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Ryvan Kesley is the Captain of the Crested Knights, the most powerful and mysterious organization all around the world. Additionally, he is also the greatest Medical Maestro. Ryvan returned to the urban ordinary life and followed his master’s instruction to get married. However, his wife looked down on him and even wanted a divorce…

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  • Bunny bear


    If you read this book, you will definitely not regret it.

    2024-05-29 12:58:55
  • Dream Raptor


    This book is highly recommended. Just give it a try and you won't regret it. I love the first few chapters

    2024-05-13 18:20:35
  • Diih Mahnz


    nice story. need more chapters

    2024-05-23 18:39:15
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26 chapters
Chapter 0001
ROSS HOTEL Ryvan Kesley opened his eyes when the morning sunlight slipped in through the curtain. As he wanted to get up, he felt somebody was pressing on his left arm and a “big hemisphere” was held in his left hand.Evan enjoyed pinching the hemispheric object because it was really soft! Wh
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Chapter 0002
"One is the Supreme Black Dragon Card, which allows unlimited usage at any store under the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce! The other is the key to the residence, Villa No. 1 of the Sky Palace. I hope these two little stuffs can be helpful to you, Captain." Dave bent over, humbly handing these two prese
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Chapter 0003
The next day, Ryvan and Arabella made their way to the City Clerk's office.Arabella’s mind was entirely numb as they applied for their marriage certificate.Under the action of money, it didn’t take long to finish it, and they came back very quickly.On the car, Ryvan was quite happy because the co
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Chapter 0004
“What a pity! It seemed that you only lasted for... five seconds, half of ten.” Ryvan put down the swords and walked down calmly.All of the audience were dumbfounded, including the Brandall sisters.Arabella was shocked. She thought Bruce would win the race, but unexpectedly...However, doubtful vo
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Chapter 0005
Ryvan arrived at the Claire’s Manor quickly, and there was already a servant waiting for him at the door.As he was led to a girl’s bedroom on the third floor, he smelled various medicines filling the room, and saw a pale sleeping beauty on the bed quietly.Her delicate face attracted Ryvan’s eyes.
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Chapter 0006
"What?!" Dave's face paled, and he was about to fall.His wife, Linda cried out loudly.Kelvin knelt on the ground, crying and telling what had happened.“Bastard! You killed your sister!” Dave roared, kicking Kelvin to the ground.Dave was so angry when he heard that his son stopped Ryvan from savi
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Chapter 0007
The next morning, a sudden ringing of the phone woke Ryvan up.He stretched out and answered the phone."Ryvan, this is Henry. I have just scolded Bella. As your wife, she shouldn't have kept you from going back home for sleep.”"But she didn’t..." Ryvan wanted to explain it for his wife, but was in
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Chapter 0008
“ What is he talking about?” Henry asked. The old man's gaze fell on Eric, whose throat ran dry instantly. “ Father, it's obviously a misunderstanding, Eric can never do such a thing. Why would he associate with a thug like him?” Leicester sneered. “ Why not ask him what he did that brought me he
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Chapter 0009
He laughed, even though he wasn't aware of what really occurred. “ It was nothing. I wouldn't just sit back and watch him cause ruckus here.” Ryvan never thought that Bruce could be shameless enough to receive praise for what he didn't do. “ Do you even know what happened here?” He asked. Bruce fell silent because he didn't know what to say, however, Eric cut in. “ You knew everything but what did you do? You only caused more trouble. Bruce was the one who scared Duke off, so stop asking silly questions.” “ He left because he was afraid of offending me!” Ryvan uttered once more. “ Do you expect us to believe that?” Lilith scoffed. “ He’s taking credit for what he didn't do: so shameless!” Malice sneered. Arabella felt ashamed and embarrassed as she heard the comments from her family. She glared daggers at him. Ryvan remained calm and collected, “ Shit!” “ Don't give me that bullshit!” Arabella couldn't hold in her anger any longer. Ryvan almost made her lose face
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Chapter 0010
“ Bruce is truly kind. He is truly a respectful member of a wealthy family. He is way better than a proud braggart.” “That's totally right! Many people need to learn from him. Being humble and also from a wealthy family, is just so perfect!” “ Bruce is really a kind hearted man, so Arabella, since he said Ryvan could come along, take him with you.” Grandpa Henry said. Arabella hesitated. She didn't want Ryvan to create a mess at the banquet, but nevertheless, she agreed. As early as 7am the next morning, Ryvan received a message containing a photo which shocked him. The message was sent to him by Dave. The photo contained the girl he had asked Dave to find a few days ago. “ Mr. Ryvan, have you seen my message alongside the photo?” Dave called almost immediately after he sent the photo. “ Yes Dave, I've seen it. Did you find her?” Ryvan was so stunned. He never thought that Dave could find her so quickly merely based on the little information he had told him. “ I
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