The Revenge of the Abused Son-in-law

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The Revenge of the Abused Son-in-law

By: Alora Quinn Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Lucius Steele is an orphan who marries into a rich influential family, the Wilde's. He is abused, maltreated and disgraced on a daily basis by his wife an her family. After he catches his wife cheating on their three years marriage anniversary, he gets fed up and calls off the marriage opting for a divorce. Angry with his decision, his wife Valerie Wilde puts out an interview saying he cheated and wanted her only for her money. The press takes up the video turning him into a horrible person. He loses his job and his name is dragged through the mud by everyone. He thinks all is lost but he gets a visit from a stranger claiming that he is the heir to a multi trillion dollar empire. Lucius is skeptical at first but accepts and follows the man. He is introduced into a whole new world as he becomes a multi trillionaire in his own right. It doesn't take long for his now perfect world to be turned upside down as he starts to get cryptic messages from an untraceable source warning him to be careful around the people in his inner circle. Lucius takes the messages at face value until his father's life as well as his own is put in danger. His situation gets out of hand and friends from the most unlikeliest of places help him out but there is someone in the shadows waiting to strike. The past comes back to haunt him and obstacles are placed before him. A betrayal that Lucius didn't expect. He overcomes them all and puts the culprit in jail, never to be heard from again but when the villain escapes a prison transfer, all hell breaks loose.


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  • Alora Quinn


    Please read and enjoy. I'm sure you'll love it. Oh, and do leave a comment or rating if you have something to say about the book. I would really love to interact with everyone and I would really appreciate the feedback. Thank you so much. Have a great read. ...️...

    2023-10-11 18:36:19
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    wow. I love the beginning already

    2023-09-16 06:08:25
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The sky was bare and the night cold but the streets of New York bustled with a lot of people going about their evening. Noise filled the streets from either idle chatter from passers-by or the music played by the shops in order to sell some products. It was suffocating.Either way Lucius Wilde would have to go through the cacophony of his least favorite things to get to his destination. With a box of chocolate tightly secured in his left hand and an idea of a surprise, he weaved through the crowd, got to the bus stop and waved a taxi down. He got in.The driver spoke before he settled in.“Where to ?”“The Madison Hotel.”The driver smiled and looked at him from the rear-view mirror. Seeing he had on a suit he asked another question.“Business or pleasure?”Lucius didn’t see the point of the question the man was asking and frankly he was getting annoyed by it.“Could you just drive? I’m running late.”The driver snorted.“Rich snobs.”Lucius couldn’t help but smiled bitterly and self-
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The sudden rainfall caught up with Lucius on his way back home. It seemed the weather wasn’t actually mocking him but maybe weeping for him because of the humiliation he just endured. Whichever way, he loathed getting soaked, but at the same time, he was glad for the rain because it seemed to be calming down the fire of anger that was blazing inside his heart.He hadn't realized it but he had walked for hours until he reached the gates of the Wilde mansion. The gates that were always golden and ethereal were now dark and menacing in this ungodly weather.He pressed the buzzer signaling that someone was at the gate. A moment later a voice was heard over the intercom. “Who is it?”“Lucius Wilde.”A loud buzz cut through the rain and the gates were opened. Lucius went in since they never bothered to search him as they did when he first entered the family. He opened the door to the house and the staff gasped in shock. “Sir Lucius. What are you doing? You will catch a cold and you're tr
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Lucius laid awake in bed in his low rent apartment on the bad side of town. It was the only place he could afford on his low salary. It had been three days already and even though he couldn’t eat three square meals a day he was relieved. These past days had been good. No degrading words, no unnecessary labor and definitely no cleaning his mother-in-law's cat's piss. Plus, he avoided being mugged last night when he was coming back from work and considering where he was staying now that was a win. It was almost 7:30 am and work would start soon. He stood up and got dressed since he had already had a bath. He left the house when he was all done and traversed the winding and slightly dangerous roads of his new neighborhood. Lucius turned the corner and went straight into Kravis Bar. It was his shortcut and was slightly less dangerous since the bar was a legal establishment. By 7:57am he was at work. Evening came by quickly and before going home he had to pick up a new phone. It was go
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Morning finally came and he was happy about that. Lucius got up from bed and had a shower. He didn’t waste any time as he wanted to confront his wife before signing the divorce papers.He left his shabby apartment and got a ride to Valerie's workplace. WILDE CORPORATIONS.The company dealt with anything real estate, architecture and cars especially with high end celebrities and buyers. The building was also over the top just like the family. He remembered coming here, sometimes days on the end , to just fulfill his father-in-law's wishes. He did so much work for this company even though he wasn't a part of it that it seemed like he had built it from the ground up. Valerie's father, Kent, never even paid him a cent after it all. He shook his head and the thought left his mind. As he was about to enter he heard a man shouting, he was probably the owner of the newspaper stand he stood beside.“COME GET YOUR PAPER HERE! VALERIE WILDE, OF THE WILDE FAMILY, HUSBAND HAS AN AFFAIR.”People s
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After contemplating for a few minutes, Lucius decided to go with the man. Even if it turned out that the man was mistaken and he wasn’t truly the heir, what was the worst that could happen. Deep down, he wished it would be true that this trillionaire was his father, but at the same time, he didn’t want to get his hopes up. The man led him to where his car was parked and Alarick’s eyes widened. Ben chuckled when he saw Alarick’s expression.“This car was a gift to me from my boss, your father.” Ben said.The car was the latest model and only three had been produced in the world. Lucius knew this because his father-in-law, Kent Wilde had been so angry when the car came out and he couldn’t afford it even though he was rich. Yet, this man who seemed to be a butler or driver was given this car as a gift. Wow!They both got into the car, and Ben drove while Lucius sat beside him. Lucius was so embarrassed when his stomach growled loudly. He hadn’t eaten anything yet as he had lost his appet
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His father sighed. “When you were still a child, almost two years old, you were taken from us. I had just started making good money back then, my company was flourishing and I got arrogant. I was warned by my father, your grandfather, not to take a particular deal that an older rival company was vying for but I didn’t listen. I felt like I could take them on because I had already achieved so much at a young age. After successfully getting the project started, we threw a party to celebrate the success of the project launch. Your mother and I were in attendance while you were home with your nanny. We couldn’t take you that day because you weren’t feeling well. When we came home that day, you were gone. Our home had been invaded by armed men, they killed all the security guards and the house staff. We searched everywhere but couldn’t find you, then I received a call shortly after. The CEO of that rival company called me and told me that he was responsible for your kidnapping. He wanted
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"All you've done for them? I don't follow.""We found you earlier but I had never been able to get in touch with you because I was on a business trip that lasted for some months and I couldn't back down from it. Since I couldn't meet you earlier, I decided to make sure that the family you married was wealthy enough to take care of your needs. Yes, the Wilde's had some money when you married into their family but I was the one who got them to where they are now. I expected you to live a good and comfortable life but I was wrong for putting my trust in those people."That made sense. It would explain how after some months of marrying into the family, Kent had gotten richer exponentially. The man had been able to buy all kinds of expensive cars and products for himself and his family combined. “Wow. So, you're the one behind their overnight success. Kent Wilde always bragged that it was his knowledge of the business world that enabled him to climb up the ladder that quickly."James scof
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Lucius ruffled the sheets on the bed in his new bedroom. He sat up straight and looked around the room. No matter how long he looked at it, he would always be in awe of the place. His room alone was three times the size of his former room in the Wilde mansion and contained art and electronics that could carry him his whole life, comfortably. His bathroom had the latest technology installed. A smart toilet and a body drier that could either be voice activated or motion activated by just the wave of a hand. He could literally dry himself off without having to even touch his own body.Lucius' balcony had a pool, and a separate Jacuzzi in case of cold nights, and the gadgets in his room could be operated by the use of specific gestures, controlled by a button, or through his voice that had been programmed into the system that morning. Everything in the room including the lights, television, speakers, curtains and fireplace were controlled this way. The whole place was luxurious, modern a
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The next morning, Lucius was surprised when he was woken up early by Ben. He had been expecting to sleep in like he did the previous day.“It's the weekend, Ben, why are you waking me up so early?” Lucius asked as he yawned.Ben chuckled.“Apologies, but for your plan to work effectively, you must not be the heir in words only. You have to at least have basic knowledge of your father’s business if you are to inherit it all from him. The time from now till when the official announcement will be made is not enough to learn everything, but it will be enough to teach you some important things if only you’re willing to learn. Knowledge is power after all.” Ben replied.“Can’t we start later?” Lucius asked.“You need to get used to waking early, Lucius. It will be a normal routine for you soon once you officially take over handling the company from your father.” Ben said.Lucius yawned again and then got off the bed.“Take a shower and then join us in your father’s study.”“Us? Father is up
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.Lucius had to go to a shop to get a new shirt to replace his now soaked one.Thankfully, the shop he entered had little to no customers so no one knew he was there.He paid for a simple black top and changed in one of the changing rooms. He checked his watch and saw that it was time for him go to his family lawyers office. He was meant to pick up the divorce papers before heading over to the Wilde company to get his cheating wife to sign it. His father James Steele had already arranged to have the documents drawn up and to make sure that Valerie would not get a dime when she found out who he really was.Lucius headed over to the law firm Mason and Co. The building was grand even for a law firm. It was said to be one of the best law firms in the country and the lawyer who was drawing up his divorce papers was none other than Mason Fox himself. One of the elite lawyers who had never lost a case in his life. It was still rumored that he was peculiar and somewhat eccentric but if what
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