Supreme Warrior!

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Supreme Warrior!

By: KhoaVu OngoingUrban/Realistic

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Because of his grandfather's will, Henry Richard had to stay at Walter's in-laws for three years. But with his aggressive nature, in just a few days he caused the Walters to become chaotic. He was a thorn in the Walters' eyes, and he was ready to oppose them at any moment. Henry Richard is a supreme warrior and he will never yield to anyone.

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16 chapters
Chapter 1: In-Laws.
The city of Los Angeles...- Mr. Henry, I beg you to accept the marriage!In the lobby of the Palace Lotus Flower, an old, harsh figure kneels on the ground, constantly begging the young man in front.At the top, his tall, fierce but majestic silhouette seemed to radiate a tremendous power flow, filling the entire Palace Lotus Flower.Henry Richard sat cross-legged on the jade chair, the corner of his lips bent up:- As Walter's son-in-law, you're asking me to drown myself in a fucking hole?The older man heard that, and his face immediately changed, shaking his head in a hurry.- Before the old master died, he made a will. The will requires Sir Henry to go down the mountain and be Walter's son-in-law for three years. Mr. Henry, you can't resist. Consider it, sir.As soon as the older man finished speaking, all the officials at God of Electricity bowed down and begged simultaneously.Until now, Henry Richard hated to see people kneeling and begging. Right now, they're putting him in a
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Chapter 2: Longevity Ceremony.
When Henry Richard returned to Walter's mansion, Clara Walter and Raymond Vincent had already said goodbye. Seeing her husband's crummy appearance, Clara Walter immediately raised her contemptuous lips:- It's Walter's son-in-law, and the naughty ones are always dirty.Henry Richard didn't want to have much sex with women, so he just smiled and turned a blind eye, then walked up to his room.Down the hall is constantly transmitting to Clara Walter's loud and small.- Henry Richard, what's your attitude?Although the two married for five months, they have never been physically touched or slept in the same room. Clara Walter forced Henry Richard to live in a cramped storage room at the end of the second-floor corridor.Henry Richard did not speak out against it. They happily accepted it.He lay in bed with his hand wrapped in a red necklace, the exclusive symbol of the Lotus Flower empire. Henry Richard signed. The master ruled a kingdom, which now had to live the life of a mediocre man
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Chapter 3: Buy Directly No Discount!
Henry Richard's ungrateful attitude drove Radley Lawrence mad. He whirled his hand around his mouth, trying to squeeze out a wicked smile:- Can't you hear me when I say it? How about... Is there a problem with your listening level?- I have wanted to see the pearl for the last seventy years!Henry Richard pointed at the pearl with his hand, definitely asking. The corners of Radley Lawrence's lips immediately twitch. He looked at the staff next door, pouting his lips:- I'm sorry! Our store does not allow direct viewing of pearls if scratches adversely affect the pearl's condition. You can look through the glass.Henry Richard is a little unhappy to hear Radley Lawrence speak. He flung his face to the next stalls, smiling:- What about the other guests? Are they violating store regulations, too?Following Henry Richard's direction, Radley Lawrence saw that the remaining guests were given pearls for observation by the staff in charge. They held them, cherished them in their hands, and
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Chapter 4: Thief!
After a good night's sleep, Henry Richard woke up at eight o'clock the following day. He stretched his shoulders, adjusted his hair, picked a nice, agile suit, and walked downstairs. Clara Walter and her parents were waiting in the living room. As soon as she saw him, Clara Walter immediately raised her hand, pointing to Henry Richard's accusation: - Father, you must help me. Last night, he dared to sneak into my room and steal more than a million dollars in cash. Mr. Walter's usual gentle face has fallen into disrepair. So far, he hates people who are petty thieves. Therefore, as soon as he opened his eyes, hearing Clara Walter sobbingly confessing to his husband, Walter was distraught. He pointed down to the empty seat next to Clara Walter, raising his face to Henry Richard: - Sit down! Henry Richard was still bewildered, unable to understand what had happened. Clara Walter went on to say aloud: - At 7:00 last night, he smashed my door and forced me to give him the money. I d
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Chapter 5: Locked Into The Warehouse.
Boom!!He had just finished speaking. A tremendous amount of power knocked down the warehouse door, and the smoke flew around.Henry Richard stared at the people in front of him, his face cold and cold:- Let's see how long you can laugh!Henry Richard looked at the waste bucket that was still right next to Leighton Mark, stepped directly up to the barrier in front of him, then grabbed the waste bucket and collapsed on Leighton Mark's head.- Damn it, Henry Richard! What are you doing?Leighton Mark had just finished speaking, and before he could be determined, he was immediately punched hard in the stomach by Henry Richard's stiff feet. The pain immediately spread, causing him to get dizzy and fall flat.- That's the question I should be asking you. How was it? Not a horrible taste of waste, is it?The people next to me didn't dare to speak up. They couldn't believe Henry Richard was so weak, so weak, so insignificant, and now he knows martial arts, and he's become a completely diffe
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Chapter 6: Punishment!
Clara Walter took the paper suspiciously, still grumbling:- what are you going to do again?However, as soon as she read the first lines, Clara Walter's eyes suddenly darkened.- What? A divorce application?Her shocked the whole family, including Walter, who could not believe his ears. Mrs. Walter rushed to her daughter's side and snatched the divorce papers back.So far, Henry Richard doesn't have to pretend. He smiled faintly, his handsome face having ten wicked parts:- That's right, you're not blind! Clara Walter, let's get a divorce!Henry Richard... How dare he divorce?Clara Walter grinned at her belly like she heard Henry Richard's joke in her ear. However, his attitude towards him was extremely calm and a bit of a joke. Henry Richard is trying to tease Clara Walter, to turn her around like a pinwheel in the palm of his hand.Mr. Walter is the calmest man. He called Henry Richard up to stand beside him, earnestly asking him again:- Do you want a divorce?Henry Richard immed
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Chapter 7: Divorce!
The palace Lotus Flower is spacious. Its objects are finely carved and gold-plated, its people are crowded, and it's right arm is tattooed with the Phoenix bird, the symbol of the Lotus Flower empire.Returning to his place in charge this time, Henry Richard felt extraordinarily relaxed and relieved. He walked straight into the room, hitting a good deep sleep. However, because he was sleeping in the car earlier, Henry Richard only slept for a moment and woke up.Mr. Conal has been standing by waiting for him. As soon as he opened his eyes, Conal Joshua bowed his head with reverence:- Master, a lady Smith here!Layla Smith?She couldn't wait, came here to see him right away?Henry Richard, changing his clothes, asked in question:- Was she alone?- Yes, Lady Smith is with five other men!Conal Joshua answered quickly.Henry Richard frowned his eyebrows tightly. His button-up movement also stopped. His sharp eyes grew more and more silent.Layla Smith is standing in front of the God of
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Chapter 8: Repaying Emotional Debts
Layla couldn't believe what she was hearing. She was so astonished that her eyes went wide, and she stared at Henry without blinking."Henry, are you... are you serious?"He tilted his head slightly, looking at her with a half-closed eye:"Is there a problem with your listening comprehension? Or else, get going, I will devour you right here and now!"Layla's tears of joy fell. With Henry's help, the journey to find her father would be much smoother.Actually, Henry was not as tyrannical as rumored. He no longer forced Layla to offer herself to him, instead, he changed his mind and wholeheartedly helped her.When Henry was young, Barrett was the one who saved his life. At the age of ten, Henry nearly drowned in a lake. Thanks to Barrett William's rescue, Henry survived.He owed Barrett a debt, so he would repay it to his daughter in the most worthy way.After Layla left, Henry quickly entered the bathroom, pouring cold water over his body to clear his mind."Layla?!"Mervyn had been pa
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Chapter 9: Happy Gift
Henry's destination was a condominium area reserved for the Armstrong family. Though called a condominium, the Armstrongs lived concentrated in a forest, clearing trees, flattening the jungle to transform it into their own condominium.Mentioning the Armstrong family refers to the famous real estate trading corporation in the country. However, this group was secretly transporting opium, importing banned substances, growing richer and richer. Henry, although aware, chose to turn a blind eye as Lotus Flower has a rule not to intervene in the affairs of the wealthy.However, the Armstrongs made a grave mistake by offending Henry and the Lotus Flower. Henry's working principle is water does not interfere with well water. But if they have offended him, they will surely meet a tragic end.The head of the Armstrong family is Stephen Armstrong, the CEO of the Vomart conglomerate. Upon hearing that Henry himself was coming, he merely sneered. If it comes to age, Henry is still a full ten years
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Chapter 10: Strong Family
Suddenly, Henry's composed face became inscrutably deep. He walked towards his car, stretched his shoulders gently, then raised his face to ask his subordinate standing at attention beside him:"Is everything arranged properly?"The subordinate immediately nodded vigorously:"All set, Young Master!"Henry didn't drive away immediately. He leaned back in his seat, curled his lips into a silent chuckle, occasionally glancing at a timer.Stephen, indulging with two girls in the bedroom, suddenly received news that Henry's convoy hadn't left yet. Curious and furious, he hurriedly dressed, intending to go outside and confront them. Suddenly, a major incident occurred at the mansion next door to the Armstrongs.The sound of an explosion thundered through the air, dust and smoke filled the atmosphere, and flames engulfed an area in bright red fire. The large mansion was instantly blown to pieces, bricks and soil scattered in disarray. The fire spread to the remaining Armstrong mansions, caus
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