Re-incarnated As The Zillionaire’s Heir

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Re-incarnated As The Zillionaire’s Heir

By: Soso Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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What would you do, if you are offered a chance to a better life, but with a price attached to it?. ********************* This is the story of Adrian, A brilliant young man whose star has always been diminished by his wife’s family, and even thrown to the cold hands of death. He is mysteriously given a chance to a life every normal human being will call ‘a slice of heaven’. But that doesn't seem to be the case, as a lot of mysteries begin to unfold themselves. Go on this thrilling journey and find out how Adrian navigates this new world, while dealing with the old world he left behind. Read “RE-INCARNATED AS THE ZILLIONAIRE'S HEIR”

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  • Ama's world


    Loving the story so far ...y'all don't want to miss out on this

    2024-03-14 05:55:11
  • Soso


    How are you loving the book so far? Do well to drop a review, as it means a lot to me. Thank you guys...️

    2024-03-08 14:42:31
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92 chapters
Chapter 1
Chapter 1“You stupid fool, you had just one job. One freaking job. But you couldn't get it done. You just had to mess up. You want nothing but to disgrace this household in front of the entire family.”. Mrs Nancy Dalton, who couldn't control her anger yelled,walking fast in her stiletto heel as she entered the house. In an attempt to soothe her mother's nerves, Rosa Dalton hurried to her side, gently taking her mother's hand and speaking to her in a soft, reassuring voice. “ Mom, don't walk too fast, you're going to hurt yourself”.But Nancy wasn't taking any of it. She jerked her arm out of her daughter's grip.“Hurt myself?!. No, I'm going to hurt that bastard instead. Just imagine the embarrassment he caused us today”.“Mom, calm down. I'm sure there's was a misunderstanding somewhere”.“Misunderstanding?!”. Nancy flared up again. “Why do you always give excuses for his incompetence? Huh?”. She threw her heels at the young man in question, targeting his head, but luckily for him,
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2Adrian was sure he didn't just hear divorce.“Awwn! Surprise, surprise”, Lily said in her usual high pitched voice, giving a short scornful laugh at the end. Sean joined her too.“Oh stop Lily. The poor fool. Did you really think Rosa here was down for you? Really? Is that how you really think of yourself?”, Sean said, with a scoff.“That's enough Sean”“What? It’s not like I’m lying. I’m just stating facts”. “I said enough!!”“Rosa…”. Adrian tried drawing closer to his wife,but she stepped back, using her hand to stop him from coming any closer. “Look Adrian. I'm tired. I want a divorce”“A divorce?Are you serious right now?”“Yes Adrian. I want a divorce. Here and now”, Rosa said, her hands folded under her chest.“I… I don't understand Rosa. Wh.. wha.. what's going on? Where's all this coming from all of a sudden?”“All of sudden? This isn't all of a sudden Adrian. You've just been too blind to see it.”“What are you talking about Rosa? I don't understand”“Clearly his
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3 Adrian sat bruised and battered in his cold, dingy prison cell. He paced the small cell, a stabbed feeling in him. He had now spent three endless months locked up for a crime he didn't commit. The wounds from the daily beatings were nothing compared to the sting of betrayal he felt. He couldn't still comprehend why the woman he'd dedicated his life to loving would order for a divorce so cold-heartedly - in a way that was capable of striping him of every last form of dignity he had.“Get up you idiot. You have a visitor”Adrian stood up reluctantly, not wanting to go through another round of beating for stubbornness. He was in no mood to see anybody be they his friends. Not to even talk of any of his in- laws. Now Rosa had come once again to torment Adrian under the guise of being a concerned ex-wife. “Oh Adrian, look at you! This is what happens when you try lying and avoiding accountability for your actions. All this pain could have been avoided if you had just admitted
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4“Adrian!”“Who… who's there?”, Adrian looking around him. The thunderous sound of the voice had caused him to almost fall over as he managed to catch his step from all that stumbling. The voice seemed to walk on the ground around him, with something heavy to his feet striking on the ground, like metal hitting metal - a vibrating aura to it.Andrea rubbed his eyes, finding it hard to believe what he was seeing. The form was obviously headed in his direction and a strange feeling overwhelmed him. He could feel the strange energy in this ethereal place and it sent chills down his spines. He didn't want to be overwhelmed by fear so he asked the questions.“Who … who are you?”, Andrea said as the blinding figure came within his view. It was in the form of a man and his face was illuminating extremely, that Adrian couldn't even look at him straight.“Adrian”, the deep voice called out to him again.“What.. what do you want from me?”, Adrian said, his arm over his eyes to prevent t
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5“Master? Good… morning Master Adrian”, Martinez greeted again, thinking Adrian hadn't heard. But Adrian just continued to stare on at him, his eyes darting quickly away to other things. Martinez watched his master act strange. He touched his body like as if he couldn't believe he was alive and looked all over the place like he had never been there. This was a first.“Master, are you okay?”, Martinez asked in concern. Adrian just looked on, his face pale with shock and confusion. “Certainly, I must get the home nurse”, he said to himself finally. On hearing that, Adrian quickly stopped him as he was already on walking his way to the door.“Hey! Hey! Stop!”, Adrian called out to Martinez. His legs were already out if the duvet ready to catch up with him.Martinez breathed a sigh of relief. “Oh master! For a minute there, I thought you had gone completely dumb, Master. You looked so lost. Is anything the matter, Master?”“No…I'm fine. I am”, Adrian replied, trying to look assu
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6Martinez was back yet again but just as alone as he had gone. This time he looked more upset than the last time. He was complaining, throwing both hands in the air.“Yet another incompetent housestaff!” Martinez shouted as he walked into Adrian's room.“Can you believe, Master? The house nurse didn't even clock in for work today! How outrageous? How can anyone decide to take a one day vacation with a crucial role like that? How can the head of staff in the house allow such negligence of duty? Isn't that madness, Master? I mean…”“Hey, hey, calm down…”, Adrian said, slowing down on his last words as he noticed the name tag on his servant. “Marti…”“Oh my name tag, Master? I forgot to even mention it to you, Master. They spelt my name wrong”“Ahhh… let me see”, Adrian demanded and Martinez dutifully took off the tag and handed it to his master “Martinoz Lucruez”“Can you believe, Master? Tell me, who can't spell Martinez right? It's the simplest Spanish name!”Adrian smiled,
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7The soft knock came on the door just as Adrian picked up the cufflinks. It was Martinez.“The car's ready, Master”“Oh, okay”. He picked his jacket up which Martinez took from him. Giving one last comb to his hair, he looked at himself in the mirror shortly in the mirror. He couldn't deny - the suit looked really good on him. He smelt nice too- the scent of deep masculine musk all over him. Adrian hesitated, wondering what new faces he'd see if he went down the stairs.“Shall we?”“After you, Master”, Martinez said, opening the door. It made a beep sound immediately Martinez closed it, indicating that it had automatically locked. Adrian went down the stairs slowly and as he did, the maids greeted him. Martinez seemed to savor such things, because he let out a deep breath of satisfaction as they stepped out into the verandah.“ At least, a few dutiful ones”, he said under his breath though it was just loud enough for Adrian to hear. As he went down the steep stairs that led u
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8 Silence fell on the rest of the board as soon as the Sales director finished his presentation.“A commendable presentation”, Leonard complimented, breaking the silence immediately. “Any Questions?”, He asked, glancing from left to right. Adrian wondered if he should speak up now. What he had to say would not only discredit the Sales director's work but would definitely get him sacked because there was no way he could say he made such a big mistake in reporting. It was obviously schemed and he probably wasn't expecting that the Shilla would do her own reporting. But if he didn't say anything, then the information provided would prevent the company from improving and he could definitely see unrecoverable loss in the future, not to mention the fact that there'll be more chances of embezzling funds from the Sales department.“Very well then… I …”Adrian raised his hand, cutting his Father off.“Yes Adrian?”“Thank… Thank you sir”, Adrian said, clearing his throat at the end o
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9“Welcome Master”, Martinez greeted with a bow as Adrian came to the room of the door. “Martinez, how are you?”“Very well, Master. Should I have them bring up your lunch”“Umm…not really, Martinez. I had lunch on my way here”The gasp that escaped from Martinez made Adrian think he'd just murdered someone. “What?”“Master, why would you choose to eat lunch at some local undeserving restaurant, amongst…. uhhh”, Martinez said dramatically, shuddering at his last words like he'd just seen something ominous and overwhelming.“What… What's wrong with that? Did I do something wrong?”“Wrong?!. It's outrageously forbidden to be caught outside as a Grayson. What if someone caught you on camera or some paparazzi videoed you, Master?”“Calm down, Martinez. I'm… pretty sure there wasn't any … paparazzi anywhere” “But you can't be too sure, Master. They are very sly people and they could get such things all over the internet in no time!”“There was no paparazzi Martinez”“But Maste
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Chapter 10
Chapter 10 He ran a finger over the mark. It was bold and dark, contrasting deeply with his skin. It seemed to be divided into five and it looked so real, like it was more of an engravement than a stain on his body. He'd never noticed such a mark before on his body and he wondered if it was some kind of Grayson birthmark.His thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door.“Master?” came Martinez' voice.He came out of the dressing space, fully dressed, fastening back his Rolex to his wrist. “Come in Martinez”“Sir, the cars are ready”“I’ll be down in a minute”“Ok Master”, He said, disappearing almost immediately. Adrian slipped his legs into his shoes and went over to the mirror to check himself out.“Alright, alright. Your boy's looking good alright”, his said in an accent. His muscles were quite accentuated in his sharp white Polo sleeve. The V- neck showed off some of his nice chest hair and the shirt slimmed into his trousers perfectly. Taking the lightly scented perfume,
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