BLOODLINE TEMPERING: Transforming From Worm To Dragon

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BLOODLINE TEMPERING: Transforming From Worm To Dragon

By: Tu Xue Xiao Can Yong (Blood Spitting Silkworm) OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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An abandoned egg, expected to die at the hand of nature, was given a second chance to live. Thanks to the drop of essence from the legendary Twin Physiques Creation Fruit. A thousand years later, an abandoned infant was picked up from the forest and named "Chen Tu." From here on, Chen Tu embarks on a quest to discover the truth behind his origin, how he came to this world, and unveils the curtain of secrets beyond this "realm" he currently stands.

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  • Drew Archeron


    interesting tale. it's for sure an eastern fantasy so be prepared for very culturally influenced phrases but it kept me interested and wanting to read more. some long explanation sections but good dialog through out.

    2022-12-12 08:17:24
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82 chapters
Chapter 1: Twin Physiques Creation Fruit
"Finally!" a creature roared. An expression of happiness could be seen on the creature's face for obtaining a legendary fruit, which rested in the heart of its palm.The fruit is also known as the Twin Physiques Creation Fruit.Based on what the legend about this fruit says, if this fruit was consumed by a human, it would grant them a second physique of a Divine Beast. On the contrary, if the Spiritual Creature is the one consuming this fruit, they would be given the ability to reform their body into a human.This explained how attractive the Twin Physiques Creation Fruit was.With one million years to sprout, one million years to develop its first leaf, and another million years for its consecutive leaves, this Twin Physiques Creation Fruit would only bear a single fruit in its eleven millionth year.The subsequent fruit would take ten million years to grow after the first fruit."Shall I eat this fruit right now, to avoid any mishap?" the creature continued. It was extremely careful
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Chapter 2: Chen Tu
"I had to say, boy... Why would you keep running out of the manor knowing you'll get beaten after this?" said an old man in his seventies. While speaking, his hand didn't stay idle but instead rubbed an ointment on the scarred buttcheeks.From his words, this wasn't the first time he's applying the ointment on the boy's buttocks. In fact, something like this happened once a week.At first, the boy had a light punishment for attempting something like this. But gradually, it gets worst. Now, he's treated the same as the other adults and was given similarly harsh punishment for attempting to escape the manor.But surprisingly, no matter how painful the punishment was, the boy not only could overcome it, to the point it became a norm to the disciplinary servants and family elder."Xiao Tu... How many times did your grandfather tell you? The world outside there is harsher than what we have now inside this Chen Manor?" the old man continued.Although he calls himself Chen Tu's grandfather,
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Chapter 3: Seventh Young Master, Chen Zigang
Chen Tu immediately slithered inside the courtyard like an agile snake. Sticking close to the walls wherever he goes, Chen Tu focuses on the ground, searching for a hole to crawl outside. To his disappointment, not even a gap existed along the walls. Furthermore, little did he know that he was tailed by another child about his age closely from behind. Maybe because he was still young and had little to no existence in the eyes of the adult, this allows Chen Tu to run around the courtyard without garnering others' attention. But the same explanation cannot be used on the other child who follows Chen Tu closely without getting caught. One has to know that while it was easy for one to sneak around, it is ten times more challenging to tail someone else without getting caught by all sides. Soon, Chen Tu gave up. He's not only feeling exhausted but also sad from not finding a hole to crawl outside. And during the process, Chen Tu also noticed that the door back to the servant's area wa
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Chapter 4: Heaven And Earth Grass
"Blasphemy!" the patriarch of the Chen Family shouted angrily at the two youngsters kneeling before him.Seated beside him were six other leading figures of the Chen Family. Based on seniority, Chen Zigang would have to address them as "uncles."Thanks to the mess they've made outside the Chen Manor, they were kneeling before the patriarch, awaiting their punishment."Sixth brother, let everyone know what the two useless bums did outside without missing a word." said the patriarch, Chen Tian Peng."As you ordered, Lord Patriarch." the sixth brother, Chen Tian Ma, responded. Turning his attention to the two brats kneeling in the middle of the hall, he recites what kind of mess was made.The destruction of a Spiritual Garden containing Crimson Marble Fruits.Two steads were taken, and only heaven knows where they ended up. The culprit, who kneels here, is said to be thrown from the horse midway and hurt their buttocks.Flirting with Liu Xiaofei, the princess of the Liu Family with a sim
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Chapter 5: All Of Them
Chen Tian Peng pondered while unconsciously rubbing his goatee with his thumb and index finger. In his mind, Chen Tu's reply actually made sense. As one of the five large families here in Crimson River Town, the duty of upholding the rules and safety of this settlement is their responsibility.Furthermore, this "Phoenix Pavilion" business is opened on the Chen Family's territory.Suppose they were caught by others before the Chen Family Policing Hall. In that case, the blame could be destructive when other families use it as a weapon to attack the Chen Family.It was not a secret that the five families were competing against one another for the sake of the leader of five families in this Crimson River Town. Obviously, the one named the family's leader would take the larger portion of the pie before dividing them into the rest.While the sum might be meager in the eyes of the county governors, it is still worth a bite to large families like the Chen.Who would complain if they're given
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Chapter 6: Captured!
"Ah!!! Fresh air, at last!" Chen Zigang screamed after coming out from the dungeon, where he spent a night without worry. Needless to say, Chen Tu followed him closely but didn't behave as freely as Chen Zigang.After all, he was a mere servant while they were still inside the Chen Manor. Unlike Chen Zigang, who had absolute privilege inside this manor, Chen Tu would be punished if he followed everything Chen Zigang did.To him, Chen Zigang is the reincarnation of a law obstructor. Each step he took was right on the track to trashing all established rules. Still, it's not like Chen Tu is anywhere better.If Chen Zigang was the bulldozer of rules, then Chen Tu is definitely the stead that went amok for no reason.After returning to their respective room, they quickly clean themselves from all the filth before stepping outside the Chen Manor again. As Chen Tian Peng had guessed, the two did keep a secret from the family.The two proceeded without noticing they were followed. It was a gr
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Chapter 7: Let Me Out!
"Get in there!" the follower yelled before kicking the two into the prison cell. The kick comes at Chen Tu and Chen Zigang as a surprise and causes them to tumble inside.The two finally stop after coming to the end of the prison cell.This was the second time they were thrown into the dungeon. Surprisingly, it happened not long after coming out from the first one. It's like history is repeating itself.Unfortunately, this place is filthier compared to the previous dungeon. A pile of bones can even be seen at one of the four corners, heightening the prison cell's creepiness. At another corner is a bundle of feces, likely dumped by the previous resident of this cell."Let me out! Let me out!!!" Chen Zigang immediately bangs on the door in a panic. But no matter how loud the noise he's making, nobody made a trip over to check them out. At the very least, the dungeon back in the Chen Family is well-lit and properly ventilated.Over here, the stench was too strong, to the point it made th
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Chapter 8: Tiangang Sword Pavilion
"Chen Zigang.""Chen Tu.""Get out of the cell and get changed. The family elders summoned both of you." said the dungeon's supervisor. He had quite a curious expression plastered to his face like he was wondering about something.They were supposed to be punished by getting locked inside the dungeon for three days. This was the decision made by Chen Tian Peng to teach them a lesson for acting secretly and endangering themselves.But something happened because only two days had passed. They weren't informed about what happened, so the elders summoned them to the Family Hall.After changing into clean clothing, the two made their way quickly to the Family Hall."The Chen Family is honored with your visit today, milord." Chen Tian Peng's voice can be heard clearly outside the Family Hall. Judging from his tone and manner of speech, the background of this guest is quite powerful.After all, Chen Tian Peng is accepted to be the number one martial artist here in this Crimson River Town, wi
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Chapter 9: Toothpick
"Tiangang Sword Pavilion?" Chen Zigang pondered.He had heard about the Blood Refining Grotto, Golden Staff Abode, and Meteor Fist Academy but not about Tiangang Sword Pavilion. The thought that he had no idea where it was made Chen Zigang wonders if he should say yes or no."Stupid brat! Tiangang Sword Pa... Umph?" Chen Tian Peng tried to interrupt, but before he finished his words, a strange power covered his mouth, stopping him from making a sound.Everyone inside the Family Hall gasped for air and tightly shut their mouth. Naturally, they're afraid that they'll be treated similarly."The Tiangang Sword Pavilion is one of the five superpowers in the Grand Blue Sky Prefecture. Naturally, your background would be much stronger if you joined and be a part of us." Elder Jian said."Is that much bigger than Blood Refining Grotto, Golden Staff Abode, and Meteor Fist Academy?" Chen Tu asked while biting into another steamed bun. The bowl of steamed buns was finished by Chen Tu alone."Of
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Chapter 10: Blood Refining Grotto
(Toothpick? Don't you see all these muscles we have all over our body?)Those born with the surname "Chen" wished they could correct what the expert from Blood Refining Grotto said. But again... What kind of status they had, except for being a slightly large family in this Crimson River Town?For this faction alone, the town-level settlements serving them numbered over twenty. There are even three cities affiliated with Blood Refining Grotto alone, providing more than a thousand potential candidates for them to choose from.The people from Chen Family can't do anything, even if the expert decides to renegade his decision later. After all, he was here today to give some face to Elder Jian, who hails from the Tiangang Sword Pavilion.If it was normal for an individual to hug firmly at the thigh of someone powerful. Then it was acceptable for a small faction like Blood Refining Grotto to worship the Tiangang Sword Pavilion like it was their ancestor.Someone might ask if they're devoid o
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