The Son of The Unseen

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The Son of The Unseen

By: Kurt Dp. OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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A boy who only longs for a perfectly normal life was suddenly ruined by an unfortunate revelation. He is a Son of a God. Alexander is a 16 year old boy who lives in the outskirts of his kingdom and works as a farmer. One day, his life changed when it was revealed that his long lost father is a God.

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A peaceful day it is and he is living his every day life with happiness and joy. He is planting seeds of vegetables in the farm he works. His life was nothing more than a normal one, nothing unusual and it is impossible to happen anyway. His name is Alexander, son of the former female royal knight Jane. Alexander is the one responsible for feeding his mother since his father has left them when Alexander is still a newborn baby. His mother has saved money from her former job but that isn't enough to sustain the both of them. So, with his mother being unable to walk anymore, he took the responsibility of taking care of her. He is the one who works, cooks and many more things. Alexander then straightened his body again after planting seeds in the ground. Then he removed the straw hat he is wearing and that revealed his long black curly jet-black hair. He then wiped his sweat out of his face with a clean towel that is over his neck. His sh
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The fight started as the monster’s club and the fist that Alexander made collided. The impact was so strong that it bent some trees near them. And as their fight went on, Alexander can’t feel anything anymore. He doesn’t even know why his body is moving like this, so swiftly, agile and strong. But somehow, he is able to fight with the cyclops toe to toe. Then he remembered the story of his mother, it is about when she encountered a cyclops. He tried to remember the way she defeated it since that would be a big help, but thinking about it while fighting an actual one is proving to be difficult in every aspect. The cyclops swung his club but was blocked by Alexander’s rock wall. This is the other thing Alexander can’t explain. How can he have these powers and strength? Why would he have these abilities to begin with? Not knowing the
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Not remembering what happened, Alexander is now standing in a dimly lit hall. He can see statues of different gods and goddesses and mainly of those are the Olympians. Alexander looked around the hall and remembered what had happened. He collapsed after the battle with the cyclops, it is because of pure exhaustion and the severe injuries he suffered from the fight. But he hopes that the cyclops head really came off because if it didn’t, then it would definitely rampage through their town and devour the citizens for sure. Thinking he is now dead and in a hall which the dead waits for it to be brought to the underworld. And this when Alexander regrets to die. Thoughts of how would his mother and grandmother survive without him working for them, who would take care of them, and all sorts of things that his grandmother and mother can’t do
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The news of that cyclops incident circulated all over Alexander’s town in just one night. The information said that a knight has defeated the monster but the name of that knight is confidential, says the Royal Knights Legion. However, the one who really beat that monster and severed its head is none other than Alexander who now laid in bed, resting and healing the injuries he had suffered during that showdown. Jane, Alexander’s mother questioned her son on how did he defeated it especially when Alexander doesn’t even know how to fight nor to defend himself. But Jane did not pester her son and thought that asking those questions may bring some nightmares to him. What she didn’t know is that Alexander, despite being utterly exhausted and with his body aching all over, has been thinking of the black smoky figure that appeared in his mind wh
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The atmosphere changed as their conversation was continued inside their home. Alexander stood at the left of his mother and listened to the man who introduced himself as Ray. Ray talked about a lot of things that Alexander couldn’t understand, it is unbelievable and it’s impossible.“Alexander, sir, you must understand that you are no ordinary person. The strength and the power you’ve used during that can only mean one thing.” Says Ray.But Alexander doesn’t believe in what this guy is saying. It is just purely impossible for it to even happen. He tried to find answer from his mother, but she too was in distress and is obviously nervous for some reason. Even his grandmother is there sitting on a chair and speechless.“Okay, I&rsq
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The man whom went to the home of Alexander explained that because of Hades’ adultery, Persephone was enraged and is now seeking revenge. When Alexander asked why, the answer was quite simple, Hades has vowed that he will not have any affairs with mortals, and yet this happened. He then explained that because of Persephone’s rage, Alexander needs to move out and try his luck as a hero. Because as a hero, he wouldn’t experience the rages of the Queen because she will just wait until the fates have decided to exterminate him. And that triggered, Alexander. He pointed out that no matter what this man will say, he will not go into a hero life. Why would he accept a fate that has nothing but sorrows a despair? He recalled that every hero or every demigod of the past has suffered a lot as a hero or demigod. And another reason on why he isn’t coming is because of
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The next day, Alexander is now packing his things up in his sling bag as he will be embarking on a new journey. His mother was helping him pack up as they have this little conversation. Helen described the God she fell in love with as the kindest but also the cruelest among the Olympians. The God of the underworld is a caring person and have his own amazing temper control. He is quite known for his calm nature, but when he bursts, then he is ugly when angry. He once sent hundreds of corpses and let it float at the seas as revenge for the thing his brother did to his wife, Persephone. After packing, Alexander heads down to the front door as he, his mother and grandmother are now saying their temporary goodbyes.“Remember this, Alex. They are deceitful, gods. They will do anything just to persuade you to do their bidding. Gods are dangerous, trust your senses and be safe.” Says the grandmother as she them hugged her grandson.Helen then approached hi
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