The Reincarnation of Glory Witch

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The Reincarnation of Glory Witch

By: Richivest OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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After rising from the dead, Niff was given an order by the Moon Goddess to free the Land of Amaphera from the cursed magic power of the Dark Shadow. The problem is that Niff lost his strength, got swapped in another man body, and lost all his memory—can't even remember his own name! How will Niff liberate Amaphera Country? How will the search for the six bodies of Amaphera Country's strongest mages hidden by the Dark Shadow succeed? How does Niff unravel the big secrets of Amaphera Country? Niff struggle to get his life back, against fate to fight for his whole life as a half blood witch,, and to change the prophecy of fate will begin when he rises from the dead.

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Chapter 1: Curse Prediction That Happened
The most accursed darkness comes. The accursed darkness that will control the soul, inviting destruction, threatens the land and the holy land.Four hundred years ago, the prophecy was found recorded in the book of the Witches of the Country of Amaphera—a book that recorded the magic, power, torture, and everything that happened to witches in every age. But that ancient book had been abandoned and no one believed.The kingdoms of all clans in Amaphera Country are experiencing developments. They abandoned faith in the ancient scriptures, deeming it impossible for the dark forces to return, instead placing their faith in the enemies of the seven most powerful mages of the Country of Amaphera and the orb of Agyss' power.The seven witches hand-picked by the gods, and their supreme-level Agyss orb power passed down for generations destroyed the dark forces five hundred years ago.Unfortunately, the prediction came true."Maviolus peviatto!"A howl of pain rang out from a Malfos right afte
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Chapter 2: A Traitor & The Beginning of Downfall
As the silhouettes stepped towards the six witches' point of presence, the purple-black mists made the living things around it wither. Turns off in seconds. The forest that had almost died lifeless, was now getting pitch black.The trees instantly bent because their branches were lifeless. The roots seemed to stiffen, the creatures howled in pain as their souls were forcibly ripped out.Signs like this … the six witches could already tell who was coming."The Black Shadow," whispered Narvi, looking worriedly at the silhouette hidden by the dense fog.Aslyn growled in annoyance. She extended her red Agyss towards the silhouetted figure."Mavesto Ila—ah!" Aslyn was instantly knocked aside, hitting the trunk of a large, dead tree."Aslyn!" Narvi and Maggni shouted in unison.Aslyn groaned holding her chest. The mist magic attack that suddenly shot fast seemed to stab his chest. As tightly as possible Aslyn gripped her ball of Agyss power to get it out of her hands.Furious with annoyance
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Chapter 3: A New Life, Where Is It?
(Three centuries later.)Cold, dark, silent, torture-like pain radiated through the body, and the muscles seemed to be locked rigidly.Niff did not understand what he felt now. His ears were ringing loudly from pressure from both sides. There was no part of his body that could be moved.Just sick. It hurts so much—and it can't be resisted even though Niff's brain has already sent signals to his body to move.Niff's body floated slowly higher and higher. No, it's not floating, more precisely floating. The pain from the pressure on his whole body made him numb, cold to the skin—in fact, it felt many times more stabbing than the hot feeling of a burn blistering the skin.Both eyes could not be opened. I don't know what moved his body now. The more it floats up, the more pressure it feels on it. In silence Niff wanted to cry, but his facial muscles didn't even react to form an expression.He heard no sound except for a painful hum.Is this the death that is told from the tales of ancient
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Chapter 4: Why Does That Nightmare Felt So Real?
A gripping darkness greeted Niff's eyes as soon as the eyelids opened. Somehow Niff suddenly woke up in the middle of the forest. Cold air fell piercing the pores as Nif rose to a sitting position.It took a few seconds for Niff to pay attention to his surroundings. The silhouettes of the trees soar high, the silhouettes of the leaves that grow thickly blocking access to the moonlight, and the sounds of forest animals are calling out.'Wait, this must still be a dream,' he avoided it in his heart when it was a bit difficult to stand up from sitting. His body staggered while reaching out his hands, groping around.It's terrible. There was no light making Niff's movement really difficult. Njff felt all the hairs on his neck when he heard the owl's whistling.The problem is, Niff can't see the owl's form. Niff's eyes only caught the silhouettes around."Light, where ca—" Niff's sentence suddenly stopped after a pair of eyes found the light of a light bulb-shaped object.Niff immediately
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Chapter 5: Mysterious Whisper of A Spell
Damn. Niff couldn't close his eyes in peace at all.The nightmare that came to him a while ago still resonated. Let's say Niff is overdoing it because, instead of thinking about the wind and then the dream, he actually thinks about it very hard.Damn it. The woman's shadow among the fog that covered her whole body made Niff felt uncomfortable. For some reason Niff felt like he was familiar with that woman.It's a kind of feeling when he meets someone, then meets again the umpteenth time. But Niff could not remember. Since when did he know or meet this creepy woman?"Argggh!" Niff rubbed the right side of his head, frustrated. "Why can't I remember anything? And... what name did that woman call?"Right. There is a name called the misty woman in his dream: Niff.Is that his name?In fact, Niff himself was not sure. Although on the other hand, if you think back on it, Niff couldn't find anyone but himself who was dealing with the misty woman in his dreams."Have I and that woman really m
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Chapter 6: Cruel Side of Arres
"AISH…."The sky is getting darker. There was only the sound of a disembodied owl mixed with the gasping for breath. No more chasing after the damn troops who don't know where to come from.This is where Niff and Arres get stuck. Focusing only on running away from the damn troops, the two of them had not realized that they had entered a deeper part of the forest.They did manage to escape. Too bad they don't know where they are now."You asked me to run without thinking we'd get stuck!" Arres rebuked Niff.Of course Niff didn't accept it.Niff's body immediately straightened—after bending down holding both knees. Niff looked at Arres with disapproval."Hey. I saved you from their pursuit," said Zevanna, who defended herself. "Why are you acting so annoying?"Who is to be blamed?This Arres sucks anyway. It was lucky that Niff had grabbed his hand so they could run away together. Niff was also the one who took the initiative to use Agyss's ball which Arres was unemployed for.Even thou
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Chapter 7: Unexpectedly Attack of Two Wolves
"So you think I can't be a good royal wizard because you think I'm stupid?"Niff asked, replying to what Arres said a while ago.In fact, Niff could have immediately replied when Arres said he was stupid, unable to do anything, and careless. But Niff prefers to try to calm down, following Arres until they have entered the forest deeper.Niff's irritation would risk making him want to punch Arres.If it weren't for Arres who treated him earlier, Niff wouldn't hesitate to throw a fist. The problem was, aside from Arres having treated him earlier, he didn't have that much strength to punch."Indeed," answered Arres who was two steps ahead of Niff. "Are you not aware?"Niff chuckled. Then laughed crookedly sarcastically. "How could you say I'm like that. Even though I was the one who saved you from being chased by the damn troops.""It was just luck. If we weren't lucky, we wouldn't have survived.""Your luck is due to my ingenuity," replied Niff not wanting to be outdone. "You know there
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Chapter 8: Suspicious Grey Wolf
How can Niff leave Arres in peace?Niff slowed down his running pace when he arrived at the incline towards the Zelf cliff hill. He was out of breath after he had been running in fear that a wolf would follow him from behind to haunt him.Throughout running towards Zelf's cliff, Niff couldn't get rid of the thought of how Arres was. He remembered the shape of the two wolves that had attacked the two of them earlier: big, stout, nearly two meters tall, with thick hair that covered the whole body.Niff got goosebumps remembering the shape of the bodies of the two wolves that had blocked the distance between him and Arres.Why was Arres so stupid as to give himself up to distract the two great wolves? Is there any guarantee that Arres will win and survive?'Damn! Now I can't feeling calm because I think about Arres situation!'Niff put her hands on her waist. In silence, he caught his breath as he looked around.Silent atmosphere. Looks like Niff has entered the forest area deeper. The s
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Chapter 9: So, There Is Wolf Between Us?
Niff's two eyes and the gray wolf's two eyes locked eyes.For a split second, a thought crept into Niff"s head: that necklace... does it belong to Arres? Did Arres not make it until the necklace was on the gray wolf's neck?Wait.There is still a feeling of propping up in Niff's heart. There was no way a wolf could take the necklace off Arres' neck just to put it on him. Or, it's also impossible, if Arres really didn't survive, he took off his necklace and put it on the neck of one of the wolves that attacked him.What for?Wolves are not human unless...'GRRAAA!'Niff's body jerked because the gray wolf suddenly threw the black wolf's body. The bite slipped away, and it seemed that the black wolf was dead.Niff shifted his gaze from the black wolf to the gray wolf. The gray wolf's gaze didn't care about him in the least. Instantly Niff felt a shiver of fear and panic in his body.Slowly, the gray wolf moved closer to Niff.Slow, slow, slow.Niff's body was stiff for no reason. He wat
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Chapter 10: A Secret About Fantasy World That Does Exist
"I still don't understand. Arres, you didn't say anything about yourself."In the living room of this log cabin, Niff was hanging out with John and Arres. The other kids were fast asleep because the clock was striking midnight—and John had told them not to sleep past ten at night.Silence. Arres, having been treated with both medicine and the spell of John's Agyss ball for the gunshot wound, couldn't say a word. He reluctantly looked at John who demanded an explanation through his sharp and curious eyes.Niff watched John and Arres in turn. Just like Arres, there was nothing Niff could do.Why did John look a little hideous when he stood up, put his hands on his hips, and looked at Arres in annoyance?"Arres," John called again.The middle-aged man whose hair was mostly white approached Arres. He stood next to the sofa, then slightly bent his body and watched Arres's face closely."Did you start feeling the symptoms of your transformation long ago?" John asked Arres.Arres looked at J
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