Immutable Apotheosis: The Enigma

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Immutable Apotheosis: The Enigma

By: Yin Yang OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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True Gods. Endless Divinities. Primordials. The Ancients. The Chaos. The Greater Chaos. The Infinite Realms. Heaven. Hell. The Abyss. Purgatory. The Overvoid. The Greater Worlds. The Origin World. The Prime Verse. The Past, Present, Future. Here. There. Everywhere. Nowhere. "Why is it that, I cannot find any place that I truly belong? And who, or what... exactly am I, as a Mystique?" Join our Enigma as he tries to find a place where he could belong, and fit in. While unveiling all the secrets and mysteries related to him, and his family. ** The cover page does not belong to me. Credit goes to the owner. Thank you~ **

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Enigma And The Mystiques
The Mystiques. This was a powerful family of true divine beings. It was composed of two gods who acted as both father and mother of the house, as well as four children. Unfortunately the identity of the parents were unknown. Data stated they were still alive, but their life force could not be felt even within the Myriad Creations. As if that was not enough, the older sister left six years ago and seemed to have no intention of coming back. As one of the powerful geniuses of the Everlasting Star True District of the previous generation, her disappearance caused a lot of disruption within the core of the Everlasting Star True District. This led to the rest of the family to recieve loathing glares and constant bullying from others for six full years. But when some compassionate people thought this suffering was too much, there was still more to come. The youngest child of the family unexpectedly fell sick and was contaminated by a divine disease even the gods found troublesome to c
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A Talent
"Okay young ones, gather up, gather up. We are about to begin the most important days of your lives. My name is Hestia, I will be briefing you on what you're supposed to do from here on out, as well as how the structures work. "Questions can be asked until then. As for right now, just open up your ears and listen. For starters..." There was a moment of silence as all the young candidates kept quiet and stared intently at Hestia. They seemed ready to devour whatever information she held. "First of all, for starters, my name is Hestia. I'll be one of your main supervisors of the Everlasting Palace. The other advisor unfortunately does not like interacting with others. "To start of your journey of the path of main Divinity, you will have to first experience hardships and mortality In the Mortal Realms. But that is a topic for another time. "Right now, I am sure you are all excited to start off on this path of Main Divinity. So I will not waste most of your time and will begin the fil
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Rising Talents
Hestia opened her eyes in shock again. With the District's level of industrialization, it wouldn't be strange for one such genius to be born in each Palace, making that a total of hundred and ten or less such types of geniuses. But this time around, their Everlasting Star True District unexpectedly gave birth to two. But it was not that heaven defying, there were probably more District with such geniuses. __________________________________________________ Name: Allen AsvathReincarnate: Vishnu (???)Cultivation: Godlin Constitution: Principle-Source (Fantasy) Providence(5): Gift of Immortality (Unique), Of The Three Steps (Unique), Karmic Conjuction (Unique), Ten-Incarnates (Unique), Supreme Preservation (Unique) Artifacts(2): Kaumodaki (Lost Divine), Discus (Lost Divine)__________________________________________________ This one was even more terrifying than the last one. That was all the other candidates and Hestia could think. But not Enigma, he had a very terrifying thoug
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Strange Entities
"What's this? What's going on?" Takashi asked suddenly, as the lights finally returned to the visions. To be precise, their brains could comprehend the light that reflected everything into their eyes once again. "I have no idea." Allen shrugged his shoulders. The others also began talking among themselves, guessing whether Enigma failed or the machine was broken. "Did he fail? Seems like that to me." "But that experience? Did an Apocalypse descend?" "Idiot why would an Apocalypse descend here? Maybe it was that guy who did it." "Dumbass, how can a godlin have such power? You're clearly still half asleep or probably drunk. It's clear that Enigma failed to become an ARC, so much for a Mystique." "But..." "Just..." The conversations didn't stop there as everyone was either arguing or debating amongst each other. As for Hestia, she had her eyes filled with shock and joy as she read the template of Enigma. "It's True, the Mystiques can never be judged by common sense. Hahaha, look
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Five Divine Art Categories
"Yes, unlike the other godlins, you people will invade the unique worlds using your previous life names, as aliases, if you want. Your job is to gain followers, learn to become independent as well as to farm faith power." She further explained towards Su Han, patiently and calmly. "Ooohh~" He nodded his head in understanding, but Hestia doubted whether he understood his goal of going down to the Unique Worlds. "And by next week, you will officially form your own teams. Don't worry though, you will only go in teams if you luckily discover Ultimate Worlds, which someone of your level alone will not be able to survive. "Now back to the main topic. The five categories of your basic divine arts are Offense, Defense, Support, Influence and lastly, Miscellaneous. Each category has its own art, which altogether add up to twenty one basic arts." She paused as she let everyone digest the new information. Then she began shooting out another outburst of information without catching a breathe in
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Learning Divine Arts With Hestia
Afterall, she was the one that took care of them ever since their parents left them. She never complained no did she ever make things tough for them. Instead, they dragged her down. Instead of becoming the strongest main god or even a supreme, she ended up falling behind the other twenty nine gods because of taking care of them. She also ended becoming a teacher to make things easier for his older sister. Unfortunately his sister left them just like his parents. But Hestia still did not lose her job or say anything. She barely blamed them at all and always instilled the thought that the was a reason behind everything. Because of her, Enigma and his sisters did not resent their parents nor their older sister. Instead, they lived life normally just like any other godlin. In fact, what was terrifying was that, all of them, were quite sure that leaving was the only path if they continued growing stronger. They didn't know why, or how that was the case, but a feeling affirmed that. Gra
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The A-Team
Even his sister, was not such a terrifying monster. She mastered fifteen within a week, and rest within less than another week. Overall, she mastered twenty one Basic Divine Arts, in less than two weeks, while this little freak was done mastering seven, in just a single day. Including even the harder ones even!!! "Mystiques..." Their talent... was nothing but ordinary. A week easily went by just like that. To Gods, time was truly something to scorn at. They had unlimited lifespan and could retain their looks even after living for thousands of years. So seven days was not really that much of a big deal. Especially considering that they had to spend years down in the mortal worlds. The hundred and twenty ARCs gathered once again in front of Hestia. She carefully scanned all of them with a slight smile on her face. There was also twelve young adults behind her, somewhere around Enigma's older sister's age. They were clearly people from the previous batch, and their seniors. "This
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Finally Becoming Gods
Since they have not become true gods yet, they could not use divine power and opted to use their innate energy, or vitality instead. Luckily, the death intent relaxed a bit, but it was still there. Su Han, looked up at the six beams of light casually. Then at Takashi and Allen who were sweating slightly, he was surprised as he didnt feel anything at all. "Brother over there, are you either stupid or fearless? Either way, I respect both as I have none. But just for warning, you'd better brace yourself for impact." Enigma warned Su Han as he stretched put both hands. An incomprehensible scene finally occurred before the other three as another barrier formed above Allen's. Then another, and another, another and finall the last one. Just the act of creating a single barrier was hard enough, let alone the act of creating two whole barriers, then two more above that!! The act was incomprehensible. Hell where did Enigma get the Vitality to do such a broken thing as simple as breathing?
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A... Rabbit God?
Clear blue eyes, and a slim Physiques, that was not too muscular, yet also not too thin. He was quite the baddy, if one had to say something about his overall charm. "For starters, my name is Jin Holland. I am a rank final ascendency true god. I am only one step from becoming a main god, I am also a senior from the first batch of the third generation, our, generation. Nice to meet you all. "Now off to official business, how to become true gods from a godlin. We will not use any process here and..." He tapped his foot lightly on the ground, opening ten portals behind him. "Just go through the process as fast as possible. Be warned though, the moment you enter this portal, you will be accepting your past and your personalities might be influenced, the chances are low though. Do you still want to go in?" He asked for confirmation. And the teenage gods did not hesitate to nod their heads in agreement. "In that case, off you go. With your talents, I bet nothing will change with you guys
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System Functions
"Well bummer, I give up... Can you please come out, pretty please?" Beg. Yup, you heard it right. A god was begging a nonexistent entity to show itself, 'Well, I'm still a godlin, so....' 《Ting!!!》 'It works? All I needed was to beg? Are you kidding me?' Enigma looked on ahead with a blank expression as he wondered whether this System had an ego or was it there to teach him how to be humble? 《Hmm, you called?》 'Yup, this little thing definitely has an ego.' He shook his head to clear out his thoughts as he asked, "Yes? No? Nevermind. I just wanted to know what functions you have, what use are you to me or am I to you?" 《Is that so? Well, I can display your existence in the form of data and stats. I can also break down things and decipher them in order to gain information. And I can help manage your chores... at a cost》 'I don't think the last one was necessary. And even if it was, how could you do something like that?' Enigma retorted silently in his mind. 《...That was a joke. I
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