Lord Dantalion The Demon

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Lord Dantalion The Demon

By: nelly_writes OngoingFantasy

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The first time demons existed on planet earth, they were seen as saviours and were the most calmest supernaturals till he was born and he changed everything. His name was Dantalion! A wicked, heartless and selfish beast whose ambition has been to destroy the world and have domain over everything. He wants superiority over everything that was created in planet earth but would that ever possible ? Meet our female lead, Rihanna Armageddon! The daughter of the first and greatest demon that ever existed in the world ( Lord Armageddon) she was her father's most treasured jewel and she took every unique qualities from her father. She was talented and very skillful. Everything changed when a war broke out in the 20th century led by Dantalion the son of Elkannah ( Lord Armageddon's best friend). Every supernatural in the demon's clan was wiped out including Rihanna but the latter was brought back to life and her memory got wiped out by Dantalion. She became human as all her powers were drained.she was sent back to earth for a particular period of time . When she was cunningly brought back to where she belonged by Dantalion, everything looks strange to her and the happenings around her were odd and freaking scary. She is left in her own world of confusion and has an heavy task to accomplish which is stopping Lord Dantalion from achieving his aims by using her as a tool negatively. Will she be able to fight this alone ? What would be her fate in the demon's hand ? The answer to these questions lies in the novel as you follow up. Don't forget to drop reviews ❤

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  • Kiara


    OMG! this book is very good, easy to read. I want more.

    2022-09-10 19:14:29
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50 chapters
1. Preparation for the Excursion
Heart of Seoul (Busan)9:45pmKayla's POV ( point of view) I flipped through the pages of my school notes as I scanned every written notes, just reading my notes. I just felt like today cause it's not my thing. I yawned heavily as sleep was finally crawling into my eyes, finally I flunged the book sideways of my lagre room resting fully on my queen sized bed.Thinking about tomorrow makes me happy a lot, finally I will be visiting Jeju island, the highest mountain in South Korea. I have browsed a lot about it and it's such a beautiful place. My happiness knew no bounds, am damn anxious wishing the Time flies so fast, Just remaining eight more hours to go cause we the students are to get to school as early as possible, those who payed the fees though. I heard footsteps and I knew it was my mum, I hid under the sheets , that Cranky woman. " C'mon pull off those duvets and stop decieving yourself, I know you aren't sleeping! Oh my gosh, you haven't even taken your night bath. C'mon
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2. Trip to Jeju Island (I)
Third person point of view (POV)IN AN UNKNOWN PLACE IN THE WOODS.Thunder strucked and the earth shooked vigorously, lightening came like a flash giving the dark night a little light for a little period of time. There was a rushing cloud as the thunder rumbled so loudly. Torkel was sitting in front of the fireside feeling the warmth as he stared directly at the fire which provide light . Aiden and Matilda sat side by side of their father torkel staring also at the fire. Matilda looks so mean with her long white hair with red eyes , pointed nose and her standing firm nose as she spread out her hands, she was exceptionally a beautiful lady. Aiden was muscular and taller with just a similarity with Matilda which was the red eyes, he has a black gel hair coiling at its ends, he was exceptionally handsome. Sweat dripping down his well built body as he was shirtless, his full six pacs were all fully shown .His full white beards and white hairs were enough to confirm Torkel was no lon
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3. Trip to Jeju Island (II)
|•| Journey to Jeju island |•|Still on Kayla's Point Of View .The train moved slowly and I jotted down every single places we passed, we are heading to Jeju Island. I sat close to the window and Briella sat beside me, that talkative won't stop talking even when I tried to to stop her..Waytt was in the second row, Raynell sat beside him and tried engaging him in a conversation as the train moved. Raynell was a girl in same class with me.I so much disliked Raynell, she is proud, sassy and rude. She behaves anyhow just because she is the most richest kid in school.My hatred for her grew when I noticed she liked Wyatt and how she had tried been close to him.She throws herself at him and tried seducing him at times , I just hate seeing them both . Maybe i was jealous .I hardly talk to Wyatt and he hardly does also, I just secretly admire him and mostly steal glances at him in class. I strained my ears to see if I could hear what they were both discussing about but i couldn't , W
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4. Trouble Begins
|•| Still on Kayla's Point of view |•|I looked up and was surprised to see Wyatt, I could recognize him no matter what. My heart skipped, he didn't see me as he backed me.He was staring at the sky.I admired him for a little while and grinned." Are you still staring ?" I frozed at a spot upon hearing his voice." You..we..re... aware Of my presence" I stuttered feeling nervous. He then turned facing me." Yes I was. " " Okay then " I smiled but Raynell popped on my head and my expression changed." Why are you out? " he asked moving closer to where I stood and my heart began beating at an irregular rate." I suppose to be asking you that " I replied boldly and he chuckled." Really ? We are both breaking the rule yunno " he questioned as he was already in front of me.I nodded positively already loosing my senses , he was breathtakingly handsome and his blue eyes was very rare which made him more handsome.He looks like a demi-god.Though it was night Already but I could still v
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5. The missing students
Thanks|•| Third person's point of view (POV) |•|The whole school was thrown into tension, the missing students were the topic of the day. Four students were reported to be missing early this morning from same class which was so wierd . All sort of news both the fake ones and the fabricated ones, the students couldn't stop talking. The principal wasn't at rest even other teachers, they were all filled with fear. The securities were all in search of them also proceeding to the forest . The Principal and few teachers that came along gathered for a meeting, all students were all restricted from coming out since it's not safe yet as four students were reported missing. The students were all encamped in their tents. " This is a crucial matter our dear teachers , what do we do about this . There is trouble " The principal voiced out stressing the last word making the other teachers shook . " Let's all hope for the best ! It's so unusual, how can four students dissapear from same class,
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6. Confession/Confusion
|•|Kayla's POV|•|I opened my eyes slowly feeling so weak, everywhere was a bit dark. I sat upright immediately and couldn't move, my hands were both chained to something. Memory of what happened some hours ago hit me so hard and I became and fear gripped me, Wyatt really betrayed me. I trusted him so much even after he left confessed that night, I never knew all was totally fake, he was a lascivious pretender, a ruthless lier, what does he wants from me ?Where am I ? I thought confusingly, I couldn't even see a single thing.I could hear some one moving beside me. I wasn't able to see brightly because of the dark room." Anybody here ! Who is here " I yelled but it seems only the echo of my voice could be heard. " Kayla! Is that you? " My heart fluttered at the sound of her voice, it was Briella. " Yes it's me ! How did you get here ?" "I don't know either! We were looking for you Kayla ? I and Audrey went looking for you when you stayed too long, we went deep into the woods wor
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7. The Shock
|•| Still on Kayla's Point of View |•|" am sorry ! I have to do this Kayla ! It was never my intention to do this but I was sent and I just have to obey. I pray we will pull through this together and overcome him Kayla. I never knew I could ever fall in love with a human and am promising to protect you till the last drop of my blood no matter how he tries to take you away from me " I swiftly disengaged from the hug immediately not getting what he was saying." What do you mean ? Who is taking me away from you and you were sent by who " I rushed my words as I was getting scared already.Luna only stared at him with his blue eyes shining attractively.He gulped so hard and I could notice that." Speak!" Before I could finish speaking, I felt something penetrate into my head and it began spinning immediately, everything went blank and I passed out immediately.|•| Mrs Kim's Piont of view ( Kayla's Mum) |•|Finally, I got the bun, actually I am talking about the style of my hair. Check
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8. Unbelievable Confession
|•| Still on Third Person's Point Of view|•|Audrey calmed a bit, she was grateful she was alive, she never knew how it happened but she still needs to be grateful.Staring at the number of strange faces that filled the hospital room, Audrey wondered what was going on. Kayla's mother couldn't behold the shock , she staggered backwards holding the wall for support. Hot tears fell from her eyes." What...Do you mean..." Kayla's mum asked trying not to believe what they said" Audrey ! How are you? " Ohh... She now gets some faces. The principal, Miss Bella and miss Ivy, were they are rescuers!. " Please calm down! She has a clue of where they are cause she is part of the missing students" The principal tried to convince but the two mother's were uncontrolled. " What the hell ! Where the hell is my daughter? " Briella's mum yelled as she felt her heart breaking." Can someone tell me this isn't true ! Where is Kayla?" Kayla's mum yelled running out of patience, nothing must happen to
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9. In another world
|•| Kayla's POV |•|I sneezed so loudly feeling damn weak and tired, we were still encamped in an unknown dark room. My eyes were red and puffy, I was loosing strength at every minute. I have screamed my lungs out to the extent I've lost my voice already." Why are we here?" Is the question I keep asking myself every minute. Thinking about mum makes me shattered the more, am sure she will be worried or even crying . I miss her so much, I miss her badly. She must have heard about me going missing."And always remember something, obedience pays a lot, Kayla, you know you're the only one I have , don't do anything that will make me lose you , stay safe kaylie! Mummy loves you ! "Those were her last words to me that very morning , I cried painfully . It hurts, I can't bear it to see mum in pains because of me. " Oh lord! I know I have never serve you but please keep my mum safe even though I leave this earth" I said tearfully. My hands were bleeding including my legs because I have
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10. Where am I?
Seoul ( Busan) At 11:45am |•|Third person's Point of View |•|Mrs Kim kept searching the house Frantically for more of Kayla's Pictures to submit them at the Police station . She has declared Kayla missing and her pictures needs to be posted every nook and cranny of Seoul, she already made an announcement that whosoever finds Kayla would be paid five hundred thousand dollars . After gathering enough pictures, she fell heavily on the couch and began reviewing the Pictures of Kayla. It brought tears to her eyes, she stared at a particular picture for long and cried painfully. " Kayla where are you ? " She asked nobody in particular shedding tears. Just then the door flunged open revealing a lady in her early fourties." Hey Cheryl! Am home! Surprise to see me? * The lady called out referring to Mrs Kim who was truly surprised to see her . " Anna! It's been ages, never expected you " Mrs Kim expressed surprisingly hugging her. Yeah , Anna was her best friend who resides in Americ
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