The Return Of The Secret Billionaire

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The Return Of The Secret Billionaire

By: Blackrose CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Nathan Anakin's life is about to change for the better when he finds out that he is the last of the powerful and wealthy Anakin household. Now, he is going to use all the wealth to win his wife the position of her family's head by helping her take over her family's business, and he's going to prove to his in-laws who hates him that he is finally successful.

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  • Gerry Winters


    You keep my mind on wanting more I have never been much of a reader but for some reason I’m enjoying reading this book. Just would like to know how to buy the whole book so I can read without having to stop as much to purchase the next chapters thank you Keep turning books like this out

    2023-07-10 05:09:18
  • Aphro_dite


    I love this book so much, if I could rate it more than five stars then I definitely would.

    2023-05-09 05:43:10
  • fe vilbar


    interesting story ...️

    2023-03-13 12:14:12
  • Johanes Viar


    really love it

    2023-01-08 20:42:34
  • Khenney M


    I'm not sure how your brain came up with such a fascinating story, I’m enjoying it... I'm a fast reader, so I finished it in no time, and now the hunger is killing me...

    2022-12-23 02:12:26
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262 chapters
Chapter 1.
Nathan was furious. There were a lot of things that could cause a man's heart rate to increase rapidly; lots of dreadful things. Sadness clouded his features as his face went blank. 'We're sorry to inform you that…' The rest of the lines on the phone's screen were redundant. They'd rejected his job offer. Again!He glanced up to the ceiling and his eyes filled with hot tears. Shutting them tight, Nathan hoped the tears would stop. His lips pursed, pale blue eyes burning with hurtful rage. He hasn't noticed Doris watching. Doris was his beautiful wife, blessed with all the amazing features that could ever make up a successful woman. She was rich, smart, gorgeous and kind hearted. But he? He was a disaster for a husband. So he thought, even though Doris had told him countless times that they were just going through a rough ride, and they would someday get over it. Nathan was poor, but hardworking. There was almost no company in New York that didn't know him, as he'd visited them all
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Chapter 2.
The phone in Nathan's pocket vibrated again, not long after the first time, and he quickly brought it out to check the caller. Who knows whether the company had changed their mind about the job offer. He quickly wondered whether it had been the company that called him earlier, and he hoped he hadn't made a mistake by ignoring the call. When the name of the caller showed, Nathan instantly picked it up. It was his brother-in-law, Sammy."Hi," he said in the most nice tone he could find, and it was that instant that Sammy began to fume with rage. "Hi? Is that all you can say to your brother-in-law?" The voice of Owen, shrill and filled with hatred spat out. Before Nathan could speak, Owen continued. "I can't even believe my dear sister would marry a poor sad man like you! First thing tomorrow, if you don't let go of her, mother will disown Doris and her unborn child. Can you hear me, huh?! If you know what is best for you, leave her alone!" When Nathan was about to speak, Owen yelled
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Chapter 3.
Nathan was led into a wide living room, where he'd been offered to sit. His shirt had been crumpled due to the way he'd been handled by the hefty guards, but he didn't mind. His hair had been scattered as well. The whole area was sparkling neat and clean, all around its vicinity scenting with a soft essence of lavender. Nathan had always loved lavender. "You used to love the lavender air freshener," said the old man who'd pronounced himself as his butler, Fernando. It was as if he'd been hearing Nathan's mind. He chuckled. Nathan adjusted on the fine leather chair, straightening his posture. "Who are you exactly?" He was certain that the old man neatly dressed before him was not anyone he'd met before. He looked like he was in his sixties, but he was still well built for a man of that age. He wasn't too tall and one could say he was a petite man. His calm eyes were richly filled with mystery that Nathan could instantly tell the man must have lived that age with a lot of experience t
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Chapter 4.
The air around Nathan Anakin was suddenly chilly, and it wasn't because of the AC. "You want me to reclaim the family's fortune, now?" He asked, his pale blue eyes staring brightly at Fernando. Of course that would someday have to happen, if truly he was the son they'd all been searching for. Only, Nathan wasn't ready yet. It wasn't really something he'd ever prepared himself for. It wasn't everyday you woke up to the realization that you might be the son of an insanely rich family. Fernando on the other hand, he begged to differ. "Sire, this household has been waiting for you for years now. It is time." In his voice came desperately. He knew he could die anytime soon, in fact, he was ready to. Only, his promise had to come to fulfillment. And that would only happen if Nathan agreed to reclaim his family's fortune. "Okay, if that's true then," Nathan said, leaning forward in the comfortable chair. The scent of fresh lavender soothed his mind, creating an aura he couldn't quite exp
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Chapter 5.
Doris Castiel was a strong woman. This meant that she was never easily frail or intimidated. Living in her type of pompous and terrorizing family, Doris had learnt to handle her life with care. She learned at an early age to live her life and care less about the voices of others. There was no doubt she learnt well from her husband, Nathan Anakin. Somehow, they had both grown to understand each other, and it was difficult to break their connection, otherwise, Doris would not have still been married to him. True, they hadn't been married for that long, but two years was quite a long time for them both. Earlier when Nathan left abruptly, she wondered what could have happened. But she trusted her husband and knew well enough that he would return to explain what had happened. They never kept secrets from each other, so her mind was at ease. Only, it had been over two hours and he wasn't back yet. She wasn't exactly worried, but she was anxious. Anxiety clutched her mind like a tight bel
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Chapter 6.
The door creaked open, and just in that moment, Doris hung up in anger. A bit more related to frustration in fact. Her mother never acknowledged her and respected her, and it was a sad fact for Doris to face. Which mother doesn't acknowledge her daughter's wishes and even try to make them come true? When she turned—which she didn't even want to because she'd been slightly upset with him—the face of her husband smiled wearily at her. "Where have you been?" A tinge of anger mixed with her tone of voice. Nathan managed his way over to her, then, displeased by the frown on her face, his hand met with her face to dry the tears away. "I'm sorry, I received a news." He said, as casual as he could. But Doris was not moved. "I received a call from mother, she said there was a problem." Still wearing the frown, Doris managed to say to her husband. They never kept secrets, so she knew better than to hide the truth from him. Nathan knew that much, yet he couldn't dare bring himself to say a
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Chapter 7.
When Owen passed the message down to Doris, she couldn't believe her eyes. Her mother was a proud woman and the thought of her having to give up the position of the family CEO must have absolutely displeased her. The family was truly in trouble. No matter how arrogant and pompous Evelyn could be, she was still her mother. Doris will always remain a Castiel. Nathan had been starting from over the room's entrance, the petrified face on his wife's face. He also overheard their conversation, and that was when it suddenly hit him. He was going to make his wife the CEO of her family. "Doris?" He said, finally announcing his presence. Her weary face lifted up to face him. "Nathan." Then it all streamed down. She had been a strong woman for so long she was tired. Besides, Nathan was her husband. He had the right to see her ugly face when she cried. She wouldn't pretend she was not hurt. She wouldn't have to be strong this time, because he was here with her. Nathan rushed forward and brou
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Chapter 8.
Nathan purposely played dumb in front of the Castiels, but told his wife how to place the bid. He told her to trust him, announcing to her that he found a job at the same company her brother had been talking about, and that he has inside information. That Monday morning, Nathan had hurried straight to work, and entrusted Doris to place the bid. Of course she didn't understand anything, but she would have to trust her husband. She trusted Nathan with her life. She was not sure about Nathan's instruction, but having decided to trust him at last, she placed the bid for her family without noticing the others. ✩★✩Thirty minutes later after Nathan had left work, he was already home. To his surprise, Doris hadn't been the only one at home. "Mother?" The word shockingly emitted from his lips as a soft whisper as soon as he opened the door to catch her view. She was scolding Doris, as usual. And her bodyguard—and son!—Owen, had been standing beside her. Doris's eyes were meeting with the f
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Chapter 9
"I have told Doris to place the bid. And here's my proposal. If she wins, you must all promise to make Doris over here," he paused to steal a glance at her, and the worried stare on her face propelled him to speak faster, " the family CEO, and never ever, mention us divorcing again.""And if she doesn't win?" Said Owen, almost instantly. "Then, I'll leave her and never bother this family ever again." There was a loud gasp from Doris, a slender hand covered on her opened mouth. This reaction followed a raucous laughter from Evelyn, and Owen followed in the footsteps of his mother. Evelyn's mouth twitched with a smile, and let out a triumphant yelp. "Oh... So you, you want to tell me that... Seriously?" Another series of thundering laughter followed. "You think that she would win? That you can win this bet? Ha!" A faint tremor of amusement appeared on Owen's lips. Nathan watched in silence all through their drama. He was certain that his wife would win. All of their mocking would on
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Chapter 10
Soon enough, the news was tuned in and the whole family gathered before the TV's screen to hear the winner's announcement. A slender tall lady with bright eyes and blonde hair let loose down her shoulders walked up to a podium reserved for her. Nathan instantly recognized her. She was the secretary at his firm. "Hello everyone, I'm Tori Lawyers, secretary from TMN Insurance firm, and I bring you news concerning the bidding of TMN contract." She began to say, and everyone tensed up, ears sharply pointed with attention. "I will be representing Mr Anakin, our firm's CEO..." When she brought up his name, Nathan stared around with an awkward expression on his face, and his heart pounded loud. He began to wonder if any of them had somehow caught on, but none of them seemed to realize that his name had just been called out. "Good... "he muttered under his breath, then continued watching."...and I would love to personally thank all of our bidders. Here's a special thanks to Mr Pedro Alonzo
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