The Heir's Redemption

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The Heir's Redemption

By: zaman OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Rejection has a scent and Christian has basked in it too long. Exiled at the age of 18 from his family's empire and then served divorce papers over a candlelight dinner just as he passes trial, he believes his life is a tale of hurt and betrayal. With an ex-wife trying to climb the social ladder at all costs and an identity he struggles to keep secret, Christian faces disdain and contempt among his ex-in-laws, ex-wife, and her newfound associates. Accused of molestation and almost arrested, Christian learns the hard way that love doesn't always triumph. But how long can he hide his worth or keep his family and company away from the crowd who sees him as a nobody? How long until he has to let the world know him for the heir he truly is? Will he reclaim his dignity or has that ship long sailed?

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Chapter one
The sun hung low in the sky, casting a shadow over the street. Christian was in his condo holding a file of papers. His insides churned with excitement. He couldn't believe the news he just received. "Oh my God Potter, this is great news! I can't believe this is happening. I've almost given up hope."Beside him, a middle-aged man, Christian's family's loyal butler, named Mr. Potter, had a smile on his face. Christian had not seen Mr. Potter in years, and now he was here to deliver news that would change his life forever."Master Chris," Mr. Potter began in his familiar, gravelly voice, "I am pleased to inform you that you have successfully passed your family's trial. You have proven yourself worthy of reclaiming your position as the rightful heir of the esteemed Robinson family."Christian smiled in triumph as he absorbed those words. He had been expelled from his family many years ago. He had spent years away from his family, trying to build his life from scratch, without help. But
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Chapter two
Seven years ago, when Chris was a mere 18 years old, he was expelled from his home, from his family. Their strict family tradition demanded he pass the family trial to reclaim his birthright, that is, his position as the heir.He was smart and innovative. He had been involved in his father's company at a young age so he had strategies enough for him to start up a company. He founded his company while still in college while juggling his college studies. In no time, his innovative strategies and tireless work ethic set his company in an outstanding position, making it among the top 10 enterprises in the city. It was a rule in his family that every member had to experience being a commoner, without wealth and affluence. It was to instill the awareness that they were privileged and many people didn't have what they had - so they wouldn't be too proud and pompous.All the hard-earned profits from Chris's company were seized, leaving him with a mere allowance of a few hundred dollars. T
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Chapter three
Chris stopped in his tracks, his mood darkening. His irritation was evident as he sneered, "Is this for real?""I'm trying to help you, you know.""I don't need your help. And I'm not a waiter. I was invited."He laughed condescendingly and nonchalantly produced his invitation and flaunted it. "You were invited? C'mon! This family is one of the most influential in the country. They definitely wouldn't know someone like you.""Carter, I'm sure Chris may know someone in the family. let's just go inside." Anna said, trying to lighten the situation."Let's see your invitation then. I've got mine right here." he boasted, ignoring Anna.Chris felt humiliated. Carter continued with a smirk. "I understand you need help. if you're willing to get on your knees and beg, I might be inclined to help."Chris's jaw tightened, resisting the urge to plant his fist on Carter's face to erase the smirk on his face. Anna watched the exchange, a furrow of annoyance creasing her forehead. She knew Carter
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Chapter four
Chris felt frustrated. He hadn't drunk in a while but he needed the alcohol to help calm his nerves. He needed to be high on something. He needed nerves, lots of nerves to be able to face his family again. The whole event of the evening had destabilized him.The fact that Anna had left him just that evening and was already in the arms of another man was enough to drive anyone crazy. To make it worse, Carter had spoken to him rudely and condescendingly, yet Anna had stood there watching him, defending him, saying nothing. It made him annoyed to the point of voluntary stalemate. His head fell into his hands. What was wrong with me? He shouldn't care what Anna did with her life. She had left him, just on the verge of his breakthrough. She was his first love, but he wouldn't go pining after a woman who wasn't patient enough. A woman who didn't value the sacrifices he made for her. Especially now that there was so much at stake.He needed to pull himself together and focus on the future,
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Chapter five
Chris lifted his gaze to hers and met the blank look in her eyes, her face seemingly devoid of any sincerity. His face remained outwardly calm, but inside, his emotions were like a storm. He had never expected them to end like this and he certainly hadn't anticipated the harshness in Anna's words.For a moment, it made him want to smile. He couldn’t exactly say that he completely hated this little spat between them. At least, it made him realize how much she had changed and that she had grown out of love with him.It made his blood boil with anger.“I didn’t do anything to hurt you when we were married,” he said. “At least not intentionally. You already made it clear that you don’t want to have anything to do with me. I don't know why we're still having this conversation.""You're right Chris," she said with a resigned tone, "I think it's best if we part ways now. We don't belong to the same world anymore."He nodded while smiling in his heart. She didn't know what and who he was. S
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Chapter six
“I’ll be back soon. I want to use the restroom.” Anna said to Carter and quickly hurried off to the bathroom.She was frustrated enough to head off to the bathroom. The moment she stood before the mirror, she stared at her reflection in the mirror. She looked dejected and distraught.The evening wasn't going as planned. All her big clients whom she was in partnership with had called her just this evening, a few minutes in succession, to pause their contract.What she didn't know was that they all partnered with her due to Chris's influence. The news of their divorce was spreading and the companies had to pause their partnership with her. They weren't sure where they stood in the recent news of their failed marriage.Tears escaped her eyes and she sobbed for a few minutes. When she looked up, her face was soaked from the tears. She’d never imagined everything would crumble so soon.Her fingers found their way to her hair and gripped the curly mass in trepidation."What am I going to do
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Chapter seven
The waiter watched as the man retrieved something from his breast pocket and slipped it into the drink. He curiously watched as the man gently stirred the glass, waited for the fizz to subside and turned to hand it over to the woman walking towards him. Then he knew.He knew the man didn't have good intentions. What's with the rich and being sinister? He wondered. He quickly went in search of Potter, the butler.The waiter found Mr Potter outside. "Sir, you won't believe what I just saw."Potter looked impatient." This isn't time for gossip and chatter Today. Get back to work." He sounded impatient too."No sir, this is urgent. I saw one of the guests drug a lady's drink. We need to do something.""What? Are you sure about what you're telling me?""I'm one hundred percent positive sir.""These people are wealthy and influential people, son. Any wrong accusations, especially of something this grave, won't go down well. So I'm asking again, are you sure?""Yes sir. I know what I saw.""
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Chapter eight
Carter's face contorted with a mixture of fury and fear as he hastily grabbed his phone from the carpeted floor. Panic tinged his voice as he quickly dialed the security line."Security, this is Carter. There's an intruder in the lobby, armed and dangerous. Get in here now!" His words were sharp. Chris ignored him, his savage mood reflecting on his face. He was conflicted as he watched Anna lying unconsciously. He’d done some hard things in his life, but none of them had been as difficult as letting Anna go and having to watch her get cozy with another man, especially a man like Carter. On one hand, his heart burned with malice that she’d left him just at the turning point. She'd left him after he had given her all the love he could. She'd left him for someone she felt was wealthier than him. In her own words, 'she needed a real man'.On the other hand, he knew she was vulnerable and Carter had exploited her vulnerability. Even going as far as drugging her, just to get her into his
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Chapter nine
As Chris looked at the scene, he was almost forced to leave Anna in that state, after all, she got what she deserved for trusting a low-life scum like Carter. But he couldn't, Anna was merely shortsighted and materialistic, he couldn't blame her for being that way, she was after all just finding her place in the big elite world and she was bound to fall prey to the likes of Carter. "She wanted the drink, I didn't force her," Carter stated in defense, his hands still cupping his nose. Chris glared at the man and thought of throwing the second punch, but he held back, unwilling to cause any scene that would bring the press and mess with his family's reputation. "I'd suggest you get the hell out of here while you still can." He sneered. Carter's nose was still bleeding profusely from the targeted punch as he fled the hotel room, leaving his coat and cell phone behind, hurried and afraid that security would be involved in what he'd done soon. Christian turned to Anna who was on the
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Chapter ten
The room hushed as Christian walked in, striding directly to the podium where a compere stood with the microphone, ready to announce his reinstatement into the Robinson family. But Christian didn't want that, he had other plans. "I don't think that announcement should be made tonight." He said beside the willowy young man. "I'm sorry, but it's direct orders." He replied, gesturing to Christian's grandfather, Pete Robinson who sat regally at the left wing on a chair fashioned as a throne. "Do not make any announcements yet, let me speak to him," Chris said as he walked across the room to Pete. "You've been busy tonight for a man who should be reclaiming his place," Pete said, his eyes furrowed at him. "I had things to sort out." He replied and Pete snorted under his breath. "Your ex-wife?" He asked rhetorically and Chris could answer that, obviously Pete had eyes on him the entire night. "I don't think this family needs any cheap scandal, if you're divorced then keep it tha
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