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High in the sky, I stood above everyone! Looking down on the destruction brought by me! Necessary it was! Needed it was! Only after Chaos will the Order arrive! The story begins with "Once upon a time"! But ends once the villain dies! What I need is peace! Not the vengeance! What I seek is a path! To the glory, a step me! -------------------------------------- Mortal Earth! A planet similar to our Earth but a little backward in terms of technology. Instead, they have energy in their body with which they can perform magic. But not everyone has the ability to understand and use this energy. In the history of Mortal Earth, there are Seven Wonders which were created by the strongest humans. Their wishes and dreams were what structured these Seven Wonders of the world! A guy died under the collapse ceiling, and is transmigrated there. With full of adventure started by owning one of the Seven Wonders of the World, will he be able to find out his true goal in life? ------------------------------------ An Original by the author--- Many things that will happen in the novel is pure imagination and not related to the real world. Update- One chapter every 24 hour Also, english is not my main or second language.

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What will you do when you see the ceiling above you collapse? Of course nothing. Because you won't have a chance. That's what happened to me. I didn't know how but it just happened. My mind blanked as my consciousness left. * * * How long has it been… I can't recall anything after what happened when the ceiling kissed my face. My eyes opened. Blue sky, white clouds that floated without any care just letting the winds take it along. "What's going on?" I muttered. My body won't move no matter how I try to stand up. When my gaze fell on my body to find the reason, I was stunned. The steel rods which make the main support for the cement pillars, have pierced me. Not just on, but more than five. Three in the chest and two on my left
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I just sat there on the road outside. From the cracks of the road came out small plants and tall grass. *Step* What brought me back to reality was the sound of steps from the corner of the road. Two blocks behind it was the source of the steps. I stood up with my trembling legs, and with the support of the broken wall. I started walking forward. Not much was in my mind as I continued. Each step was minutes long for unknown reasons. I just couldn't wait to see who it was. As I came to the road turning to my right, I stopped. Because I now could hear more than the steps. My ears heard the noises. It seemed like something was being torn apart. Craning my neck above the wall which was till my eyes level, I saw a creature. No, more of a monster. Read more
I stared at the setting sun from the broken window, it will soon get dark. Since the danger might rise at night, I planned to spend it here. I pulled a wooden table and broke it into small parts to use in making fire. The fire lit the entire room. I sat before the fire and held my knees. Lonely is the word to describe my feelings right now. "I hope it's a dream. When I wake up, I want myself to be on a bed." I said with a bitter smile on my face. But I knew it wasn't one. I will never wake up on a bed and find that I was dreaming. My eyes slowly closed as I was tired and sleepy. *Thud* I didn't know when, but something had caught me and was pulling me down the stairs. Didn't I block the door with the sofas? As I looked to see what or w
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Now that I check myself, I can say that I wasn't normal anymore. Superhuman strength, check. Inhumane regeneration, check. These two were not the only ones. With some more tries, I learned another ability. Thermal Vision, check. With this, I can see heat which is radiated by the living or non-living creatures. If I am not strong now. Then what was I even before? Sigh… I watched as the sunlight fell on the ruined city. I wasn't tired anymore. Didn't know why. 'I guess because I died not long ago.' My leg had grown again from the lower portion. I am now not even surprised. But I was hungry. So I stepped out of the house and went outside with caution. What if there weren't any monsters roaming. No one knows when one might pop up fr
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"Ha… Ha…" I was panting as I looked around to see that I had returned from the dream. It was weird. The dream looked so real. Almost as if I was actually living there. "Floating White Island" I am on a gigantic island which is currently floating up in the sky far from land. "Kabin Babur, the Emperor who built a palace here. But where is that palace?" I looked around and could only see destruction and ruins. Not a clue where the palace had gone. But I think I heard the voices say some important things about this Wonder. [Touch the Control Stone!] [Take the ownership of this Wonder!] [Shape the island as you want!] Unlike before, the voices didn't warn me of anything but were pushing me to touch that bl
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I stared at the hall with bright eyes. Everything here was showing off the aura of pureness. There were ripples on the water surface as my feets moved forward. The whole place was so quiet that I heard the ripples of the water echoing. Even my own breathing was loud here. I looked at the tree-like decorations. Some gold ribbons also tied around them. I touched it and could feel the coldness through the black gloves. "Haaa…" My own breath took over the sounds of ripples. My eyes scanned around and landed on the structure in the middle of the hall. I walked over the floor made of white marbles and the Emperor's tears of sadness. *Step* Few short stairs took me to the structure as I stopped before two graves. One was occupied with the deceased body of
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"My King!" Adam and Eve, both found themselves in an unfamiliar hall. They looked around, everything was shining in white light of the marbles. And in front of them, was a huge man looking younger than them. He wore the white clothes with the touch of gold and he held a white scepter. When he spoke, their bodies moved on their own as if they belonged to him. "You're Adam. And you, Eve." Adam and Eve nodded their heads as they were given their names. I gave a slight nod. How long am I going to talk to myself? My name is Birkangwra Basumatary. A citizen from India. * * * Birkang looked at the two as he stood up and walked towards the front hall. Following him, Adam and Eve didn't forget to glance
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I stared at the two who sat opposite to each other. "Don't forget to practice your magic." I said to Adam and Eve as they nodded their heads. Holding the scepter with my right hand, I walked towards my bedroom. Adam and Eve then cleaned the table and washed the plates. It was time for me to digest the meat and get a good amount of rest. I have many problems which I need to think of. First came my limited energy. I can only create two humans at a single time. How can I increase the flow of energy in my blood vessels? Cultivation, was that what Chinese do? Meditation should be the right answer I think. I must control my own body to control something outside. * * * In the bedroom, I laid my body a
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I touched the Control Stone and stared at the two Noble bodies. A male and a female. Ram and Sita. I held the two glass test tubes filled with Adam's and Eve's blood. I have to be careful. Adam's blood floated and entered in the heart of Ram as it started beating. Then Eve's blood went into Sita's heart. I still had lots of blood left as only two drops were used so far. I created some clothes and shoes in white color, and let them wear it. I have to do something about the memories. I can't always directly select from my brain. It's too time and energy consuming. Wait! 'How about I save them and just copy-paste those memories to the new creations?' Seems good. I was quite enlightened by my own i
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Forceala continent. The second biggest continent among the seven continents. This continent is known for the diverse cultures and people living there. And it is also the third powerhouse in their military and firepower rankings. Tarantula City___ The biggest city in the Forceala continent, it is the place where the Leaders live. As for how the Forceala continent is divided, it isn't actually. The whole Forceala continent is ruled by a group of five individuals. Two men and three women. All of them are from blue blood families. And they each are the heads of their respective families. Tarantula City is also called the base of the entire Forceala continent. House of Honor. In a wide room, a round table was placed in the middle with five
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