The Last Reincarnation

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The Last Reincarnation

By: Dedi Warisman OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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A man has been reincarnated 99 times, so far that man has various titles such as Sage, Magical King, and Warrior God which are obtained for some reason every time he is reincarnated. Because of that, the strongest person who couldn't spend time peacefully due to requests that came constantly trying to live a peaceful school life due to his next unforgettable 100th reincarnation life might be conspicuous. During this time the man could not spend his time peacefully every reincarnation he lived... Therefore this time the man tried to make this 100th Reincarnation full of peace. Is this man able to realize a peaceful life, or will it be the same as the previous life.??

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Chapter 1 - 100th Reincarnation
******* "Is this world coming to an end? I accomplished a lot in my 98 reincarnations so far. What? Heroes, Nobles, Magic Kings, Warriors, Sword Gods, Battle Gods, etc... I've been tired of 98's life so far, however with this 99th life reincarnation also became a noble. But this time it's the 100th reincarnation, and to commemorate the next reincarnation! I chose to hide the abilities I had all this time and live a normal school life like any ordinary human." With that said, the man who had reincarnated 98 times began to combine his Reincarnation magic techniques to activate Reincarnation magic and then lost consciousness. ******* "Ogya Ogya!!" And after that, the man who had been reincarnated 99 times, now had a new life at his 100th reincarnation. (But I don't want to cry every time I reincarnate... I'm not used to this) "Oh, you finally came out son!" "That's good, he was born good..." "Hey, let me hold her for a minute baby." "Yes father" "Funny. Do you know me? This is
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Chapter 2 - Private tutor
My room is quite big, so even though there is a table, chairs, shelves, and bed, there is still a lot of space left… What should I do? In contrast, magic-specific subjects and sorcery varied from world to world. When that happens, I get attached to witchcraft or sorcery, of course. First of all, I don't know what all the subjects are. "In that case, I know apart from special subjects, so it's special subjects... Can you teach me general magic or special magic?" There are some differences between general magic and special magic even if they have similar names at first glance. ... Oh, history is good too. Well, is that all right? "I see, so you know something other than a specialized subject... it seems better not to ask where you learned it. Let's teach magic. I've never heard of magic. I can't tell you. Rather, it's magic. Do you know the power the magic that is the basis of magic? Is this the inexplicable energy body that fills this world?... "Gerrard's body is also full of
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Chapter 3 - To the Magic School Part 1
Gerrard thought Alex was putting too much effort into the hand to grab his shoulder. Don't show off your muscle power in a place like this. "Yes, rest assured." "Leave it to me, I'll get you into school. Then I'll do the best magic too." "Don't break it..." They then went home after such an exchange. ******* "Mr. Rian, Mrs. Isti, I'm ending Gerrard's lesson today. Thank you for the help. I want to go back to the country so Gerrard can enroll in the Magic Academy. By the way, it's free of charge. However, only at the age of 7 did Gerrard only then can enroll in the school of magic. In other words, it looks like an invitation will be sent from the country around 5 years later, but please be patient until then." Rian and Isti were stunned when they heard Alex's words, that was because their son, Gerrard, at the age of two, was eligible to enter the Magic Academy. But because of the Academy's regulations, they have to wait another 5 years to let their child enter the Academy. "O
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Chapter 4 - To the Magic School Part 2
It's a convenient magic that detects a surgeon-centered 2.5km radius range. You can apply things like where you are, the distance to your destination, who is where, and so on. "Is the Academy over there..." I found a building that looks like the Magic Academy building with space detection and started walking. Then, a girl jumped out of the passage in front of me. I was also caught off guard and we collided. "Excuse me, is it okay if you don't look ahead?" "Sorry, I'm being chased." (Well, it can't be helped then) While thinking that, the girl's tiny hand was grabbed by two men who came out from the same passage. "Chi, run for a bit... Hey, I'll go ahead." “Heh, this brat wants to help her…” I'm not leaving here. I'm used to things like this. In a previous life "Hey, let go of the girl, then apologize to the two Gorotsuki." "Damn brat, you will see painful eyes when you interfere. If you don't like it, leave quickly." "I told you to let go, you are all just small fish.
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Chapter 5 - Principal Examination
A figure that can only be seen in the twenties, who sees it, will be fascinated by it. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is very beautiful. Other things resembled noble auras sitting on the seats but had no gaps and overflowed from the body. "What do you need?" "My name is Gerrard and I received an invitation from you, headmaster. This time, I have come here to enroll in this Magic Academy school." I was the one who asked Alex to write the invites, but that wouldn't have made much difference. "You are the genius Gerrard that Alex said 5 Years ago. Welcome, I am Xiren, the principal of this Magic Academy. By the way, as I said before, I welcome you to apply, but can I confirm that you really-" really have the ability?” "Well, it's easier than that." I'm sure I can solve any difficult problem. Except for romantic relationships... "Then let's go to the first combat training ground. You will fight me there." "Yes?" "So I will fight you and show you what you can do. You
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Chapter 6 - Enter the magic school
"I have to come here again tomorrow and get things... Come to think of it, I haven't taken accommodations... well, that's fine." I'm a little worried, but I can find an inn safely, so eat dinner and sleep slowly for tomorrow in the bed in the inn room. ******* About a month had passed since that day, the day Headmaster Xiren tested Gerrard's abilities which finally made Headmaster Xiren faint just like Alex did when he was in the village. Now the day after the exams were over, Gerrard went to school again to get the materials he needed. And today was the day of the entrance ceremony which was written in the materials Gerrard received. "Finally the entrance ceremony... I was free until now, but will be released today." Gerrard thrust his hand into the uniform sent from school, fastened the two buttons around his neck, and stepped into the wizarding school's entrance ceremony. "It's a place called the Magic Academy. I didn't think there were so many new students." Gerrard sits
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Chapter 7 - First day of school Part 1
******* "Sara, this is the principal's office. Well, I have nothing to explain." "Is this the principal's room? I don't think I'll ever come here..." "How about it? Rather, is this the last place?" "Maybe right... Hey, is it time to get back to the venue? I don't care." "That's right... The classification will be finished in a bit. Shall we return to the venue while talking?" While the two were still holding hands and talking, the door in front of them opened, and sure enough, the principal was there. "Oh, it's Gerrard and who is it?" "Nice to meet you... My name is Sara and I'm signing up this time." "Principal ... I know we are at the door and open the door. Remove the sign carefully." "Correct answer, as expected, Gerrard" Gerrard had no choice but to be amazed by the headmaster who laughed like a child who had succeeded in mischievousness. "Gerrard, have you met the principal?" "No, no, principal... it was about the exam that day, the day we first met. And it was at t
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Chapter 8 - First Day of School Part 2
"Yes, Rika Junior, let's get along with each other in the same class." The applause was the same as Gerrard and Rika when they returned to their seats. At that time, Rika was glancing at Gerrard, but no one was paying attention to her. "Next, Deputy Chief Saras" "Yes. I am Saras, who is vice chairman. Thank you for your cooperation." After a simple self-introduction, Saras returned to his seat. By the way, his seat was two steps to the left of Gerrard's seat. "Carry on,---" As usual, each self-introduction went smoothly and became the final student self-introduction. "Next and last... Yura Triana" "Yes. I am Yura Triana. I am the daughter of Count Demian Triana. Let's get along with everyone." (By the way, aristocrats have surnames…but a principal can't be an aristocrat if anyone who has made some accomplishments can be given a surname?) Yura Triana returned to her seat while Gerrard was thinking about something else. The two boys watched Yura walk over to her seat. Yura
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Chapter 9 - Battle Training Part 1
******* "Then let's get started." Starting with that word, barriers were put up around the others and they started to fight lightly. As expected, it's a barrier magic between superlative and superlative… It's so convenient that the repercussions of those around you in battle don't come at all. "Isn't that moving? Then, I'll do it from here!" Suddenly, I rushed to strengthen my body and dodged the attack from Guam, but I instead turned around and punched him as if I knew the direction of his attack. (You said it was light combat... no, I've never used magic) "Oraoraora! You can only avoid it, now try to attack me too!" "If so, are you ready to accept it?" "Try it! Ola... Guts!" After brilliantly dodging Guam's attack falling from above, I immediately kicked him in the stomach. Of course, it was a normal kick with no physical reinforcement. If you strengthen your body and kick it, your upper and lower body will be cut at worst. I'm used to such splatter scenes, but it's ter
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Chapter 10 - Battle Training Part 2
Saying that Saras faints. That's right, synthetic magic uses a huge amount of magical power, Saras has more total magical power than the others, but still uses magical power due to the influence of synthetic magic... I think it's fine, but I'll go to see the situation later. “The game ends here, winner Yura” When did it become a game format... ******* The battle between Saras and Yura has ended and the next couple will play the match. Saras is resting having used his magical powers in the previous game. You'd better go to see the situation later. "The next couple is... Mikel and Randa" Randa is an ordinary young man who doesn't feel comfortable, as well as a mysterious man with the same black hair as me. In comparison, Mikel is ... a muscular man with gray hair, unlike Alex. (There's too much difference in physique...) "Both of them are well prepared... Then let's start! Gooo!" Mikel set it up right after the start, the guy skillfully used the reinforcements to close the gap
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