My Wealth System

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My Wealth System

By: ZOA CompletedUrban/Realistic

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Henry Austin was disregarded by society. He was left with nothing but his girlfriend when she cheated on him with his best friend. Heart broken by the situation he got into an accident only to wake up with a "Wealth System" He was given only one task, which was to spend a million dollars everyday otherwise the system would vanish. "Let's make everyone regret now!"

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    this novel is completely wonderful

    2023-11-24 03:41:35
  • Qamar Zaman


    Nice and interesting story, would recommend everyone to give it a read

    2023-10-11 17:12:43
  • ilaka752


    Great story but It seems a little bit rushed though

    2023-06-30 07:42:09
  • O.Happiness



    2023-05-22 18:31:13
  • 1st Manga KING


    Story: Great Tho some grammar errors and stuff. hmm, a good read though.

    2023-06-26 19:04:16
  • Tammie Lanier


    I love it so far. Who would have though that after so many years that people still treated him the same way. Can’t wait for the next chapters.

    2023-05-13 19:42:04
  • Charm Mauring


    The story is okay. Although there’s some grammatical errors as well as inconsistencies with the name which makes it confusing sometimes. The author should do proof reading first. I would love to donate gems if things are fixed especially with succeeding chapters.

    2023-06-19 14:59:49
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265 chapters
Betrayal and Dead
"Break up with your girlfriend and be with me!" Linda slowly said as she held Henry's tie and pushed him towards herself. Her hands were on his shoulders as she tried bringing her face near him, but she could only reach his neck since she was smaller than him. "Sorry, I can't cheat on my girlfriend. I love her only." Henry pushed her away from himself as he adjusted his tie. His blank expression showed he didn't care about the girl standing before him, trying to rub her body all over him. She was wearing a tight bodycon dress that hugged her body tightly. "Your girlfriend? The one cheating on you with your best friend?" Linda gave him a mocking sneer. Henry's eyes suddenly widened as he heard, "What?" "You don't know your girlfriend is cheating on you? Well, I'm sorry to let you know about it this way. Come to think of it, who would actually love to date a poor guy like you? I guess I'm only interested in you because you're handsome," Linda laughed sarcastically before giv
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Wealth System Activated
"A wealth system? Did I wake up in a different world? Or did I die?" Henry shouted as he read what was written on the hologram. Host name: Henry Cavil Anderson Age: 25 Body: Weak Mind: Normal Race: Human Balance: 1, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 dollars. Henry became more confused as he read the balance. A quintillion was a tremendous amount of money! [Welcome, Henry Cavil, to the fantastic wealth system, which allows you to withdraw as much money as you want.] "I withdraw as much money as I want? This is definitely insane!" Henry shouted. [How to use the System: The Host, Henry Cavill, can use his card. The card is offered from the System. He can pay through his fingerprint or any biometric features, including his face.] "A card offered from the System? I can't see any cards. Maybe I'm hallucinating." Henry laughed. He didn't take the System seriously. He thought of it as a joke. How can a poor person like him who never even get to buy the things he wants [The card is a v
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Make Them Regret
Henry left the hotel at precisely 7:30 am the following day. He has already written down the places he will visit today and the things he will buy first. "Good morning," the stewardess greeted him. He stared at the tray in her hands. He was sure it was his breakfast, but he gave her a sign to leave with it. Henry walked straight to a boutique to get some clothes. It was a very expensive one. One of the most popular boutiques in the city. It was believed that celebrities also shopped there. Henry didn't think twice before going there because he thought the wealth system was always with him and made him confident. He also had the rule in mind: to spend at least a million dollars that day. "What would you like?" The sales girl asked Henry as he walked in. "I would like a corporate suit." Henry replied. "Okay, follow me." The sales girl said. Henry walked directly behind her. He picked a couple of clothes and paid for the things he bought. "A total of two million dollars." The rec
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My Company!
Evelyn covered Jack’s mouth with her hands as he said that.“Why should you let him know about that?” Evelyn asked in a hush voice.Henry was confused. He stared at them while the people present at the event kept taking pictures of them.Henry can’t fathom what he just heard.“My sister is dead? What do you mean by that?!” Henry roared.“Oh my God! Are they about to fight?!” The crowd murmured as the flashlight from their phone’s kept increasing.Jack pushed Evelyn aside.“Yes, your sister is dead! What would you do about that? You’re nothing but a poor brat! Go back to where you belong! I wish you died ten years ago!” Jack shouted.Henry scoffed. He kept laughing loudly as tears rushed down his cheeks.“You mean my sister is dead? We are not in April. Okay? If she’s truly dead, I swear I’ll kill you!” Henry gritted his teeth as he glared at him.Jack laughed.“What will you do? Hit me? You think I’m the one who killed her? If I wanted to kill her I would’ve done that when she was sti
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My Nephew
They couldn’t believe what Henry just said.“You bought the company? What a joke! I was there yesterday!” Jerry shouted.“You were there yesterday doesn't mean anything. I was also there this afternoon. I was called at the last minute. They offered me to be the CEO of their company and I sent the money to them as soon as possible.” Henry explained.“You gotta be joking! That’s impossible. You make it sound easy and we all know very well that such a thing doesn’t happen! I know very well that you’re hallucinating!” Jack shouted.“Do you want to know the amount?I really didn’t want to brag about this but you guys are leaving me with no choice other than that. I actually bought the company for 1 trillion dollars!”“One trillion?” They all shouted.Mrs. Cavill still refused to believe him.“You must have scammed them! You are nothing but a delivery guy and that is what you will forever remain!” She gritted her teeth.“I have no business with you, Mrs. Murderer. We’ll meet in your first tr
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"Yes, Doreen isn't dead like your stepmother and everyone claimed. Yes, they brought a corpse and buried her but it was all a ploy masterminded by Doreen. She knew you weren't dead like Mrs Cavil claimed." Max laughed, rubbing his hands.Henry couldn't believe what Max revealed. Doreen masterminded her death? That wasn't the sister he knew."Spill everything, Matt. Where's my little sis now?""I don't know, Henry. She would reveal herself when she was ready. You didn't ask how we ended up together. Don't you want to know?" Matt smirked, tapping his fingers on the table.Henry sighed inwardly. His sister was alive, that was a good thing but where was she?""How did you end up with Doreen? You were like a big bro to her and I thought you were going to marry Evelyne after everything you did ten years ago. What happened?"Matt let out a dry laugh, "Mrs Cavil happened, Henry. She claimed Evelyne's family owed her a lot of money and the contract marriage was the payment. I fought hard but
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"Hello, Mr Louis Pedro. This is Henry Cavill, yes, the delivery guy," Henry said, watching the emergency door. No one had stepped out since."What? Henry Cavil? Your stepmom did a funeral for you ten years ago, and then I saw the news about Henry Cavil being the CEO of Hundeyin. It was a lot of information to process and now, you are here talking to me. It's unbelievable!"Henry chuckled, watching the emergency door again, "I'm alive, Mr Louis. I want to employ your services and it must be private. I don't want anyone to know about it, okay?""You need some digging into your stepmother's dealings and Doreen's sudden death, right?""Woah! How did you know that's what I need right now?"Mr Louis chuckled, "You have forgotten news flies faster and I'm a smart detective. I have been doing a little digging ever since you resurfaced, Henry."Henry mulled over what he said. Mr Louis was a smart one and if he wanted to get who attacked him and what happened to Doreen, he had to trust the man.
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Police investigation
Jake was dealing with drugs and the underworld bosses who were his suppliers. Henry had videos of him selling hard drugs and distributing them. He picked one and sent it to a media company, laughing hard.Tomorrow, the world would know who Jake Cavil was and what his step-family was into and he would be there to watch the disaster.He wondered about the wealth system that helped him out and again thanked his stars. A mail popped up and reading it, he realized it was from the doctor briefing him about Mike's health. According to him, there was no complication for the night and Mike was stable. Henry sent a quick thank you and closed his laptop. The next thing on his mind was to get security guards and become the CEO of Bive Airlines, a company his stepbrother had been eyeing for years now. He drafted a plan, writing the pros and cons and fell into a deep slumber. ***Henry drove out of the estate, stopping by an eatery to get some pancakes for Mike
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Buy Them
"Henry, are you watching it now?" Mr Louis' voice brought him back from his thoughts."Yeah, Did Bive Airlines just pull their stakes from their company?" Henry asked, surprised at the news he was just reading. He was already planning on buying the company and now, they pulled out their stakes. It made the plan easier."Yes, are you planning on buying them? I think you should go for it. Bive Airlines is top-notch in the city, Henry. It would be a good investment and oh boy, a way to get back at your step-siblings."Henry laughed, "I'm doing that now. Any information on what I asked you about?" "Yeah, I think your stepmother isn't as innocent as she claimed to be. She was the one who orchestrated the accident that killed your mother. I have witnesses who are ready to stand in court and testify or do you want them to wait?"Henry's facial expression changed immediately, "I knew it was her all along. Let them wait, I will make her pay in my way. Thanks for calling."He ended the call an
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Do you think I take in worthless garbage? Now, get out. I have work to do," Henry replied, pulling her up, then pushing her out.But she stood her ground, breathing hard, "Tell me, one thing, Henry, did you post that video?"Henry chuckled, then held her roughly, "Don't you come in here and ask senseless questions. Out you go, Evelyne and don't return here!""Henry!!!!" she screamed as he slammed the door immediately.It was too late. Ten years too late and this was just the beginning of what she would encounter.He was going to show her what he was capable of doing. Now that he had Bive Airlines, it was time for his next plan. ***Morning came slowly, the sunlight penetrating through the window blinds. Henry rose, checking his phone for updates on Jakes. The police had sealed three of his warehouses and they were bleeding money. Jerry was in custody too. They found some incriminating evidence about him.Henry chuckled, this
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