Rise Of The Strongest Mage King

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Rise Of The Strongest Mage King

By: Author HS OngoingFantasy

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It all starts in the world called Koondarr where a Young prince named Jiar Jarezon, being not quite the prince charming takes over as King after his Father's murder. He makes a tentative ally who becomes unexpectedly his friend. He realizes his powers after a series of events as he unifies his kingdom, grows as an individual and prepares for a battle against an evil lord.

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  • Bunny bear


    Interesting book. nice plotting and everything, keep the good work.

    2023-06-29 13:53:15
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Chapter 1 The Worthless Royal
~Planet Koondarr, The Luxar Kingdom~King Koldovia Jarezon sat on his throne, listening to a small crowd of courtiers. As he saw his son Jiar Jarezon walk in, he looked up. Prince Jiar was in plain clothes, which meant he had spent the night reading. "Hello, Father. The Koondarrite Royal Library received a new shipment on the intergalactic economy. I can't wait to finish them." King Koldovia dismissed his courtiers and attendants. He wanted to speak to his son in privacy.Jiar hadn't turned out to be the crown prince he had expected. The boy was short, unathletic, and the most embarrassing drawback was that he was magicless. He had yet to awaken his abilities through formal training. The royal mages had already given up on him.Koldovia's younger son had inherited the good genes. He had already mastered several elements and was currently on an adventure around the star system. "Son, I am sending you to the Magister Hall in the north. Your bags are already packed. A jet is waiting
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Chapter 2. The Rise Of A Worthless Royal (Part 2)
Chapter 2 Jiar ran towards the Castle's dungeons as fast as his legs could carry him. He panted heavily as he was grossly out of shape. However, he had no choice but to keep running because the assassins were at his heel.'This must be a dream,' Jiar thought as he spiraled down a dark staircase until he realized he was underground. Finally, he found himself running down a bizarre corridor with flaming torches. He had reached the dungeons. 'How could uncle Kumoria do this to us? He always brings me gifts from across the land. Father and he were more than brothers. They were best friends who fought battles together. How could he turn against his own blood?'The dungeon walls narrowed until he found it difficult to breathe. Where was the corridor leading him?Now that he thought about it, he had read in history books that it was always an ambitious relative who deposed the king or queen in nations across Koondarr. Jiar had been running for almost fifteen minutes.He had crossed numerou
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Chapter 3•••Rise Of A Worthless Royal (Part 3)•••
•••Rise Of A Worthless Royal (Part 3)•••As soon as Jiar grabbed the mysterious staff, he felt as if time had paused. Green forks of energy coursed through his body. His pupils dilated as he was engulfed in a jade aura. Time was unpaused. Jiar's body levitated gradually, metamorphosing like a mosaic. The poisoned knives and fireballs ricocheted as they collided with an invisible protection field. The dungeons shook from the shockwaves radiating from his transformation.Jiar descended, and the green halo died down. The boy touched the floor, stood to his full height, and took a deep breath."Something feels different," he said aloud."You have been born anew, my prince," Althea's voice said in his head.Jiar looked at his newly forged, well-defined body. He was incredibly muscular yet athletic, about a foot taller than before. He had the appearance of a Greek god."This feels great," he said, making a fist. Jiar gripped his staff tighter and turned to the assassins. They had been sho
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Chapter 4. ••The Coronation••
Chapter 4The CoronationJiar eyed Kumoria's escape without emotion. Part of him was still in denial that his father had been murdered by his uncle. He wished all of it were a lucid nightmare, and he would wake up anytime to see the King still alive and well.Moments passed as he stood watching the corpse of his parent. However, the pain in him did not flare. Usually, he would break down when faced with such tragedy. Perhaps his new body had better control over emotions. Jiar knelt by the King's corpse and prayed. Althea turned into her dark elf skin. "I'm sorry for your loss, my prince," she consoled him with a hand on his head. "He may not have been a great king, but he loved you, nonetheless..."Jiar shook his head and got to his feet. His sharp ears picked up the noise of a multitude in the castle courtyard. Althea accompanied him into the secret elevator, and they descended to the ground floor. Just as the lift was about to open, the dark elf became an intangible mist and hove
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Chapter 5. The Emperor's New Body
The Emperor's New Body"What do you mean I have to die first?" Jiar asked, visibly surprised.Althea giggled and patted him on the back. "Don't worry. It will be just a fraction of a second. Since you are still working under patterns of your old body, you cannot use the new one to the best of its potential."The King shrugged, still unable to understand what the dark elf meant.Althea approached him, went on her tiptoes, and placed a finger between his eyes. "Hold your breath," she whispered.Jiar did so."Itero Renovo," she chanted. The boy felt as if he were being sucked into a void. Pitch-black darkness fell onto him; he panicked, looking for a way out. A hand appeared from nowhere in the dark, held his arm, and tugged him into the light."There! We are done!" Althea declared.Jiar's eyes fluttered open. "What the hell was that?"The dark elf smiled devilishly. "You experienced death for a fraction of a second. In the meantime, I destroyed all remnants of your old body."Jiar exha
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Chapter 6. A Test of Strength
Chapter 6 A Test of Strength"Let me out, now!" Jiar hollered. "As your king, I order you to bring down this barrier!"However, Althea showed no sign of releasing him."My King, as your soul elf, it is my duty that you recognize your strengths and abilities. I do this with a heavy heart...""A heavy heart? I cannot help but notice your devilish grin, Althea!"The dark elf did not respond but approached a hill tree to pluck a fruit.Jiar fired a few more orders at her until he was exhausted. She was clearly not interested in letting him go until he finished the task.Another blood-curdling growl brought the King to his senses. He was trapped, but now he had to make the best of the situation.The Devil Bear living in the hill cave had been aroused from its sleep.Jiar recalled everything he knew about the species. Devil Bears were solitary creatures who napped heavily in the winter. During summer, they woke up and got ravenous. They'd ravage and kill any living thing before them for foo
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Chapter 7. The Trials Of Magic
Chapter 7 The Trials of MagicJiar noticed that most of the cuts and bruises he had sustained during his fight with the Devil Bear had healed by themselves."I see you are aware of your regenerative abilities now," Althea said. "It's amazing. What degree of injury can I heal? What about limb regeneration?"The dark elf shook her head. "Don't go down that road, my King. Your body may regenerate fast, but you aren't immortal. Minor injuries will heal in minutes, but you definitely cannot replace limbs at your level. So I will advise you not to take huge risks."Jiar narrowed his eyes. "Says someone who threw me into a Devil Bear's cave!"Althea giggled. "But you came out victorious with barely a scratch. Creatures like these are a joke for your enhanced body." The King nodded. Usually, it would take a team of mecha robots to tackle an adult Devil Bear. He killed it with a single punch. His strength was abnormal, to begin with. But something felt wrong."What is it, my King?" Althea as
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Chapter 8~Issues Arising~
Chapter 8.Hours later...~Situation Room,~In this room was where high ranking officials and even the monarch, deliberated over important issues and made decisions.The walls were painted blue and a long black table sat in the midst of the room.The king, prime minister and the generals sat with their hands on a black table, they were discussing about the issue with the trade unions."I sincerely believe your Grace, that the soldiers should be sent to bring order to the city." General Kurion said while he stroked his chin."I'll also agree to this decision your Grace because a rebellious move will show that we're not in order, imagine what this could do to your image my King." Prime minister Salkion advised.Jiar was quiet the entire time as he was weighing the pros and the cons of his decisions.'Sending the Luxarian Military into the capital city to quell a rebellion isn't going to be the best, I need to find out why there's a rebellion this will give me a chance to get to the root
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Troubled Routes
Chapter 9.Bukoi River.The long river that flows through Luxar, this river descends from the great Sangar Mountains south of Luxar. This river had a variety of fish living in it as this world had an earthlike scenery as the grass along the river banks were green.Beautiful flowers grew by the river banks in colors of purple, orange and pink as the beauty of the Bukoi river was visible, that even the blind could see it.It had a serene environment as the florescent smells wafted through the air, and the blades of grass danced to the rhythm of the wind.A ship approached from afar as it drew closer to the river banks, it stopped as it's engines were powered down this was a cargo ship carrying goods from neighboring kingdoms or cities.Luxar Kingdom had good relationship with other kingdoms, this made it possible to import goods they couldn't produce.The Bukoi River stretched across five kingdoms it was regularly used as a trading route, between these kingdoms as it enabled kingdom
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