondering his answer carefully. "Shane" that was his warning tone, he was starting to get angry. "I accompanied Angela back home, that's all" "And why did you skip your class-" "There weren
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Fuck teachers
'Why am I here again?' Shane asked himself as he blankly stared at the blackboard while the teacher explained some subject that he clearly wouldn't have an actual use in real life, yawning and fighting against his falling eyelids in order to stay awake. His idea was to remain at home saying that he was sick or something, but his dad didn't buy it and kicked him out first thing in the morning. 'How much longer do I have to endure this torture?' he gave a quick look at the clock hung on the wall, it read 9:35 am, which made him groan. 'Why does time move so fucking slow at school!?' He had tried to skip classes again, but since this time he managed to arrive in time, even though he walked really, and I mean reeealllyy slow. The teacher just dragged him in before he had time to flee, and now he's stuck listening to this boring lesson. 'Why did I enroll in this school anyway? I hate studying' Then he remembered why, his parents. They wanted him to become someone with a bright fut
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New friend acquired
After making dinner for Angela and eating together, Shane ended up cleaning the kitchen and quickly went up in his room, locking the door and throwing himself onto bed. He pulled out his phone and turned on the torch, pointing it upwards so it would light up the room a bit, just enough to see. He did this cuz his lazy ass was not feeling like standing up, walking back towards the door, reaching out and flipping the light switch on. 'Naaa, too much work' He reached inside his pocket and grabbed the sheet of paper Bianca had handed him this afternoon, it was fairly crumpled but luckily it didn't tear. He carefully opened it, not wanting to rip it by accident, and then focused the light of the torch on it so to see what did it say. 'Syke! You thought I would just give out my number to others that easily? No sir! If you want it you'll have to work in order to get it! >:)' "What the?" Shane mumbled confused. 'If you're up for the challenge, just turn the paper around, good luck
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Dumb job
"So let me get this straight" Alex mumbled as they all walked together to school, accompanying Angela to her first. Apparently, throughout some unknown astral power, his friend found out about the interaction Shane had with Bianca, and therefore came to pester him the second they set foot out of their house, forcing him to spill everything "She gave you her number" "She didn't give me her number" Shane replied, already having had enough about the day, even though it had just started. "Then you called her and she pestered you about creepypastas" "She didn't" "And now she's your girlfriend!?" "Again, no" he groaned, burying his face in his hands, trying to figure out how Alex got wind to this in the first place. He thought he might have placed some sort of app or device on his phone or some shit like that. Shane made a mental note to check his phone thoroughly once home. "For the last time Alex, she's my girl friend, with a space in between between. Two separate words, get it?
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As Shane sat through another seemingly never ending class, his attention getting caught by everything that could distract him from this boring lesson. Halfway through dozing off, he saw something land on the side of his school desk. A crumpled up piece of paper. He was a little startled at first but soon opened it and found a short message inside that made him smirk. 'Ya having fun ey? :P' he looked around, trying to figure out who sent the message. He didn't have to look for long, since he soon found a familiar pair of eyes staring at him. Shane snickered, ducking his head so to not be seen by the teacher as he wrote a reply on the back of the paper, throwing it back at Bianca when no one was looking. Luckily, the two of them were seated fairly close to each other, as well as in the second to last row, so it was harder for the teacher to spot them. The transaction went smoothly and she received his message, shaking her head in disapproval. They continued to exchange notes secretly
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Sibling bond
"Shane!" Angela called, slightly tugging his sleeve while they walked home from school. "Mh?" "Did something good happen at school today?" her question surprised "Why do you ask?" "You look happier than usual" he raised an eyebrow "Do I?" "You've been grinning like a creepy serial killer the whole way back while nodding rhythmically, I'm pretty sure a few people we encountered thought you were kidnapping me or that you escaped from an asylum" she said sarcastically. Shane looked around, noticing in fact a few people stare at him with a worried look on their faces, some even had their phone in hand, ready to call the police. "Oh fuck" he mumbled, pulling up his hood and hurrying his pace "Why didn't you tell me?!" he whisper yelled, feeling his face burn in embarrassment. "I tried to, you just kept humming at me like the idiot you are" she grumbled annoyed "It's not my fault if your head is always in the clouds, you should consider tying a rope to it so you can keep it down to g
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The party
"Why did I agree to this?" Shane kept scolding himself throughout the whole drive to the party for not seeing Angela's scheme, which caused him to end up giving a lift to three more of her friends who were also going there. When he returned home from school, he grabbed the car keys and told her to jump in, she did and soon after gave him an address. Shane thought it was the party's address. Nope, it was the one of a friend who needed a ride. She then did it again and again, for a total of 3 times! Three! Freaking! Times! She fooled him three times! After which, she finally gave him the right address and they were currently heading towards it now, and, cherry ontop, because Shane was frustrated, he kept hitting the side of the sidewalk with the tires, giving the pedestrians quite a scare. "Brother are you sure you're trying to get us there alive? No because it looks like you're giving it your all to make a tire pop" she commented as her friends laughed in the back seats. "Angy"
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