Rewrite Strs

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Rewrite Strs

By: Min OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Each person's destiny was thought of as a thread spun. It's a type of phenomenon that beyond's human control. I always dream about the people who met their ruin because of me. I died while feeling the guilt of my sin. I expected to wake up in hell for messing with their destiny but I met the Deity... We signed a contract.

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Chapter 1
Chapter 1"Welcome, Jia." said the man wearing a black outfit facing me, crossing his arms. "Who?" I asked. I know that I died because of an accident. I look at the white room with an attractive man."Hmm, Let's just say I'm God." He answered me casually as if he just told me something natural. He smiles at me."Ah, but I thought I would go straight to hell," I told him earnestly and remembered all of my sins. "You're a special case. Well, technically, you will go to hell, but I changed my mind because you asked forgiveness, and you died pitifully." He said, then stood up, strolling into a room. The white space room where we are staying changes to a closed office room. There are a lot of record books on the tall shelves and a wooden table. I went to a wooden chair to sit and watched the good-looking man wear his reading glasses, for effect, I think. He looks ridiculous, though. A book suddenly appeared in his hands. He open
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2 "Yumi!" I hug her tightly. I cried in her arms, making a minor stir in the class. The people are weird looking at me, and some are mumbling about why I am crying. The teacher glances at Yomi and me before entering the room. "Jia, what happened?" Yumi tapped my back and worriedly asked me.Our teacher told Yumi to send me to the clinic. She also asked why I was crying, but I didn't answer her. My crying face is a mess. I told our teacher that I am fine and smiled faintly, then entered the room. Yumi also goes with me and sits in her chair, still looking at me worriedly. I nodded at her and went back to my chair. My tears didn't stop, and I kept wiping them with my hands. A white handkerchief suddenly appeared near my face, and I saw Penelope expanding her arm to give it. "Thank you." I bow to her after accepting the handkerchief. I use it to wipe my tears. The teacher only gives us an assignment because
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3My eyes are hurting and I purposely went to the school clinic to borrow a cold compress for my eyes. I see the nurse and tell her my needs while she's kind enough to give me a cold compress. I lie down on the bed with my eyes closed. Yumi is already in the classroom. She told me to go to the infirmary to treat my wounds. I obeyed her and got treated by the nurse. She also patched my wounds. I close my eyes and try to relax. I didn't intend to but I fell asleep after lying on the bed. I open my eyes and it's already sunset. I skip classes. I heard the bell and I plan to go to the kindergarten Haru told me about before. It was the school where Daniel, Penelope's brother, is attending. I need to make sure that his brother will survive the accident.I hurriedly left the infirmary and went to the classroom to get my bag. I see the students preparing to go home. I saw Yumi who was taking my bag. I went to her and she smiled when she saw me. <
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4Yejun softly patted my back and worriedly looked at me. After a minute, the pain is gone, but I'm still annoyed at Haru's false information. I need to call him later because of the abnormality I experienced. I removed the paper bag from my face and looked at Yejun that was near me."I'm sorry, and Thank you," I said and moved a distance away from him. "You always apologize. It's new to see you say thank you." He said and cracked a smile. "Ah, I-I..." I can't find the right words to say, so I close my mouth again. I stood up and awkwardly faced him. "Thank you. Goodbye." I bow at him and am about to walk, but he stops me. He grabbed my pulse, making me halt from moving. "Let's wait for Penelope. I will send you two home." Yejun said and gripped my pulse. It hurt me, but I didn't say a word. I just nodded at him. Yejun went inside the convenience store while dragging me with him. He let go of my h
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5"What did I just see?" Haru asked me after a while. He drove his car, and we went near the Han River."What?" I asked him, confused."Why is Yejun running after you?" He said and gave me a paper bag. I checked it out and saw a new polo shirt."Eh? Because I accidentally carried his vest?" I said and checked out the clothes that he gave to me."You stupid." He scolded me and shook his head."I like this! Why did you buy me clothes?" I asked him excitedly."Tss. I can't just let you go home with this blood. You idiot!" I frown after looking at him. I gritted my teeth after hearing him calling me stupid many times."What is your problem?!" I shouted at him. I wanted to cry because I feel like I'm doing something terrible, and my efforts are all wasted. I glared at him."Woahhh. Hush there, sweetheart. Calm down. I'm sorry, okay?. I didn't know that you're sensitive today." He said while both his hands were in the
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6I woke up because of the alarm from my phone. I rise from bed even though I’m still sleepy. Today is the day where I will look for craft shops that I can add to my study. I also wanted to ask Penelope so that she could offer her father's business. Now that I think about it, Penelope doesn't need to have a job because her family has a company, but I don’t have any idea of her lifestyle before. There are many things to do, but I only have limited time, so I need to move even though my body and mind like rest.I yawned and rushed to shower and wear my new uniform. I plan to eat breakfast today, so check my bag and make sure that my gift to Yumi is inside. I leave my room and go to the dining room to eat. The servant was shocked when she saw me sit in the dining area. There's food on the table, and I quietly eat it alone. I finished my food without talking, and I saw her wide eyes after making sure that I didn’t say any nasty remark
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7The library is empty. There's one receptionist at the entrance who smiled at me after I entered the room. I went to the shelves and saw a book with the title Master of Korean Tradition. I opened it and saw photos depicting step-by-step knot instructions. I checked it out and found out that the book only has common designs. I checked another book and many of the designs are for making traditional Korean ornaments. I learned by reading them and plan to create a picture in my head. The books are quickly filling up on the table after I decided to make notes for every helpful information. I really need to quickly start it but I have no time to do it since I only have 99 days left. I sighed thinking I have so much work and I need someone else's help. A forbidden image comes out in my head but I quickly erase it. He offered help but it's not time yet for him to get involved. I plan to ask for Haru's help instead and with that thought, I quickly co
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8"Yumi, Are you busy today?" I asked, looking at her while we're at the music club. I just recently submitted a form to join here and Yumi is an old member. Even before she told me to participate in this club but I always refused her. It's also my chance to watch for Yejun and Penelope. I sat at the piano chair while Yumi was beside me playing. She shifted her head and looked at me. "I'm not busy after this." She said and we looked at the door that opened.Na Hyuk enters the room and surveys the area. He saw Yumi and me at the piano and he stayed his gaze at me. "Na Hyuk, I've been waiting for you," Yumi said and gave the paper to Na Hyuk. He frowns after checking the paper that serves as my application for joining the club. Then he looks at me. I awkwardly cling my arms to Yumi and turn my gaze to the Music club president. Na Hyuk is a very serious person. He is tall with a deep set of black eye
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9We stayed silent after, and I focused on reading the schedule, but my phone suddenly rang. I checked my phone and saw the number of my parents' secretary Ms. Shin. I answered the call while massaging my temple. "Ms. Jia?" A voice of a woman from the other line. "Hello, Ms. Shin." I greeted her"Are you home?" She asked in a polite voice. "Uhm. Not yet. I'm still in school." I said to her, trying to sound calm. "I understand. Your parents will be back tonight, and they want to have dinner with you." She said in a formal tone in addressing my parents. "Alright. I will be home before dinner." I said and was about to end the call, but I waited for her reply. Ms. Shin is my parents' witty secretary. She handles most of the transactions and meetings of the CEO, and she's excellent in her job. In the past, I'm not aware of her presence and not interested in her, but she was mostly the pers
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Chapter 10
Chapter 10The outside window is dark. In the past, my parents were strict but affectionate towards me.  It changes now because every time I do something applaudable, they won't praise me anymore. They became so busy that they neglected me. It started when I was nine years old. They are mostly abroad and rarely call me. One time I asked my suitor why my parents aren't calling me anymore and she said that because they were busy at work and I need to do better for them to praise me and call me. I waited for years and even for Christmas but they won't come. Same with my sister who studies abroad and leaves me alone. I remember tons of holidays and receiving gifts from Ms. Shin but the name of my parents. It's always obvious that it was her who gave me gifts since my parents don't know what I like. I bitterly smile remembering it. Even if I bullied and killed people they will ignore it and blame the victim. It's weird that I think of this now when in the past, I
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