The Domineering Tyrant And His Beautiful Maiden

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The Domineering Tyrant And His Beautiful Maiden

By: Lucky_Damsel OngoingFantasy

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"Harmony..." he fondly addressed "You disobeyed your master. Don't you think you deserve a punishment?" He asked, his breath gently fanned her lips Holding onto her waist, he turned her such that she was completely facing him. He moved closer to her lips in an attempt to kiss her but then moved an inch backward He repeated this action twice and could clearly see her misty eyes. Harmony knew he was in a way punishing her and surprisingly, she yearned for his kiss Seeing his lips moving closer to hers, she instinctively moved forward but instead of kissing her on the lips, he kissed her jaw His lips rubbing along he skin. And then his lips met hers, he licked her lips...savouring her patiently. With soft and gentle movement, he slid his tongue into her sweet mouth .... Harmony is a girl with a forgotten past. Unknowingly, she was a catalyst. Someone meant to cause nothing but destruction. She was driven by her mother and was found by a maid who worked in a mansion where girls were being recruited to other places Lord Darian was a Domineering Lord and a fearsome tyrant. His presence alone was an enigma, he scared people without even trying to lift a finger. His cruelty held no bounds. The most powerful Lord in whole of Zludac. He saw her in his dream She was his salvation...or so he thought He thought he was someone who didn't need to be saved until he saw her Two lost souls crossed, their fates locked Will she still be his beautiful maiden knowing she was not only his redemption but also his end?

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    First of all, love how the book started The book's great so far ... ... Cheers to the author ...

    2024-01-03 05:08:42
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"Hmm, that's a pretty one you have there" hummed a middle aged lady in a blue gown, her hand reaching out to push her glasses to the bridge of her nose. Her grey eyes staring down at the petite looking child who stood with her head down "Where did you find her, Martha?" "Madame, I found her behind an alley" Martha answered, her hair was tied to a bun and she wore a maid's uniform"Get her cleaned and take her to the room" Martha nodded with a bow and took the child by her tiny hand which were covered with dirtThe little girl still had her head down, her brown hair was slightly dishevelled and her hands stood shakingly at the sideShe heard the sound of a metal door creak open and Martha slowly took her inside"Here, child. This is where you'll be staying, why don't you raise your head and have a look" Martha urged but the little girl's head was faced to the cemented ground "Aunt Martha..." another's child voice was heard and the little girl shivered backward hearing the rough footst
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Zludac I
....Inside a particular room, a lady sat down elegantly as she patted her index finger on her desk. Her eyes staring at the head maid who stood before her "What do you mean by that, Martha? Tomorrow, they are coming for the girls and you're telling me not to hand one over?" The lady dramatically questioned"Madame, I'm just saying...if you think about it, we could use her at the mansion. I don't think she should be sent to a place-""Martha, I told you not to grow some sort of attachment towards these girls ""But I'm asking for one, let Harmony stay behind ""What's your reason for saying this? Does she have some sort of illness? Listen Martha, the girls have been counted and the number has been handed over to them. If one is missing-""Is it too much to ask for, Madame...Think of it, Harmony is irresponsible...she's clumsy and you know that, she makes silly mistakes-""Martha, my decision is final and you're either with me or against me""Madame...""There's no in between and if y
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Zludac II
"H-harmony...are you alright?" Anna worriedly asked and Harmony slowly sat up. Harmony looked around and could see the rest of the girls sitting with their legs folded at the side "We knew this day would come but what we don't know is where they're taking us. Harmony, I'm getting scared...a-are"The thing they were on suddenly came to an abrupt stop and three men walked in, with same dagger dangling at the side of their waists "We share them into two groups, the higher ups and the lower" one of them said and slowly they picked them outIt came to Harmony and Anna who was reluctant on letting each other go. Anna was roughly grasped and thrown to the other side. The lower Although she wasn't supposed to feel this way in a situation as this, she felt jealous...why was Harmony in the higher ups, that meant she was going to get better treatment...His vision was blurryHe could feel her, he could hear her heartbeat...she was closeShe was beautiful, her brown hair was being swept by the
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His Redemption
His deep, keen set of eyes scanned through the humans and stopped at a certain someoneIt was her. She was hereHer brown hair was let loose and her pretty brown eyes stared at him with curiosity His redemption His eyes remained on her face for a while before he whispered something to the butler. And then he walked upstairs "Now, a few amongst you all would be selected to work here in the Palace and the rest of you would be taken immediately to your rightful places " said the butler ....Harmony with two other slaves walked behind the stoic looking butler as he led them to their rooms"This is the servant's quarter, you shall resume work tomorrow morning and they would be no room for delay " The slaves hesitantly nodded their head and walked inside the room "Not you..." he said to Harmony who was about to go in as well "Come with me"Harmony glanced at the room and then went along with the butler. She gaped at the mansion as they passed by different doors and went towards the East
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Slave I
Harmony played with the hem of her dress as she watched the Lord of the Palace elegantly sitting down. She was dressed in a black and white maid's uniform along with the other maidsHis gaze on her made her even more nervous. When she raised her head to glance at him, their eyes locked and a gasp almost escaped her lips, not because their eyes had met but because of his eyes...which were a shade of redHis slender fingers reached out to pick up the glass and he took a sip from the red liquid flowing insideHis eyes then moved back to her and he took note of her features. Her skin was as white as snow, her lips was small and light pink. The shape of face was lovely and her brown and beautiful hair hung above her waist"Come here" He instructed and he could hear the sound of her heart hammering in her chest. His eyes met with her brown ones which held a tinge of surprise "You don't intend on standing till I'm done with my meal now, do you?" he unhurriedly asked and Harmony looked down a
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Slave II
Holding a cigarette in between his fingers, Darian stared at the butler and the maids who changed the bloody sheets"You may leave" Lennox said to the maids who left immediately with the sheets "That's another one dead" he said, adjusting the sheet "Milord...the slave you a-""She's the one I choose, Lennox and I know you as one not to question my decisions ""Of course, Milord...but the treatment she's receiving will make the rest of the maids feel inferior" Darian harshly pressed the butt of the cigarette and he turned to look at Lennox with his usual cold gaze "Forgive me, Milord...but we know nothing about her, except for the fact that she's a slave""Why don't you make yourself useful and find out about her, then?""Yes, Milord "Darian watched as Lennox left the room and he glanced at the door. He knew Lennox for being too aware of his safety and the people that surrounds him. He was a loyal servant"Come in" Darian said hearing a slight knock on the door. The door slowly opened
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Lord Darian's Relatives I
Harmony stared at Darian in disbelief as her mind was still trying to register what he said. She knew she was in no position to refuse his order but she couldn't undress a manHer hands felt sweaty as she slowly lifted them up, she tried her best not to appear shaky but she couldn't. Standing face to face undressing a man was actually a big deal to herShe slowly unbuttoned the grey buttons and her hands went to rest back at her side. She didn't stare at his chest, afraid that she might be unable to look awayHis lips slowly curled up into a sneer at her adorable expression and he couldn't resist the urge to tease her"I said to take my clothes off" Harmony's lips slightly parted but was clamped shut. Harmony was scared, the man's intense gaze on her made her shiver"M-milord, I don't know-" she said, her voice was barely audible but Darian caught every words that left her lips"You better learn it then, let's start with the basics...""Milord, t-the water would get cold" Darian glan
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Lord Darian's Relatives II
Harmony carefully cleaned the already washed dishes and arranged them on top one another "I heard Lord Darian's relatives would be arriving today" said one of the maids who stood by the counter "We're going to need more plates on the table. You there..." The head maid said, pointing at Harmony who rinsed her hands "Take those plates to the dining"Harmony took the set of plates and walked out of the kitchen. Approaching the dining, she tried to avoid the Lord's gaze and placed the plate on the table. Harmony could feel someone's gaze at the side and she knew it was the butler"Milord...Lady Shirley has arrived" Lennox informed with a low bow. The double sided door to the dining opened and an elegant looking lady walked in. She was a lady in her late forties, her thick black hair was tied to a bun and her red eyes scanned the mansionBesides her stood her daughter, Sarah. Whose blonde hair was neatly combed to the side and her charming red eyes shone brightlyAnd her son, Samael. Wit
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Lord Darian's Relatives III
Harmony placed the tea in a tray before walking out of the kitchen."...Sarah's attending dance classes, Milord" Lady Shirley proudly said and Darian hummed "Hmm, found any suitors along the way" Darian bluntly asked and Sarah half smiled"Not yet, Milord. And I don't think I intend to at the moment" Sarah answered "Why not? You're not getting younger. Not getting any suitors?""No Milord, Sarah gets many suitors each day but they're not...up to our standards""Yes, Milord " Sarah supported her mother "If you keep leaning on standards, I trust you to remain single the rest of your life"Lady Shirley's face fell along with her daughter at Darian's responseHarmony arrived at the dinning yo be greeted by silence. She served the tea on the table and with a bow, intended to leave "Hold on" Sarah stopped her "Pour me a glass of water" She ordered with her chin held up highSarah stared at Harmony with distaste as she walked towards her. She knew Harmony was a new maid, a pretty one at
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Looks So Tasty
"You..." Sarah's face twisted in annoyance and she stalked forward, rasing her hand to hit Harmony"That's enough" Darian's voice resounded in the dining. Sarah hesitantly placed her hand down but her eyes remained on Harmony with a sharp glare"Forgive us for disrupting your meal, Milord. Allow us to take it upon ourselves to teach your maid proper manners " Lady Shirley suggested, her red eyes staring at Harmony with obvious distate"I know how to take care of my things, Lady Shirley. Rather why don't you teach your daughter how to behave properly in front of her King. It's time you leave"Lady Shirley passed Harmony an harsh look before she slowly stood up"Of course, Milord "....Walking besides a man with a greedy smile on his face stood a pot-bellied man who had a dirty mustache on his faceHe stood with his large belly, facing a slim figure who sat on the bed. Her fair hands were placed on her lap and her eyes stared down at it"She was the one delivered today, sir" the man sa
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