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Blurb Revenge is best served cold, but just how cold? The worst of foes come from within and Richard should have known. Richard Escrow has always seen his in-laws as his savior for taking him in after his parent's demise at a young age and letting him marry their daughter; he'd felt blessed to have such foster parents. But that was a mere facade to blind him to their vile ways. Now, his marriage is threatened and his wife is being coerced by the very family he's always known to divorce him and abort their unborn child. Finding a job has become impossible and he's taunted daily by his in-laws who keep persuading his wife to marry a wealthy man and save the family business from bankruptcy. The Devon family aren't big on love and unity as much as the next juicy business deal and investment, they see Richard as a liability and can't wait to rid of him. But fate has a few cards left and it works perfectly for Richard. Having discovered his new found inheritance and the truth behind his biological family's legacy. His eyes are open to who his in-laws truly are and how they'd trampled on him all those years to steal from him. Richardl is ready to play dirty with all the power he now wields to ensure that he keeps his wife and he destroys the people that destroyed his biological family. He has a few secrets to keep but his game is set, he knows his pawns, positions his queen and awaits the perfect time to…checkmate! Revenge is best frozen after all.

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Chapter one
“Today's going to be a good day.” Richard Escrow, gave himself the pep talk as he buttoned his shirt and hung his tie loosely on his neck. Job hunting had become a normal part of his day, and it's futile outcome never deterred the young man from trying again and again. Richard walked down the stairs, his shoes in one hand and suitcase in the other. The scent of toast and freshly brewed coffee invading his nostrils.“Good morning babe, I made breakfast.” His wife declared in a sing-song voice before offering him a plate of her delicacy. Sierra Shawn Devon, the only daughter and heir to the Devon hardware technology, was his wife. She sauntered around the tiny space, enjoying the morning and the music that played in the background. Sierra, got herself a plate and sat opposite him on the kitchen counter as she ate voraciously and helped herself to another serving.The hierarchy of the rich and wealthy had the name tag of the Devon's boldly inscribed for all to see. But, his wife enjoyed
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Chapter two
“Applicant 204, you're next.” The receptionist called out to Richard, whose palms were already sweaty and his suit a tad bit tight from the anxiety that threatened to choke him. Over a thousand people came for the job interview, he needed this job. Richard answered each question thrown at him, with deliberation, and left no stone unturned with his speech. “That will be all, Mr. Richard.” He was requested to leave the meeting room for another interviewee. But Richard did not fail to notice how impressed the gray haired man sent an impressive look his way.Copper & Brass, was not exactly his dream work place, but half bread was better than none. He walked towards the bus stop, rejuvenated and filled with optimism. He had his wife to thank for filling him with hope even when he saw no way out. Sierra was his angel in human form. He did a mental note to stop at her favorite pastry store to get her some croissant with the few nickels and dimes he saved up for rainy days.Richard had no ide
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Chapter three
“Apologies young master. The instruction was to bring you here safe and unharmed.” The old man shot daggers at the able-bodied bodyguards, who had their heads slightly bowed in remorse. Richard, confused, stared at the old man and back at the bodyguards. “What the hell is going on and who the hell are you people?” He feared if he said the wrong thing or asked the wrong question, they would switch up on him and tie him to a chair. So, Richard chose his words carefully.“Let me clear your confusion, son. My name is Theo Romane, your godfather and butler to Richard Escrow I. Your father founded everything technology. You might not remember me since you were a little toddler back then. But, you were all your parents ever prayed for. ” Mr. Theo stared at nothing in particular, probably going down memory held both good and stale memories for him. Richard could tell with the way his face scrunched up and the visible frown lines that not everything he remembered from the past was all roses an
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Chapter four
“I know you've being waiting for this moment to bring me out into the spotlight for the world to be aware of my return. But, hold your horses Butler, Theo.” Richard was most certain that coming out in public, at this time, had to be considered a stupid decision. He would decide when it was appropriate to announce his presence. Butler Theo AKA The famous Mr. Theo Romane obviously did not accept his response, but had no choice but to adapt to his decision.“Why, if I may ask?” Butler Theo inquired from Richard, who had a thousand and one reasons to give. “As the only son of the Escrow dynasty, coming out into the limelight might be too dangerous for anyone who is affiliated with me. Especially when I do that in a high-profile manner.” Richard learned first hand how intoxicating wealth and power could be to those who had a taste of it. Putting his loved ones at risk by a recent discovery that people in their diverse spectrum of enemies and foes grovelled for, required loads of strategic
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Chapter five
Richard did not have it in him to get mad at his wife. He knew she would never intentionally keep such important news that meant the whole world away from him without any reasonable reason. “I can explain babe, I was going to have the conversation with you this morning. But, there was the call and you leaving in a hurry. That is why I stayed up waiting for you, with a bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling wine and a sexy lingerie on the side.” She twirled around in an awkward circle, her beige baggy night wear floating in the air. Her attempt to bring a smile to his face worked perfectly.Richard took his wife's hands and engulfed it with his, his stare intense and filled with appreciation and love. “Now that I know about our baby, everything will be okay. I'll walk with you all through, never letting go of this hand.” She chuckled lightly before wiping the tears that stained her cheek. “You will be the best dad in the world.” She teased before placing a kiss on his lips.He removed his b
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Chapter six
Everyone crowded around the TV to watch the news, as they all waited with bated breath for the bidding to commence. The tension in the air could not be split with the sharpest of knives, as it thickened over time with the pressure of the much anticipated bidding exercise. “Good morning everyone, My name is Andrew Reignoff, the secretary of the prestigious Bigger Sons Tech. The bidding will commence in 5,4,3,2,1…” And with that, the bell went off with a clanging sound.“Once again, in the absence of the CEO, Mr. Raymond Escrow, I will be your humble host. Best of luck everyone.” No one suspected the similarity in the last name or that his secretary left the name Escrow, a clue to whom the boss was. Everyone, including Sierra, was engrossed in the bidding that had already commenced. It took a while, but the bidding finally came to an end.“How long does it take for the winner to be announced, I can't wait to help Sierra pack up her things out of this rathole.” Humphrey mocked, his uncen
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Chapter seven
Security! Security!.” Durrel whimpered like a baby as he called out for help. Richard was yet to be done with him, which made his cry for help, a waste of time. No one dared to intervene until he was done teaching him a lesson. Satisfied with the injuries he inflicted on Durrel, Richard walked away, leaving the infamous “Mr. Durrel” to help himself from the floor where he laid. After all the beatings the big mouthed man received from Richard, he expected him to accord himself a bit of shame but as the saying went “empty barrels, make the loudest noise.” Mr.Durrel still refused to accept defeat. “Good morning, Mr. Escrow, we h--” The receptionist made to blow his cover-up, but Richard was quick to signal her not to say anything. She composed herself, her face returning to its professional state before Durrel walked in, in all his disheveled glory.“I have an appointment with the CEO.” Durrel informed Grace, the receptionist. “Please hold on.” She informed Durrel, her hands flying to
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Chapter eight
Richard, now seated comfortably in his large, aesthetically pleasing and bright office, haven forgotten about his earlier ordeal with Durrel Stance and the unpleasantness he had caused him, reprimanded his secretary for the delay in the bidding announcement. “Giovanni, I expect the winner of the bidding exercise to be announced by now and, as per my instruction, should be accorded to my wife.”“If I may, sir, I analyzed the pros and cons of placing sentiments in this exercise and blindly selecting a winner.” She spoke with so much confidence, her words contradicted his orders, but she waited for her to hit the nail on the head. “So?” Richard urged her to continue.“The company's growth, development, and needs are far larger than what your wife's bid, with due respect sir, can handle. So, I kept the result on hold, hoping to discuss the issue at hand with you first on how to proceed.” Richard was a logical man that couldn't agree less with her suggestion. Now, the ball was in his cour
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