The Spectacular Sabastian Westchester

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The Spectacular Sabastian Westchester

By: Pjjordan CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Have you heard about Sabastian Westchester? No? Well, let me tell you about him. He was always seen as a poor man who had to endure the hardships of a demanding relationship and societal prejudices. But unbeknownst to those around him, he harbored a hidden secret that would change his life forever. Join me as I tell you the tale of Sabastian Westchester, a humble diner worker who became a powerful billionaire, and witness the transformation that comes with self-discovery.

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“You are late!’’ A voice barked at Sabastian.He looked at his watch to see that his boss was lying, he had fifteen minutes before he started work. This was something the fat, sweaty man always did. No matter how early anyone arrived at the Burger Shack, it was always late for him, especially when it came on to him.‘’I am cutting your pay,’’ the fat man told him.‘’What? Paul you can’t do that.’’‘’This is my place, my rules. If you don’t like it then find somewhere else that is willing to hire you.’’ Paul told him before walking away.Sabastian hated the fat man, that was all he did, rob them of a proper pay.When he had just started out he was making 15 dollars per hour, then it was cut down to 10 dollars, he was interested to see how much Paul would be paying him now.Sabastian began to clean the tables and floors, because as it seemed, the person who was there yesterday never bothered to clean up before closing.After scrubbing the floors, the chef called him over.‘’Hey kid, I o
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The woman in her big hat came to the restaurant at around 3 pm and sat at the very back.After going over the menu, she waved her hand for her order to be taken.Sabrina went over, and the woman shook her head.‘’Sorry, but I would rather for that young man to be my server.’’‘’Ok…’’Sabastian found the woman to be odd, with each order he carried out for her, she would give him a hundred dollars.Then the last order of blueberry pie, she gave him a thousand.‘’Maybe she wants you to be her sugar baby,’’ Sabrina joked but Sabastian didn’t find it funny.When the woman left, Paul called Sabastian over.‘’I saw her passing you something, how much tip did you get?’’He didn’t see why that was a concern to him.‘’Hurry it up!’’ Paul yelled.‘’Just a twenty,’’ Sabastian lied and showed him the two ten dollars he had in his back pocket.Paul frowned then took them from him.‘’Why did you do that?’’‘’If you don’t like it, you can see yourself out.’’Then Sabastian lost it.‘’Honestly, what i
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‘’Sorry, but we can’t employ you.’’ The woman who talked up her nose said.‘’What, why not?’’ Sabastian asked.She made a face as she stared at him. ‘’You just don’t fit our standard.’’‘’And what standard is that?’’‘’Well-‘’‘’Let me guess, I’m a poor man.’’She didn’t say anything.‘’As if the other employees here are any better! You don’t even pay well enough, and your cheap ass has the nerve to say I’m poor.’’Sabastian gathered up his thing and went to his next interview.‘’Hmm… no.’’‘’No?’’ Sabastian asked as the woman looked at him up and down.‘’Yes, no. You just don’t fit my standard.’’‘’But you didn’t even interview me ask yet.’’‘’I don’t need to.’’‘’And what are your standards.’’‘’Well, this is a Louis Vuitton store, and my employees have to dress a certain way to attract guests. Look rich and you’ll be rich.’’‘’Don’t you provide uniform?’’She laughed. ‘’What do you think I am? All my employees wear their own clothes, which aren’t like yours. Faded, old and raggy.’’
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After being expelled from school for something he didn’t do, Sabastian found himself sitting on a park bench with his head in his hands. Wondering what to do next.There was a thunder of laughter, and when he looked up, he noticed Mr. Wilson along with three men getting coffee from the small cart.He built up enough nerve to walk up to the group of men.‘’Mr. Wilson,’’ Sabastion called.The older man turned towards him.‘’Oh, Steven.’’‘’Its Sabastian.’’‘’What was that?’’‘’My name is Sabastian.’’‘’Ok, what do you want?’’To be honest, Sabastian didn’t want anything. He only wanted to see if Mr. Wilson didn’t like him as what Ashley said.‘’I hmm.’’‘’Out with it boy, I have better things to do than to make conversation in a park.’’‘’I was wondering if you could give me a job at your company, see I got fired from working at the Burger Shack and you are my only option since no one else would give me employment.’’Mr. Wilson let out a laugh. ‘’Give you a job? Boy you must be crazy, y
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The next morning, while Sabastian’s father was about to transfer everything into his name. Sabastian stopped him.‘’Father, before I take over your company. I wish to finish school.’’His father held his hand up.‘’Son, there is no need to do such thing. You did the task I requested of you very well.’’‘’I know but-‘’The old man cut him off.’’You were the only one to make it this far. Your sister quit the task in a week and your brother only lasted a month. So, this is well deserved. There is no need to continue living as a poor man.’’Mr. Westchester had asked Sabastian and his siblings to pretend to be poor; get jobs and go to school.His only rule was for them to never tell anyone of their true background, and whoever lasted the longest would get his companies and the largest sum out of his money.He wanted them to experience what life was like without the luxury of being rich, in this way they would treat people equally and never look down on them after seeing their struggles.H
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Sabastian walked across campus to where his new dorm would be, while Roy was going over a few things with him, and a body guard was pulling his luggage behind."Your father expects you to attend all private events. This way, investors will get acquainted with you.""That won't be a problem," Sabastian nodded.As they went, all eyes turned to watch them."Who is that?" A girl asked her friend."I don't know, but he must be rich. Just like at him and his clothes."A girl was brave enough to approach them."Hey, I'm Becky. Are you new here? I can show you around." Becky twirled hair around her fingers.Sabastian ignored her, wondering if she was a fool and didn't recognize him.She was friends with Molly and was there the day Molly lied and got him expelled."Get out of my way, I have no time for girls like you," Sabastian sneered down at her."Fine, your loss." Becky frowned and hurried away to save face from being embarrassed. When they got to Sabastian's dorm, Roy shook his hands."If
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‘’Hey, Sabastian.’’Sabastian had his nose in his book and earphones, so he didn’t hear Aaliyah calling his name.‘’Sabastian?’’When he still didn’t respond, her used her foot to nudge his and he looked up at her, then removed one of his earphones.‘’Aaliyah,’’ he said, then looked around, wondering if Molly was close by to watch and laugh as she accuses him of something.‘’I was wondering if you would like to come to my party tomorrow. It will be at the Richmond’s court.’’‘’Oh… uh… sure.’’She gave him a smile.‘’Great, see you there.’’Sabastian watched after Aaliyah, thinking about how beautiful she was.She was a smart girl as well, and from a good back ground but he thought that she might not be the one for him, since all the people in Wisteria Hill had their head too far up their asses.He thought Aaliyah was bound to have her boyfriend and if not, many men flocking her and she wouldn’t go for him based on the background he was portraying.He thought that Aaliyah was simply as
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Back at his dorm, Sabastian got ready and dressed in simply clothing. A long black sleeve shirt, and black 3-quarter pants. He left his hair down, then made his way to the door. When he got to the venue, all eyes turned to see who was coming out of the new Bugatti. Several male students from the university flocked around Sabastian after he stepped out of the car. ‘’Oh man, this is a sweet car. I had no idea someone like you could afford a car like this. Unless you are working for a rich man and you took his ride for a spin,’’ Brad, a boy whose father owned several pharmaceutical companies, said. ‘’Hmm,’’ was all Sabastian said in response. ‘’Come on, man, tell me how you got this sweet ride. Because you were struggling to even eat and all of a sudden you are driving a fucking sports car.’’ Another male student joined in to mock Sabastian. ‘’Maybe his sugar daddy bought it for him. The punk seems like the type to bend over for a man.’’ Those who were gathered around laughed an
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Sabastian hung up the phone after talking to his father. The old man wanted to have a party to introduce him to everyone, as a way for him to be initiated into the family's business.Though Sabastian would rather be a private man and hide the fact that he is rich to not attract unwanted people in his life.For now, the only people he can trust were his family and maybe Aaliyah, seeing that she wasn't as superficial as he thought.As Sabastian left his dorm, he went somewhere to get a few suits so he could not only attend the event but also have another for some other occasion. When he went to the downtown area, Sabastian entered into a store that seemed as if they had well tailored clothes."Hello -" The man stopped to look at him."What do you want?"Sabastian raised a brow. "I can't in here to buy a suit or two."The man shook his head. "Sorry, but you must have lost your way.""Why do you think that?" Sabastian asked."Just look at you, a scruffy little bugger."Sabastian frowned.
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"Ok, since you and your brother don't have a suit as yet. I'll just come with you both," Mrs. Westchester suggested. "I do have my suit. It's being made and will be here soon," Sam made known."Well, it's just Sabastian then."Sabastian looked at his mother."That's not necessary."Mrs. Westchester waved him off. "I want to make sure you get something that suits you. You have no fashion sense, just like your father."Mr. Westchester put his fork down. "I'll let you know that I have emaculate fashion sense. Not because I refuse to let you dress me up like a Christmas tree."After breakfast, Mrs. Westchester and Sabastian made their way downtown."Mom, I don't know if dad told you... but did you send a lady to that diner?""What are you talking about, dear?""There was a lady in a big hat who kept coming to the diner and tipping me. She gave me $1,000 dollars and more. So I thought maybe it was you since it wasn't dad.""Oh, no."Sabastian sat back in his chair, wondering who the lady w
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