Rags To Riches: The Riveting Tale Of Jason Smith

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Rags To Riches: The Riveting Tale Of Jason Smith

By: Chukwuemeka_101 Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Synopsis: Jason was always humiliated and harassed. His lack of financial resources even led to his mother's narrow escape with death, but his life changed when the truth about his heritage was revealed. Read the Riveting Tale of the despicable Jason Smith.


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1 His Inconsiderate Wife
"Hey, over here!" A worker yelled, "I'm on my way!" Jason yelled back as he scooted over to the worker to serve him his lunch, "What took you so long?" The worker asked harshly as he snatched his lunch from Jason's hands "I'm sorry sir," Jason replied with his head bent."Keep your apologies to yourself." The worker proceeded to stack dirty plates in Jason's hands. "Take these away." "Yes sir!" "Hey! What's taking you so long? Bring my lunch here, I'm starving!" Another worker yelled, "Just a minute!" Jason yelled as he tried to evade the people walking around in the lunchroom. He planned to find a suitable place to drop the plates and then continue serving lunch but everything seemed to go sideways when he crashed into a female worker, splashing oil all over her. "Ahhhh!!!!" She yelled in rage, "Now you've ruined my suit!! Do you have any idea how much this suit costs?" "I'm sorry.." Jason tried to apologize but... SLAP! "Shut up! Just shut up and get out of my sight. I'll m
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2 Jason Gets Beaten By The Gangsters
Jason grumbled as he approached the huge abandoned warehouse, "What sort of punishment is this? Why will she tell me to come and steal something from the gangsters here? I'm sure she knows they'll beat me up if they find out. but since I need the money from her I have to swallow my pride and do it..." He crept into the abandoned warehouse and luckily for him, there was no one around. The entire place reeked of nicotine and masculine sweat, the floors were stained with grease and there were barrels of oil packed at different locations. He also saw a brand new hot rod car and he shook his head wryly, '...that must've been a stolen item. He was about to walk up to it and check it out when he heard the revving of car and bike engines outside. 'Oh no! They're back!' He couldn't leave the warehouse, so he quickly ran behind one of the barrels and hid just in time as the huge gates opened up to usher in the poorly dressed gangsters that were around fifteen in number– They were all dressed
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3 Breach Of Contract
Jason's eyelashes fluttered open and he found himself staring at the beautiful golden chandelier that he knew so well. Without looking around, he instantly knew that he was in the Hara living room."The dumbster is awake." He heard John, his brother-in-law, inquire and he quickly tried to sit up.His body ached all over, and he suddenly remembered all that happened at the warehouse. "Ouch." He touched his head and realized that it was bandaged."They did quite a number on you, didn't they?" He spun around to see Gwen mocking him, he felt his heart twinge in annoyance but there was nothing he could do."Hey, look over here." Tim, his father-in-law said and he turned towards him. It was then that he noticed that the whole family was in the living room, waiting for him to wake up so that each person would dish to him their plate of insults. "What were you doing that you got beaten up like this? Don't get me wrong, it's not that I care, but I just wanna know."Jason opened his mouth to spe
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4 The Pendragon Company
RUBY CITY HOSPITAL, It seemed Jason was late because when he arrived at the hospital, he saw that his sick bedridden mother was now in the corridor. Her room had been evacuated for paying patients. Jason had to restrain himself from crying out in pain, as he quickly accosted the nurse in charge of his mother and began to question her. "Why's my mother no longer in her room? Why's she lying in the corridor?" "Is that supposed to be a question?" The nurse shot back impatiently at him, Jason seemed to be disturbing her "You and 'your wife' haven't paid the bills." "I know..." Jason replied, purposely ignoring the jibe at him using his wife, "..but you can't just leave an old helpless woman in the corridor to die like that?" "We just did, didn't we?" The nurse replied, and for a moment, Jason wondered whether she learned wickedness from the hands of the devil himself. "I'm sorry, Mr. Smith, but our policy here is no payment, no treatment. So you have to either take your mother home or
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5 The Lost Heir
"I said that I have a pendant with the Pendragon family sigil on it," Jason repeated, "Put him down." The manager ordered and the security man complied. "Now, are you sure about this? Because if it turns out that you're lying about this whole thing, or the pendant turns out to be a fake, trust me that you won't be leaving this building in one piece." Jason gulped in fear at the open threat and still proceeded to bring out the pendant, "I don't know anything about it being fake or real, all I know is that I have a pendant with your family sigil on it." The manager's eyes went wide in surprise as he saw the pendant, he even went ahead to feel it with his hands just to confirm that his eyes were not deceiving him. "It's the real one... It's the real one... Could this young man here be the... No, I have to conduct a test first.." He muttered excitedly to himself, "Young man, who are you?" The manager asked enthusiastically, Jason couldn't help but notice the quick change in the tone o
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6 The Incident At The Hospital
The old man turned and mumbled something to the manager. The manager nodded in reply and led a confused Jason out of the office."What was that?" Jason asked, he had expected the old man to dole out cash immediately but the man's response wasn't encouraging."Well... Your grandfather doesn't like your mother." The manager said as if it was a painful thing,"Huh? Why?" Jason asked,"Well... When your father brought you and your mother home and declared to everyone that he wanted to marry her, your grandfather kicked against it because he wanted your father to marry from a noble family. Your father wanted none of that and decided to run away with you and your mother. It was on the night of their escape that they had the accident which claimed the life of your father. As I told you earlier, we did not find the bodies of you and your mother so we assumed that you both had burnt to ashes in the flames, but grandfather insisted that you both were still alive and had an investigation team cre
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7 The Conceited Dean
Jason and the accountant turned to see the dean of the hospital walking towards them with a frown on his face."Why are you holding up the line?" "Thank goodness you're here sir." The accountant said in relief as she saw him, "That's not an answer to my question." The dean said harshly, "Why are you holding up the line?" "I'm sorry sir," the accountant said with a slight bow of her head, "this man here brought an empty credit card to pay his mother's bills and now he wants me to try it again as if the first time wasn't enough." "What?! You brought an empty credit card?" The dean shouted and turned to Jason, "Does this look like a charity organization?" "Huh?" Jason was stunned, he had expected the dean to hear his side of the story before judging but here he was yelling at him. "What? Answer me. Cat got your tongue?" The dean ranted, "Aren't you supposed to hear both sides of the story before judging me?" Jason asked, At this point, people from different parts of the hospital g
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8 Change Of Tone
Walking towards them from down the hall was the manager in his polished black suit that gave off a very wealthy impression of him at first glance. The dean recognized him immediately– in fact, everyone there recognized him immediately. No one in Ruby City did not know who that man was. The manager of Ruby City's branch of Pendragon Inc. "Sir!" The dean exclaimed and bowed his head to the manager. Jason was surprised at the sudden change of attitude– from a pompous threatening dean to a cowering butt-kisser. "What brings you to my hospital?" "I came with him." The manager said, pointing to Jason. "Him?" The dean was shocked, "you mean this man right here?" "Yes, and I've been waiting outside for a long time wondering why a simple payment was taking longer than usual." The dean gulped in fear, he had kept the manager waiting outside, what exactly was he thinking? And he was also telling the person that came with the manager to lick his shoes. 'Wait... Could it be related to why I a
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9 Divorce
"Your mother?!" The dean interjected. He didn't dilly-dally at all, he quickly rushed after the doctor to go and attend to the patient. This was another chance for him to get on Jason's good side, he only hoped that the young man would have it in his heart to forgive him after everything he put him through. Jason followed them to the operation room but he was restricted from entering. "Let me in, please! I'm family!" He tried to convince the nurses but they refused to let him in. He became frustrated and began to pace up and down the waiting room. He could hear the dean saying, "Prepare for therapy immediately..." Someone replied something and the dean shouted, "Do what I say before worrying about bills that have been paid already!" Jason would've smiled but he was too bothered about his mother's condition. He hoped that she would survive. Four hours later, The dean came out of the theatre looking very fatigued, he looked like he had just climbed a steep mountain but Jason couldn
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10 The Collateral Deal
Jason picked up the papers and looked at them. These were the divorce papers alright.He sighed and looked up at Amara and Tony."Divorce papers? So you're no longer interested in making me work for your family again?" Jason asked,"Oh no, you'll still be working for my family but I'll no longer be entitled to pay your mother's bills." Amara sneered,"Oh..." Jason retorted he didn't need her help to pay his mother's bills again so that meant that he didn't need to work for them again. A sneaky smile made its way to his face."Well, find a way to pay the 2 million dollars that you owe, or else you forget about your freedom! You must continue working for my family's company!" Amara yelled,Jason was silent for a while as he weighed his options. He knew that he was the heir but he that didn't mean that he could just go and ask for 2 million dollars upfront from his grandfather, but maybe his grandfather would be willing to help him with part of it. He would then work for the rest. But fo
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