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The year is 3040, The place is Temple City, a sprawling metropolis in the heart of a vast valley surrounded by sea on one side and desert on another with a mountain range smack on the far end making traveling to the place on whim a difficult venture. Despite being a former vacation spot for the wealthy and powerful, Temple City is not at all a place for the faint of heart. With every step one can find dirty dealings with extensive consequences from seedy night joins, numerous rackets, drug pushing, sextrafficking, and any kind of illicit act one could think of in a place of sin and vice. Like most places, Temple City is home to sinner and saints alike and the saints composed of the working class and the downtrodden always seem to find their way to Det. Ian Baddwulf's front door when the police conveniently forget to search the nooks and crannies of the forgotten places for the missing and the dead, the people call on Ian Baddwulf to do a bit of snooping now and again. His tendency to sniff out trouble and to stick his nose where it didn't belong have made him an invaluable asset in his profession not including his skills pertaining to his inherited infliction with Lycanthropy.

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Prologue: The School Of Hard Knocks
Prologue: The School Of Hard KnocksDarkened Alley Way, Outside Leonetti's Restaurant, Temple City... Unyielding and merciless hunger pains ripped through the body of a small and incredibly thin lad with slick black hair down to his shoulders and crisp blue eyes as he attempted to make himself move through the dark black puddles on the rain-slick sidewalk as the cold and disorientation brought on by his slow starvation made it quite difficult for him to navigate the vast streets and winding alleyways before him. He was shirtless, one could see the thin build of his muscle tone and a bit of his ribcage from one glance when anyone bothered to look upon him. His legs were covered in torn and ill-fitting brown trousers that seemed to ride up his caves as he ran. His feet were bare, a mistake if ever there was one to be made given all the dirt and grime on the streets and sidewalks. They were covered in water and filth as he continued his long run zipping by establishment after est
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Chapter 1: A City Full Of Saints And Sinners
Chapter 1: A City Full Of Saints And Sinners Sweltering heat seemed to be the only consistent thing, aside from the heavy waves of crime and corruption that spread throughout the glistening metropolis in the heart of an unhealthy desert valley settlement known as Temple City. The city was formerly the vacation hub for the wealthy and privileged which was taken over sometime in the late 2000s when those that wished to be in charge of mankind decided that causing chaos, starvation, and secret technological advancement while stifling the potential of the less fortunate and working class, just to simultaneously experiment on the general public without their knowledge was the way to go. Everywhere the so-called ruling class attempted to enforce their twisted ideals on the public right down to forced depopulation, gender mutilation being passed off as an ideology for the betterment of mankind and pitting men and women against each other to see who could be more of a victimized slut in t
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Chapter 2: Turnabout Is Fair Game
Chapter 2: Turnabout Is Fair GameApartment 42, The Bowerstone Apartment Complex, 4th And Flint Street, Attison District, Temple City (3040)..... By the time Det. Baddwulf arrived at his apartment complex he found that he had not been alone as Mrs. Callens, a gorgeous blonde bombshell of a woman with fringe curled hair pulled back into an elegant bun, she wore a stylish tight-fitting red dress that ride up her inner thigh and was well beyond her knee to be deemed appropriate by all manner of good society as she let her breasts, which were bare beneath the top of her dress show in the form of open cleavage as she stood with the sweet scent of her perfume, a kind of watered down variant of honeysuckle toilet water, filled the already drunken man's nose as he did his best to unlock the door while feeling himself being pulled via the magnetic impulse to pin the lovely woman up against the wooden door and have at her the way his loins saw fit. Despite the urge, however, he was much m
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Chapter 3: The King Of Sleaze
Chapter 3: The King Of SleazeApartment 42, The Bowerstone Apartment Complex, 4th And Flint Street, Attison District, Temple City (3040)..... The early hours of the morning had not been a welcome sight for Baddwulf as he rolled onto his back and found the space on the right side of his bed had been recently empty as the tussled covers revealed that Mrs. Callens had been up for quite some time as he caught a glimpse of her bent over and seeing to her delicate feet fitting back into her red high heels. Baddwulf slid from beneath the crisp white sheets and tan comforter that lined his bed and strolled rather casually behind Mrs. Callens. Who gasped when she felt him behind her. As far as looks went, Baddwulf was most definitely a desirable man given his washboard abs, lean muscle mass, superior strength even when not in combat, and oceanic blue eyes that gave any woman pause. He wrapped his arms around the nearly dressed woman kissing her neck and shoulders as she did her best to kee
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Chapter 4: The Answering Of A Summons
Chapter 4: The Answering Of A SummonsJoe's Diner, 5th And Miller Street, Attison District, Temple City (3040)..... It was more of the usual when Baddwulf finally arrived at Joe's Diner, which he often frequented for a cup of hot coffee and a few donuts before heading out to see what he could scrounge up in terms of keeping his ear to the ground and his finger on the pulse of one district in Temple City that he'd been most fond of even as a youngster growing up on the outskirts of Beverland District due to the connections and vast wealth of his adopted father. Like any other day, he arrived in dark slacks, brown dress shoes, a tan long-sleeve shirt with black suspenders, a black tie, a black fedora pushed forward to cover his eyes, and a long grey trench coat. He smelled of cigarette smoke and didn't care who might have had a problem with it as he headed toward his usual seat in the front of the counter where he ordered a black cup of joe, and an aged glaze donut. He had plans f
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Chapter 5: In For A Penny...In For A Pounding
Chapter 5: In For A Penny...In For A PoundingAttison District, Temple City (3040)..... The sweltering heat had not appeared to have let up as Baddwulf found himself in search of a bar for a cool drink to stave off the effects. He had been sweating up a storm, but managed to keep his head level as he moved about the street he wasn't too thrilled about his father having used Amanda Smalls of all people to track him down for the offer as he had known all too well that the redhead and his son had a history. It was a steamy undeniable history but there was always something to be said about a wolf chasing after a girl in red. Baddwulf had been halfway toward his office on the main street when he was suddenly ambushed by two goons in hoodlum attire that pushed him into a nearby alley. He wasn't surprised when they held him at gunpoint and started talking really tough.Of the two, one was the shortest and wore a dark brown suit with matching dress shoes and a worn fedora. He was a pale f
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Chapter 6: A Nose For Trouble
Chapter 6: A Nose For TroubleBaddwulf's Office Building, Main Street and Park, The Attison District, Temple City (3040)..... It was just another day at the office for Jake Summers as he sat at his respective desk mulling over the paperwork for the latest series of cases in a bid to figure out which one to present to his partner that would be interesting enough to pique his interest. The surprisingly thin, slightly pinked younger man, barely out of his teens and still wet behind the ears, had worn a pinstripe white long-sleeve shirt, a loose dark blue tie, and dark blue suit trousers and often paced the hardwood floor of the office wearing black dress shoes. Jake was a good kid, all things considered, he was orphaned after a fire saw his life going up in smoke along with his parents following a gang extortion attempt gone wrong. He grew up in Attison and met the smooth-talking wit-savvy brute known as Baddwulf when he'd taken on the thugs that burned the building he lived in dow
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Chapter 7: Tempers And Tantrums
Chapter 7: Tempers And Tantrums4th Street and Ryanair, The Attison District, Temple City (3040)..... Coming hot off the heels of his recent attack via the thugs sent after him via Blacky Clay, Baddwulf had not been in the best of moods when prowling the streets that night. He'd been looking over his shoulder at every corner, but not out of fear as his rage was beginning to boil to the surface. As he continued his lone stroll it had occurred to him with the shouting around the corner and the shattering of glass and windows, that he had not been the only one upset about the way their day had been turning out. There was a woman who had caught her husband red-handed laying pipe for a younger woman in their living room while she'd been busting her hide all day at work. He'd gotten fired from his gigs so many times everyone had told her to ditch the bum. She stuck with him and put up with his laziness only for him to cheat on her with a younger woman while spending her hard-earned me
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Chapter 8: Something Rotten, In The District Of Attison
Chapter 8: Something Rotten, In The District Of AttisonMain Street and Park, The Attison District, Temple City (3040)..... Rapid-paced and bright flashing lights had gotten the attention of quite a few onlookers as many a curious and nosy person gathered outside to see what became of the person who had been merely a body with a crisp white sheet tossed over it while beat cops and onlookers muttered about what could have possibly happened and why. Baddwulf had already summed up the tragedy in a matter of seconds. From the brutality of the slaying and being that it was out in the open it proved that someone was adamant about sending a message of some sort, given the trajectory from being near his office, he knew that someone had wanted very badly to send a message. The beat cops came out of the woodwork to keep things civil and from spilling into Highland mostly to make the mayor look good. They ordinarily never patrolled in Attison District and it was a dead giveaway that the crime
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Chapter 9: Dime A Dozen Dames
Chapter 9: Dime A Dozen DamesThe Dope Diamond Gentleman's Club, Forth And Parkway, The Attison District, Temple City (3040)..... Hot pink and red neon lit up the dark black backdrop of the gritty inner city as Baddwulf found himself walking up toward the front door where the bouncers were ready and willing to throw anyone out to spoil the good time out into the street for so much as looking like they were going to be trouble. He plied them with a few black pennies for their thoughts before they allowed him inside with the strict warning that there was to be no trouble from him once he'd been let in. Baddwulf smirked, it was apparent that his reputation of sorts was getting around even in strip clubs. Of all the places in Temple City to bring the conflicting classes together, The Dope Diamond was just such a place, or at least it had been the case for the degenerates across the conflicting classes at least.The flashing pink and red neon had been a welcome staple for the darkened
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