The Crime Lord

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The Crime Lord

By: Wednesday Adaire CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Robert, the poor weakness man, was falsely imprisoned on awful charges. The future is nothing but darkness for him, until he met his friends, Axton and Monti. There will be an exact revenge on D'Angelo's biggest cartel. All who hear the name of The Crime Lord, are about to be frightened...

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327 chapters
Rome, August 2015
(Robert's POV)The sun seems so shining exceptionally brightly as it highlights the city of Rome. In this lovely city, many people take pleasure in the summertime atmosphere, but sadly, among the many happy smiles that are etched on people's faces, there is one young man who appears miserable while he is confined in a small room. The young man was revealed to be Robert Joan Mancini, which is me.My hands was restrained, and I looked down at the ground looking at myself. Only three days ago, I turned 19 years old, and today, a police officer named, Noah Dixie put me through a forced court of law. Actually, I am such a nice young man, it is extremely unlikely that I will ever commit a misdemeanor. Of course, this leads to my ongoing case, into alleged rape, which was initiated by Noah.Indeed, it was alleged that I had committed rape against his wife, Luvita Charles Dixie. On the other hand, the way things transpired in reality was not at all like that. Luvita was the one who lured me i
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Rebibbia Prison
The bus transports me to the Rebibbia prison. My face was still red from Noah's slap in court earlier. My body also feels hurts, and Noah treats me like a beaten dog. The shirt that Luvita gave was served as Noah's pad for striking me in the face. He then burned his white shirt in front of me. He despises everything about me. That's sucks.I stares blankly out the window. Nothing I can do. Consider how the contents of the prison already make me shudder with horror. But that is fate, and it must be faced now.After a ten-minute drive, one officer warden bodied enters the car and begins staring one by one at the five people on the bus."Look at this stupid rats! I'm sure this one won't last more than a week," The man said in my direction. I simply subdued my head and did not respond.The man swings his arms in the direction of the door while asking the five people on the bus to get down. My footsteps felt very limp, and I never thought if the life I thought would be easy to walk through
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New Friends
"I have a visitor for you, Robert Joan Mancini." When the prison warden called out my name, my innocent face became perplexed. I stopped the activity of breaking the stone and dashed to the warden. I trailed the warden with staggered steps, my legs still aching from being completely bullied by members in my room the night before. My body was slammed to the floor several times for failing to do what the seniors ordered. It was excruciatingly painful for me, and my body was so thin that it felt like all of the bones were breaking. But, there's one thing I like about the residents of block G. 28. They are thoughtful and concerned about what has happened to me. They pranked me and then asked me to tell them what happened between me and Luvita. Their expressions were symphatize, and they didn't appear cruel as they listened intently to my story. Even though it was only one night, I began to have the impression that the people in block G-28 weren't so bad. They also warned me about the G
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Son Of Devil
(Axton's POV)"Hit Him! HIT HIM! "Cheers rang out from the dining room at Northin prison, a prison where heavyweight criminals hid. They supported me when I was involved in a fight fists on the dining table. The other three people had already fallen to the floor with their faces covered in blood. By the way, my name is Axton David Gladwin and the man in front of me, is Klavir Beneth Arcanic, both of us are the most feared person in this prison. But if given a choice, they actually told that i indeed the number one person who has never been touched by anyone. For some reason, Klavir is easily looking for trouble this day with me, the man who called as the Devil's son."Come on, our son of the devil, just beat that loser, Klavir! We want to see his face shattered!" shouted one in the crowd.I really don't like to looking for trouble, I still wore a calm face. Even so, my hands were ready to smack back against Klavir's battered face to make it even more crushed."Let's go! Why are you s
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New Member Of G28
(Robert's POV)The loud ringing of the bell woke me from my sleep. This was my fourth day in Rebibbia's prison, I was slowly getting used to everything. Getting Monti as a new friend makes me less difficult to live out my days as a convict. The other members in this cell are also not too bad, so far I have never been treated badly from other inmates."Hurry up, Robert! Swipe your sleepy face!” said Monti while patting me on the shoulder.I nodded slowly, then, i went to the bathroom in the corner of the room to wash my face."Robert! Hurry up, what are you doing?! Are you masturbating?!”One of the members of cell G 28 shouted right in front of the toilet door, I immediately wiped my face with water and rushed out to the man."Y-yes, Mr. Bruno, I'm sorry," I said with a pitiful face.Bruno looked at me with an eyebrow raised, then he said again “Why are you apologizing to me? I'm just reminding you to hurry, we have to get breakfast soon. What a fool!”Suddenly it made everyone laugh.
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He's Coming
"He’s coming!"Monti rushed to the front of the queue at block G28 as what had been discussed earlier in the morning finally made its way there. Axton's figure appeared at exactly five o'clock in the afternoon, after all of the inmates had been placed back in their respective cells. He was under the close protection of five officers, and all of the staff members of the G28 block stood in a line as if he were a very important person.i was standing in the first row, along with the other inmates of G28, all had extremely tight expressions on their faces. The words that Monti had spoken to me earlier this morning continued to torment me, and the other members of the staff also continued to bring up the same issue. Axton was seen standing in front of their cell, which caused me a lot of worry and fear."What the hell?! What are you doing? There might be a visit from the warden today, but I'm not sure because he just got back from work a half hour ago," said a warden who had delivered Axto
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Friendly Bad Guy
The first day of Axton's arrival has no effect on anything in the Rebibbia Prison. Axton also succeeded in becoming the hot topic. This becomes an ingredient in almost all prison conversations due to a very contradictory attitude toward what this is known as by others.I also agree with that, I really admits it. Even, Axton isn't that scarry, and before I went up the ladder to the top sleeper, Axton had time to smile coldly at me. It makes me nervous in a good way."You are extremely fortunate, Robert! I'm truly envious of you," Monti said as he sat next to me. Both of us were resting under our favorite tree in the prison's backyard. We are still doing the same thing, breaking the stones that never ends."What is fortunate? You always say that, maybe almost three times," I said, perplexed.While thrusting candy rubber on me, he embraces me and says, "You are already safe from Axton's figure. It’s being different when I was entered the G28, Tony and Bruno, that bastards went all out on
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The Nightmare
(Axton's POV)"Do you love me?"A woman dressed to the knees in a red dress was seen hugging a large man who was standing without a shirt.The man with the thick mustache took the woman's hand and pulled her forward, when they both faced each other, the man kissed the woman's red lips."Perhaps, I should be the one to ask you that. The fact that you still have a relationship with your husband is proof enough. It bothers me that I have to come to you in secret, but I want everyone in Rome and the rest of the world to know that you are mine, Maria."The woman, named Maria, then smiled broadly while holding the man with the thick mustache's face. The look in his eyes shows that he adores the figure of the man in front of him."Come on, my lovely D'Angelo, you're the only one who truly understands why I'm still with Axton. I just--.”BRAK!The door swung open, and I stepped inside, my face flushed with rage. I had a gun in my hand and ready to shoot someone."Axton?!"The woman appeared t
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Night Talk
It had been three hours since Axton had woken from his dream. I haven't fallen asleep yet. This is very annoying, because we have to get up very early tomorrow, to do the mutual cleaning of this old prison.Even though, I am the type of person who falls asleep easily, especially after feeling at ease in this cell, I would have fallen asleep when everyone was still talking. Tonight feels different in some ways. Maybe, it's because of my curiosity regarding Axton's dream. When I asked him to explain his dream, the fierce man chose to remain silent and immediately returned to his bed.The occupants of block G-28 snorted loudly, making it even more difficult for me to concentrate while trying to sleep. My eyes had grown tired of staring up at the dimly lit cell ceiling. The moonlight streaming in through the top window should put me at ease. Unfortunately, that did not occur.Srrk.. Srrk...My bed suddenly moved amid the din of other people. I'm pretty sure it was due to Axton's movemen
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Axton's Command
We're back to cleaning the library today. It does take a while to organize this library, and the space is actually quite large. When Axton offered to come back with him, Monti and I were very pleased. Even some of the inmates were perplexed to see us because we appeared to be quite close to Axton. If we really were that close, I might be very content. I'm still curious about his life as of this morning. I sometimes wonder if it's disrespectful to think about Axton's passing and life experience, but it does sometimes weigh on my mind. Perhaps it can be said that now that I am beginning to feel in awe of Axton, my eyes are so transfixed by the strength of the strong man that I can't help but stare at him. “Robert, what do you see?” Axton realized if I was looking at him because I gasped. "Um... uh... Your muscles is absolutely amazing, sir! How could I have muscles like yours? I wondered!” Although it seems absurd, my rebuttal from just now can be considered quite effective. Axton
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