God-Hunter Mage

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God-Hunter Mage

By: Agis Z OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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500 years before, The gods and goddesses were born. They were ascending to heaven and giving all creatures access to their power. The person who had that power was named Mage. 500 years before, the gods and goddesses were vanishing. The communications between gods and their believers were gone. But their power still could be used. Without god's guidance, humans, beastman, and other creatures were starting the war between them. Kieran Moore was part of Moore family, the family which was worshipping The Savior Lord. But he and his mother were kicked by other members. Kieran was realizing that religionists like Moore family were bullshit. They had god power but didn't follow the Savior Lord's rules. One day, Kieran found Asmodeus scriptures and became a dark mage. he believed that even if he become a dark mage, he could still follow the right way.

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Asmodeus Scripture
"I want to become stronger. Please, whoever you are, whatever you are, give me power. I need power! Give me power whatever it will cost." In front of an old book, a young boy was kneeling at the book. It had a black cover with the symbol of an inverted triangle on it. The room was dark. The candle couldn't last as its light faded. Cold air entered the room through ventilation and lowering the temperature. Suddenly, the light of the candle vanished. The young boy lifted his head and looked at the book. Slowly, the book opened its cover. The page was shifting slowly. Soon, the book stopped moving. Its page was emitting a red light that make the room brighten. "Wh-what happen?" The boy stammered. He closed his eyes due to the flashy light. He opened his eyes slowly. Then, he was shocked when he look at the air. He gasped and stretched his hand into the air. There was floating organized words. [Congratulations, you have become a mage. I am Asmodeus, greeting you to become my believer
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There was a young girl who had fox ears on her head and a golden furry tail which surrounded her body. She wore a disheveled kimono with a couple of stockings. She looked at Kieran and tilted her head.She winked her eyes and urged, "Could you help me? please.""You're Kitsune, why you could end up here?"Kitsune was a beastman sub-race that had mixed features of fox and human. Kitsune race was ruling Farest Archipelago and was known as a highly beastman sub-race. It was common sense that kidnapping a Kitsune was dangerous, cause you could hunt by one kingdom. Every Kitsune were noblest."Someone caught me. I'll pay back your kindness, so could you break these chains?." She showed the chains which bound her hands and feet.Kieran approached the young girl. He kneel in front of her, then he looked at the chains carefully. He realized on every metal ring of the chains, there was a word on it."What happens? Can you break it?" The young girl asked. She was looking down at Kieran. "This
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Collecting Herb
The room was lack of light. Only a moonlight through the windows lighted the room. On the chair, a man was holding a glassful of wine. Two athletic men guarded both sides of this person.His eyes were glazing at the three kneeled persons. Suddenly, he threw the wine to the floor. A sprinkling of water was wetting those three persons."So, how you could explain this to me?" The man's deep sound was reverberating inside the room.One of the kneeled persons spoke up. He stuttered, "W-we will find that girl as soon as possible. Mr. Jean Moore, please give us a few days."Jean Moore stood. He walked slowly to the three. He squatted and grabbed the chin of the only woman in those three kneeled persons."One week. I will give you one week to find that girl. If you fail, your tiny gang will be destroyed."He stood again and added, "You can go now."Then, the three kneeled persons went out of the room as soon as possible. After that, Jean Moore was looking outside through the window."Mage in
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After eating some broiled rabbit, Kieran and Mio went back to Amantha city. They were walking for half hour, and Kieran and Mio saw a wood fence that encircled the city. In front of the city, there was a huge wooden gate. Two armored men were guarding the gate. Kieran ensured Mio was covering her fox ears and tail.One of the armored men straightened his hand and blocked Kieran’s way, "Stop! Where are you come from?"Kieran showed his bag full of herbs. "I have gone to the forest to collect the herbs. Come on, you see me every day, don't you?""Haha, I am sorry but this is the procedure. By the way," The armored man lowered his voice and whispered to Kieran, "Who is that?"Kieran took 10 shallons from his pocket and gave the money to the armored men, "She is my girlfriend. This, your money.""Thanks.""Bye."Kieran clasped Mio's hand and pull her into the city.Kieran returned to his house. He opened the house and went in. Mio that had been silent for a while, strip off her hood and t
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The Sun was shining. No cloud protected Amantha City from the heat of the sun. Amantha people’s activities were the same as normal, except for some reason there was a commotion that happened."Catch him! Don't let him run away!""Step aside, don't impede us.""Someone who could stop him will grant a prize from Snakehead Gang!"Kieran was running as fast as possible. He could beat them but it will take time, at worst, one of the three chiefs of the snakehead gang will catch him. Kieran didn't take the alleyway but he ran on the main road. His purpose was to get out of this city. There was no safe place in Amantha City.Many people filled the main road. As an effect, Snakehead Gangsters were hampered to chase Kieran. Kieran passed through the crowd by running between the gap of people."I'm sorry," Mio apologized.Kieran knew Mio was regretting. but the situation was already screwed up, Mio’s regret will not change the situation."We will go out of this city. The fastest person in Snake
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A Mess Situation
Ryx was speeding his flight. He began to catch up with Kieran. Ryx extended his hand, trying to grab Mio's coat. He smiled; think he was going to catch her. Suddenly, a golden light was radiating from Mio's tail. Her tail was swinging and threw a golden wave energy blast. That happened too fast, Ryx couldn't anticipate that. The golden wave was shaping a crescent, then, it was flying to Ryx and hit him. Second later, Ryx was lurching backward and hit the tree. The tree was cracked, and shortly, the tree collapsed. Ryx vomited a gulp of blood. Kieran who was heard that surprised. He didn't expect Mio was so strong. He used this moment to run away from Ryx. Though Ryx was lurched by Mio’s attack, Kieran couldn't leave his life to Mio alone. It was better to run rather than expect Mio would beat Ryx. "F-fast," Mio’s voice was trembling. Kieran furrowed his brow. He twisted his head and look at Mio. "What happens? Are you ok?" Kieran found something strange. He saw Mio’s eyes changi
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In a cave full of spider nests, Kieran and Mio took a rest. The outside cave was dark and cold. After going several hours from Ryx. Kieran and Mio had been deep inside the forest.Mio sat in the corner of the cave with her head sank on the buckling hands. After getting consciousness, Mio was blame herself for hurting Kieran. Though Kieran had told her that Kieran already forgave her, Mio wasn't heard Kieran and kept silent along the way.Kieran looked at Mio and said, "Come on, I told you that I’ve forgiven you, didn't I?""Leave me, I cannot control myself," Mio answered with a low and vibrant voice.Kieran stood and strolled toward Mio. He crouched. Then, he put his hand on Mio's face. He turned up Mio’s face which had been looking down. Slowly, Kieran could see Mio’s face. A damp eye with a drop of tear wetting the cheeks, messed bangs, and a depressed expression made Kieran feel sympathy.Kieran realized that Mio's sadness was not only about him but about her past and trauma. Mayb
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Old Hansen
"Ryx, are you ok?"Ryx opened his eyes slowly. He looked at the woman who spoke to him. He narrowed his eyes and gradually recognized her.A woman with glasses and a red hair ponytail. She wore a long white sleeve shirt that showed various emblems atop the pocket on her chest, and she also used gray long pants with a pair of black boots. What made her unique was a big book that she handled using her left hand."Is that you, Greysia? Ohh, Thank God! I think I'll trap here forever." Ryx showed gratitude. Then, he realized Zed was also here with Greysia."Had you caught that Kitsune?" Ryx asked.Zed crossed his arms over his chest. He wore a long red sleeve shirt with a black breastplate that had a dragon pattern on it. On his hands, he used a black gauntlet that had a blue pearl. At his bottom, he wore long black pants.Zed answered, "It is not efficient if we just chase them. Instead, we'll be waiting in front of their destination."Ryx’s forehead creased, he looked at Greysia and aske
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Jormund Village
Old Hansen, Kieran, and Mio booked two rooms at an inn in Jormund village. They got a break after dinner at the inn was over."Are you sick? I feel like you've been a little weird ever since you entered this village," Kieran said to Mio. The Kitsune wagged its tail slowly. She seemed a little quieter than usual.Mio replied quietly, "I just feel uncomfortable."Kieran turned his attention; he opened the bedroom window to breathe fresh air. For a moment, he saw the view of Jormund Village. After a while, he then closed and locked the window."Why would they create a village in a place like this? When it rains or a snowstorm occurred, they were practically cut off from other humans. Furthermore, the possibility of being attacked by beasts and monsters in this place was pretty high. This place was not the ideal place to make a settlement.""I don't know, I'm also curious. But I guess it's best not to think about it too much, tomorrow we will also leave this place," Mio replied to Kieran'
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The Border
"That's not something you can handle." Kieran asked Old Hansen about the curse of Jormund Village. But Hansen just shook his head and told Kieran to pretend he didn't know about it. Kieran was aware that old Hansen knew he and Mio were Mages, but he might think the two of them were still too weak to interfere in Jormund’s village matters. Afternoon arrived, and finally, Old Hansen, Kieran, and Mio left Jormund village. This village still contained a deep mystery. Kieran felt uncomfortable leaving the village without trying to help them. But what could he do? He was too weak. This strengthened his determination to go to the City of Deborah. Kieran and Mio were in Jormund village for less than two days, but there were many things he found in this village. Old Hansen's horse carriage slowly walked over. Kieran looked back at the village of Jormund. "What exactly happened that made them suffer from the curse?" asked Mio. "At first, some hunters intended to hunt a wolf, but they manag
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