The Powerful Dustin Rodriguez

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The Powerful Dustin Rodriguez

By: Belle Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Dustin Rodriguez is a hardworking young man who does everything for his darling wife, Laura. Until one day she cheats on him with a rich man and throws divorce papers to him. When everything seems hopeless, Dustin's father who was presumed dead, comes back and hands over all of his fortune to his son. Now, everyone who has ever treated him wrong will regret it, because now he's the Powerful Dustin Rodriguez.

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  • Quinn Writes


    What a plot twist!

    2024-02-26 17:29:30
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Wife, who is this man??
"Can you just be sensible for once in your life!" a young man not more than a year older than Dustin yelled at him.He couldn't do anything right again. Being a cleaner in that restaurant had brought nothing but stains on him everywhere he went. People never respected him, but he didn't mind. All thanks to his boss too, Michael, who always embarrassed him everywhere he saw him.A year ago, his wish was granted to him. He got married to a beautiful woman, Laura and he had been content with that. Yes, he was poor and needed money, which was why he was hardworking and tried all his best. Dustin was a graduate with a great result, but finding a good job had just been too hard. "I'm sorry sir." He quickly apologized to his boss. "It's just that, I need this money, and you'll remove it from my salary! If only you could give me a small loan sir, I would really like that.""Useless man! Did you not hear of the crises our restaurant is facing? How can you still ask me such a ridiculous requ
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I'll never forget this day.
"What do you mean what am I doing here?" Dustin raged out. "I live here, Laura? Remember!"Laura seemed perplexed. "Wait, why are you home this early?" She blurted out.Dustin still couldn't believe his eyes. How could she dare ask him that?"So I have ruined the perfect moment for you and this man, is that it?" Dustin frowned. He then turned to see who the hell was on his matrimonial bed.Before he could say anything, the man asked. "Who is this son of a bitch?"What? Son of a bitch? Dustin was hurt and angry. His fist was a ball of rage now.Dustin took a close look at the man and realized he would be no more than a few years older than him. His hair was blonde with fair skin and pink lips. He looked like Barbie's Ken."Answer me, baby? Who is this?" The man asked again.Laura bit her lips, then suddenly, her face was hard. "My love, this is...just someone I'm living with."Dustin couldn't believe his ears. "Just someone you're--""--ignore him. We'll be back a minute now, okay?" La
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You aren't my friends.
The air was chilly as it was winter season. Dustin was walking down the street with his shirt doing little effort to protect him from the cold.He still couldn't get the whole scene from his head. How could she treat him like that? And with no remorse whatsoever?He knew he didn't have where to go, but his friends, two besties of his, Mark and Tom, would have enough space to accommodate him. He always did nice things for them whenever he had the chance to, so repaying his kindness shouldn't be a hard thing to do. In fact, he trusted them. They were good people.His phone rang and he saw it was one of his friends, Tom."Hey buddy, what's up?" he said, trying to hide the pain in his voice."Dustin, you don't have to lie but is it true? That you're jobless and now single?" Tom asked."Whoa, whoa, calm down. Jobless? Of course not." Dustin said."But the news about your wife is true then."Dustin frowned. How did he know already? It hasn't even been thirty minutes yet!"Wait, how did you
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A new song on my lips.
Dustin couldn't believe his life. Kidnapped? In broad daylight?"Please! Let me go!" He struggled with the strange men that were now dragging him somewhere after placing black sack on him.His mind was racing, wondering what was happening. Finally, the car stopped abruptly."Careful, you reckless driver! Treat our young master with respect, will you!" One voice yelled out."Sorry boss." The man who was the driver said immediately.Wait...young master??who?The blindfold was removed and he was gently brought down the van. The men were on black suits with stern faces, each of them giving him a low bow for some reason."You've found the wrong man. Please let me go now." Dustin said, trying to reason with them.The one who looked like their boss, very tall with brown ponytail and huge body, chuckled."We've been searching for you, young master. This is not a mistake." he said, "please sir, come with me.""To where?" Dustin inquired. Then he turned to see a great mansion staring back at hi
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Deal or not?
"Yes." His father replied. "Who else did you think would inherit all of my hard work, huh?"Dustin was still staring in complete shock. All his?? Could his day get any better???"Wow. I'm honored. I just dunno what to's all...real?" He was staring at his dad with such shock, like if he stared too serious, his dad would disappear again."No. This is all real, my boy. Your mother would have been so proud of you." his dad said. He was so happy to reunite with his son again."Alright then. But first, we need to eat and you need a proper rest. So we can discuss your taking over. It's getting late anyway...""Dad, are you kidding me? I want to hear your plans now." The look on his face was very firm, one that did not accept any bargaining."Wow, you are still so stubborn as before." his dad teased. "Okay then, firstly, I need you to meet someone important. But she's a bit busy now, so I'll ask her to make plans this evening by maybe eight.""Okay, dad.""But first, you need to go f
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Throw this pest out!
"In case you haven't noticed, I'm a very well known customer here, and I'll just call the manager to throw you out of here." Sandra muttered with confidence."Please, do whatever you like. Throw me out of here and then I'll see just how influential you are." Dustin said in a relaxed manner.Sandra couldn't understand his confidence but she picked up her phone and began to dial a number. Unknown to her, one of the staff had recognized Bobby and Vincent, and had quickly called out the manager. They were famous faces for Matyrs motors and it must mean that Dustin was someone important!Sandra was sleeping with a man she knew as the manager. But he was in fact only just the half brother of the real manager. She didn't know that now. The manager was a tall and slender man. "Excuse me sir, ma'am, what is going on here?""And who the hell might you be?" Sandra replied rudely.Dustin remembered his dad's words. He had to be nice to everyone he met now, not unless they go ahead and take him
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Revenge Plan.
After they'd ordered for a light dinner, Alara began to talk. She was a bold woman who didn't seem afraid of anything. Dustin liked that about her."I've been managing the company for years. The first thing I need you to know are your staff. We'll be heading to work by Monday for a proper introduction.""That's good to hear.""Also please sir, can you refer to me as miss Alara? To keep the formalities between us." She said so bluntly yet nicely.A smile formed on Dustin's face. "Because you're scared we might get too close and begin to develop false feelings of some kind?"Alara's frown remained on her face, but it was a harmless one. "I would just like us to remain formal with one another. Or you can try miss Dennis."His eyes were fixed on her stern face and a helpless smile began to relax on his face again. He quickly shrugged it off. "Alright then, miss Alara." He said. Her phone buzzed and she frowned at the screen. "I get it that they're excited about getting help from us, but
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Crashing the party.
The next day, Dustin was invited to a party to celebrate the launch of a new business from Laura's company. She didn't invite him of course, but Alara had been invited. "An invitation from the Winston group, sir. She has been sending emails nonstop that we showed up." Alara had said to him. "Then let's attend," he said. Before heading to the venue, Dustin made sure he had prepared a lovely tuxedo with a fine Italian shoe. He didn't care if he overdressed. Then, his haircut was styled into something decent and classic. Dustin, being a tall handsome man, was now looking like a rich man already. Meanwhile, Laura was very anxious. She greeted a few of her guests but knew that if the event didn't go as planned, she wouldn't have the upper hand in making it to the list of companies that will partner with Matyrs motors! And although Tobin had promised her money and power, she still would like it if the CEO of Matyrs motors showed up. "You seem worried, my love. What is it?" Tobin aske
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Tobin is wrecked.
The next day, Dustin received a call, waking him up from his sleep. "You dummy, come to work right now!" It was the voice of his boss, Michael.Dustin frowned. "I'm sorry, but it's too early to summon me right now." "What?!" Michael roared. "You missed work yesterday because it was your off day. But what about today?? Huh!"Dustin had had enough of his boss. He hung up, and continued his sleep.After a couple of hours and plenty missed calls from his boss, he dressed up in one of his new corporate wears and decided to head to the restaurant."I need to tell Michael I'm quitting anyway. And settle my debt with Yasmine." He decided. Heading to the restaurant, his boss was already fuming with rage. He didn't understand why Dustin was dressed so nicely when he only wanted to clean and mop the floor."Look at how you're dressed! And how dare you come to work by this time!" He yelled."I don't have time for this. I've come to tender my–" Dustin was still saying when he was cut short by h
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Antique Necklace
"What are you talking about, huh? Wait please!" He felt like he would have a heart attack. Payment has been canceled?He was ruined!"You've offended the big dogs of the business industry. You brought this upon yourself. Good day." Alara said."Alara dear, are you forgetting that Mr. Rodriguez is my sponsor–hey, hello?" he was saying but she had already hung up.No way, I need to call Mr. Rodriguez! He dialed the man's number and called."The number you're trying to call, cannot be reached." said his phone."Huh? Cannot be reached? Pick up, Mr. Rodriguez!"He called and called but the number wasn't going through. "No. This can't be happening!" Tobin cried out.Meanwhile, Dustin was just on his way to work for the first time. The building was a skyscraper towering to the clouds. He couldn't believe he owned it!He stepped down from his car and walked in. Just by the grand lobby, a woman was speaking to the receptionist. "Come on ma'am, I would really like to meet the vice president. T
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