Chapter 90

When they succeeded in dispelling the dark spirits they'd invoked, the witches fell weakly to the floor.

Cassie had also fallen unconscious.

Some of the witches outside of the coven who'd been patiently waiting for the success of the ritual heard the thuds and rushed in.

They picked each of their sisters and took them back to their rooms, they tended to them throughout the day until they regained their strengths.

Cassie was also taken back to her room, she was unconscious for the greater part of the day, she woke up in the evening.

She opened her eyes in her room, looked around, and saw she was surrounded by Cara, the witch leader, and two other witches.

Cara and the twenty-three other witches regained their strengths and had taken turns in watching after Cassie for the first sign of recovery.

It was Cara and the leader's turn with the two other witches when Cassie woke up.

She yawned weakly and sat up on the bed.

"Cara, what's going on?" She was surprised to see them in her room.

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