Love/Death and Demons

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Love/Death and Demons

By: Harloke OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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When Connor was a kid, his father was killed in a work accident his abusive mother killed herself from the loss of her husband. Deciding that he would focus on his studies so he and his brother would have a good life Connor got into Harvard where his life would only get worse. Until he was betrayed by his girlfriend Connor was ostracize by his classmates and beaten to a pulp. Going home Connor was killed by a man and a woman that would rob him and leave him to bleed out in his floor. But this is not the end of Connor story it is just the beginning

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Why me, what did I do wrong, what terrible sin did I commit to end up here, thought Connor while bleeding out on his floor10 years ago...Connor was a kid, what you could say was born under a bad star. When Connor was young his father died in a work accident, being overtaken by the loss of her husband Connors mom started to drink and would abuse Connor and his little brother James, when she couldn't take it anymore, she went to the tallest bridge and jumped off killing herself. After that Connor and James moved around from foster home to foster home and sometimes on the street, because he had to support him, and his brother Connor focused on his studies so he could get into a good school so they would not have to suffer anymore. Getting to the top of his class Connor gained a scholarship to Harvard, because it was far away from his old home Connor thought that he could start his life and live a new one. Little did he know how wrong he was going to be, on the first day of college some
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Chapter 1
"Where the hell am I!" Connor said while running away from a horde of monsters behind himSeeing a small cave Connor ran into it to hid from the horde sitting down to take a rest Connor felt the floor break on him and his fell hundreds of feet into a lake. Swimming back up to the top of the lake Connor saw a cave it was dark and had bule and green flowers growing from it, with weird fruits growing from it."What type of fruit is this" Connor asked picking one of them from a flower. As he picked the fruit the flower started to glow and bulge, Not know what will happen Connor ran behind a rock to look at what would happen. After a few seconds the plant blew up shooting blue goo everywhere, looking at where it landed Connor could see that the area that had goo started to melt like it was acid."If the animals don't kill me the plants will" Connor thought wiping away sweatFor the rest of the day Connor explored the cave seeing new types of plants each of them doing different things. When
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Chapter 2
Looking at Lilith's hand Connor decided that he had no other choice and shock her hand. Taking her hand Connor felt a prick on his palm and a magic symbol appeared on the back of his hand." So, what do I have to do to get out of here" Connor asked"Wow calm down you are nowhere near the strength you need to beat the monster over there" Lilith said"Wait I have to kill that thing to get out of here, why you can't do it" Connor asked"You need to become the strongest so that you will be able to handle the journey of leaving this place" Lilith explained"Okay how do I get stronger here" Connor asked" Easy eat, the fruits and beast here are known to make those who eat them stronger" said Lilith passing him a red fruit that looked like an eyeball"What will this do," said Connor"Eat it and find out, I have things I need to do so hurry up and get stronger" Lilith said walking awayFollowing her order Connor would eat the fruits the do 100 puah-ups,100 sit-ups,100 squats and run, 10 km ev
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Chapter 3
[Welcome Host]"Demon lord system what is this?" Connor asked confused[The main function of this system to help host become the best demon lord]"Okay what else do you have to offer" Connor asked[Stats][Inventory][Missions][Servants]"System do you have a name" Connor asked[No would host like to name system]"Okay how about Sabastian" Connor thought thinking the black butler[Mission Complete: Give the system a name][Rewards: 1 bronze sword/ Lether armor/ Demon blood/ Hunters bow/ x100 arrows/ Wooden shield/ x10 health potions/ x10 mana potions/ 1,000 Shop coins]"Sabastian can you show me my stats" Connor asked[Yes Host][Stats]Name: Connor RedwoodRace: HumanTitle: Demon Lord CanidateClass: N/ASub-class: LockedShop coins:1,000Level: 1HP: 200/200MP: 200/200SRT:20AGI:20DEX:20VIT:20INT:20CHR:10LUCK:2[Average Human stats are 10/Average demon stats are 50]Skills: Sword Mastery Lv.3/ Bow Mastery Lv.10/ Potion Making Lv.2/Bomb making Lv.3, Appraisal Lv.1"Sabastian
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Chapter 4
Landing on the sore of an empty beach Connor and Lilith left the boat and made their way to a cave for the night."Lilith, I have a question" asked Connor"Ask away," said Lilith" You said that your powers were sealed away, how do you plan on getting them back?" asked Connor"We have to enter Miasma Acadamy and get the highest score on the entrance exam, the prize for first place is an elixir that can boost someone's mana by 10-fold or in my case help get some of my power back" explained Lilith"Okay when ae the entrance exams?" asked Connor"If I'm right 1 week from now" she said back" 1 week that is not enough time for us to get prepared!" yelled Connor"Well, it's this or kill a Dragon king and take its core" said Lilith sighing" Okay then we have no time to waste, you stay check the area for any monsters and to get some food" said Connor picking up his bow"Very well, stay safe" she said back with a concerned voiceWalking out the cave Connor went into the forest; when he was f
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Chapter 5
For the next week Connor and Lilith spent that time training and Connor used the rest of the chimera blood."Okay Connor today is the entrance exam and when we get there you are my butler,' said Lilith"Thats fine with me Miss Lilith" said Connor acting like a butler" Don't call me that unless we are around people" said Lilith puffing her chest" Very well Miss Lilith" said Connor teasinggetting their things together Connor and Lillith went to the human capital. When they got there Connor used his money, he got from the orc tribe to buy her a new black and white dress and his self a new suit matching her dress. When she got out of the changing Connor was shocked by her beauty her black dress with the white highlights only made her even more beautiful. When Connor was done, he came out the dressing room with a black suit that had a white tie, his silver hair was in a ponytail that went down to his waist, white gloves and his golden eyes only Glew brighter against the black."You look
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Chapter 6
Aurthor note - his stats go up when he trains that stat not with each level up besides VIT" What do you mean you want me to become your student?" asked Connor"It's just like I said become my student," said the headmaster" I almost killed that student why would you want me as a student" said Connor skeptical"Well, that's because you have potential, and plus you interest me you're fighting style that is" explained the headmaster"Fine I will do it under one condition Miss Lilith will also become your student," said Connor"I can't do that see lost her battle so she can't be a student," said the headmaster"So, you're telling me that she can't be a student, then guess you have to find someone else," said Connor"Connor you don't have to do that, go be his student," said Lilith"I can't do that it's my job as a butler to stay by Miss Lilith's side" said Connor in a serious tone" Okay how about we let her become a student," said the headmaster"Good but I will be in the same class as
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Chapter 7
"The headmaster is going to be our teacher," said Lilith"This guy is very persistent isn't he" though Connor"Okay students I know that I am the headmaster but, in this class, just call me professor," said Ezekial"Alright let's get class started today we will be talking about mana pools," said Ezekial"As you all know every living thing has a mana pool, mana pools are the storage of energy we have in our souls, it allows us to collect the mana from the air into our body's. But to understand more about mana pools we need to know where mana comes from. Over 5000 years ago the world was Barrone filled with nothing just grey land but then the core of our world started to act up it started to release energy that cause plants to grow and change into plants that let out a special type of water. This water would allow any living thing to drank it to be able to use mana, Normal animals that drank it would start to mutate into creatures that would consume things to get stronger. When those mo
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Chapter 8
"Wake up," said an Unknown voice"I said wake up boy!" yelled the unknown VoiceOpening his eyes Connor saw that he was floating in pitch darkness, the area around him saw so dark that it started to hurt his eyes, his sense of time saw close to nothing, and his was starting to lose his mindAfter what felt like years in that space Connor saw struggling to stay saine[Constant strain on host mental health has unlocked mental fortitude skill]Activating the skill Connor delt himself start to calm down a little. He would stay in that place for what felt like hundreds of years even after his skill was maxed out Connor slowly started to lose his sanity"STOP, STOP, STOP IT" Connor yelled covering his ears"How could you do that bastard," said James"Get away from me," said Annabelle" You should just die," said MikeLosing his mind Connor started to hear the voices of his brother and classmates"I didn't do it she's lying!" yelled Connor"Really, now why should we believe you" said Mike la
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Chapter 9
Struggling to get up Connor went to go look for Lilith. After walking for a little couple of minutes Connor saw that Lilith was sitting next to a tree behind the school. Slowing walking up to her Connor took a seat next to her."Are you mad" asked ConnorSeeing that Lilith was not going to respond Connor continued to talk"I will take that as a yes" Connor said"Why" Lilith said"Why what" asked Connor"Why fight in the tournament, what's the point it's unnecessary," said Lilith"I know that you don't want me to fight but it will be for the best," said Connor"I guess I won't be able to change your mind" Lilith said putting her head down holding on tight to her dress"No" said Connor"Just don't get hurt" she said"I promise you that I won't get hurt" said Connor bringing her face to his"I know that you're mad, but I have a gift for you," said Connor"What is it" Lilith said with a small smile"it's a surprise" said Connor standing upAfter walking for a few minutes Connor and Lilith
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