The God & Devils’ War

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The God & Devils’ War

By: Fransisco 1 OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Each year 8 people are transported in a new world where they are given the chance to join the war between the God and the Devil. They can choose either side and if they kill either the God or Devil they will get one wish granted by the one they chose.

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Chapter 1
“Welcome new warrior. Here is your chance to be granted a single wish.”   All of a sudden, this person in a black and white robe appeared before me, but that wasn’t the odd part. I’m suddenly in a pure white place when I was just eating breakfast a second ago. Why am I here?   “Where am I? Why am I here? And who are you?”   “My apologies. I should have introduced myself first before saying such things. I am a magician who summoned you here to my world in order to give you a chance to participate in the God’s & Devil’s war.”   “This war is going on because God & the Devil had been trying to kill each other for centuries. Unable to kill each other, they decided to summon people from your world to kill the othe
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Chapter 2
“You aren’t going anywhere.” The one to kill Shiro was the guide, Stella. I took a glance at the others but they did nothing but stare dumbfounded. Stella didn’t waste any time and shot a breath of fire like a dragon at Reina. “AHHHHHHHHHHH!”  It was burning her alive as her clothes got caught on fire as well as her hair. Zero who was next to her fell back onto his butt hitting the ground. He turned to Stella and got onto all fours to beg for his life. “Plz! I’ll do anything, let me li—.” His head was cut cleanly off with wind magic. The only ones left were me and Alex. &nb
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Chapter 3
After I finished my conversation with Stella she flew off with her wind magic. I guess I should start going now before the other people that live here show up. It would be more trouble than it’s worth to explain what happened here.  From the looks of it I just need to climb down the mountain I’m on with these stairs leading down and I’ll be at the bottom. Actually, before I go I wonder where Stella killed the real guide. If she killed them wouldn’t there be some sort of sign of battle? I doubt the guide would go down without a fight. Could they have had no magic? Even then what happened to their body, where did Stella leave it? Why isn’t their body here? I should stop thinking about this. I’m contradicting myself. I shouldn’t be wasting my time on this when I don’t have enough info
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Chapter 4
The one to open the door was an old man that appeared to be bothered with my presence. “What do you want? I’m busy.” “I heard that you teach people how to use magic and I was wondering if you would teach me.” He examines me from top to bottom. “I guess it’s that time of year isn’t it. So I’m guessing you’re one of the new participants in the God & Devil war. Come inside I’ll decide if I’ll teach you after you answer some questions for me.” “Ok.” I followed him inside, he sat down on a rocking chair in his
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Chapter 5
  After I left Bon’s home I headed back to the inn as I had nowhere else to go. When I arrived the receptionist was sweeping but she greeted me with an innocent smile.   “Welcome back, how did it go?”   “It went great. Bon agreed to teach me how to use magic but I’ll be starting tomorrow so I came back here.”   She dropped her broom.   “Really? That’s great you got him to accept but how did you manage to do that? He usually doesn’t even talk to people here so I wonder why he decided to accept you.”   “I didn’t do anything special. I just answered his questions honestly and then he accepted after hear
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Chapter 6
I woke up around 8 a.m. to get ready for my magic training with Bon. I went down to the entrance but I stopped before leaving to greet Hana.  “Good morning Hana, I’ll see you later today when I get back.” “Good luck with your training and I thought you might get hungry while training so I made you a lunch box for later.” A lunch box? A bit weird but it looks like she's sincere about it so it should be safe.  “Sure, I’ll take the lunch box. Thanks, see you later.” I took the lunch box from her lunch box and waved her goodbye as I left for Bon's house. Once I reached his home I knocked on his door aggr
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Chapter 7
I followed Bon to the kitchen area.   “You want me to make you something as well or is that lunch box enough for you?”   Read more
Chapter 8
After we both finished eating I followed Bon to his backyard.   Bon: “Since I’ve already taught you how magic works in this world we can begin teaching you how to use it. Using magic is like moving any other muscle in your body; it comes naturally to you.”  

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Chapter 9
Just as Bon told me I covered my entire body in flames but it wasn’t for long. In just three I could barely feel any strength in my body.   “Stop, now I want you to walk towards me.”  

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Chapter 10
For a week straight I went to Bon’s place to train until it was dark but it was just repetitive training to build stamina and control. But today I won’t be going since Bon said taking a day of rest after training repetitively would benefit me more.   Even if I have this free time, I'm not sure what I should do. It’s a small town so I don’t have much interest in exploring the place. Maybe I should see if Hana is free.   Fran goes down to the lobby.   “Hey Hana, are you busy today? I have a free day so I was wondering if you wanted to hangout.”   Hana, overjoyed, drops the broom she was using and grabs Fran’s hand.   “Ya I’d love to go do something once I get
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