Elizabeth Jakes The Clone System

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Elizabeth Jakes The Clone System

By: deathbyheartbreak OngoingSystem

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Finding out you're not the original person but the clone of someone is no easy thing. Try surviving it with zombies on your tail

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INSIDE THE SEEMINGLY LAST STANDING FUNCTIONING BUILDING THAT CONTAINS THE LAST OF THE RADIATION-FREE HUMANS: One of the five islands of 'The Nation' after the nuclear war. Las Islas Amerindias Unidas Biomedical Lab Time; 23:55 Year; 2085 A loud annoying-sounding alarm goes off. “Just jury-rigg the darn thing,” the youngest member of the team in Triangle Control Room, folds his arms across his chest as he speaks but a cocky one is never welcomed much, especially when they think they’re smarter than the rest. His teammates, who have been there months and most of them years before him, ignore his boasting as they already know what their job details are. “Check the power output,” the other man, Luke, returned, ignoring him as he instructed the man seated in front of one of the main screens. “Aculator-” “Would someone get this guy to shut the-” another man gritted his teeth. “Shut it, newbie,” the man with the long-plaited hair and pierced left nostril mumbles almost
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1- Elizabeth Jakes
‘I don’t want to die.’ The naked body of the young female tosses around the turbulent waters, falling from the lengthy height, and landing heavily on the water below. She’d been banged against rocks, her head bleeding even before she fell over the waterfall. A small single beep sounds off inside her head at the same time that something brushes up against her left bare calf, briefly. Her body jolts back in fright, but the heavy water slows her movement...thankfully it’s only a log. [System activated] She hears, and she frowns her body is too weak to cry out for help. Instinctively she knows she must scream out for anyone to come to aid her. Even if she did manage to shout how would they hear her over the sounds of the loudly roaring waterfall behind her? ‘I cannot swim,’ she panics not even understanding fully what the words mean but knowing she cannot do so and would die. ‘How did I survive that?’ [Loading.] A display of blue words ran across her closed eyes. [This will take
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The Failed Robbery
[Should we stop here, Liz?] the female automated voice said inside her head, but she ignores it instead commanding it to go into sleep mode for the next twenty-four hours. The system she encountered some years back when woke up half-drowned by the side of a deep river. Kia served as a great companion for the past few years especially when she had the rude awakening that the world is post-apocalypse. Zombies? She always figured those were just sci-fi fantasy movies. Liz learned so much from the information she gathered from Kia and the two had a sort of odd friendship since sane humans were low. Hours later three young adults stared at each other untrustingly not even flinching when a loud booming sound was heard in the far-off distance. Three pairs of suspicious-looking eyes and dirt-covered bodies and clothing that had seen better days. Surprisingly all footwear- boots, were in good condition. The female, Liz, which was plainly obvious, and two dust-covered, tired-looking men ju
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3- Former Friends
Confusion on Randall’s facial features because they had just met up on the road and had only acknowledged each other when they had seen the truck coming towards them in the distance. They hadn’t even spoken about taking the truck, it was just instinct to work on getting it together and they’d work in unison, well till now. "What? You're kidding,", the naturally red-haired man scratched his head as he waited for dark browned but bleached-in streaks due to the sun-haired man to say he was just joking. His uneven bitten-off nails, burning slightly at the nubs where his salty sweaty scalp had him dropping his hand, still waiting for the redhead to answer. "No, I'm not kidding. I can't see your face," the other returned, monotone. A slight furrow between his eyebrows now. The man wiped his face more trying to remove the dust. She pointed the gun at him as she muttered, "Water in back. Don't waste." "Gee thanks, lady," the bandana-holding man said, in mocked sarcasm. He mumbled as
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4- And There Was Three
"-between North Korea and Russia. Will America get involved? Citizens, although we are not affected in America, are asked to stay at home during the next three days. We are on standby as we wait for The President's response as we speak. Citizens are making queries as to whether this could be the start of World War three. Russia, India, America and North Korea, among others, are in talks of a nuclear conspiracy. All parties involved have since denied any claims-" Randall woke up sweating, covering his face with his hands in the dimly lit room. The memory of the last normal news he had seen, replayed over and over like an echo inside his mind. He kept hearing the alert in the somewhat scared-looking woman as she read the news out to them. He remembered how frightened she looked. Like she knew what was happening but was told to say something else. Or maybe she was just scared like the rest of them.  That cute reporter died on the very same day, which was also the day the riots broke o
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Exchanging Horror Stories
It was a bit awkward and strange...them meeting up like this. Coincidental or not, Randall was glad. He was so lonely. Having met Matt hours earlier on the road, he had cautioned him about the new threat but Matt had already known and was in hiding trying to move far away. When they had met up, they’d both been seeking shelter and had spotted the huge building miles away. How wild was it that Matt knew who he was and had assumed he had recognised him as well. It was hard after all, even Matt had changed as well- besides the puberty hitting him late in life, Matt had a roughness to his face just as Liz. Even he too had it. A permanent untrusting expression. They’d been heading to the houses behind the gigantic building when they ‘ran’ into Liz. Then they sought refuge in this house as it was at the far back plot, behind most of the houses in a private lot. This was the only one that looked as if the creatures had not bothered to ramshackle. They both looked at him and then at eac
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6- The New Creatures
Liz looked out the window into the darkness and back at her two companions. She knew the danger they were in, for they had the conversation last week. They agreed to; two would asleep while one kept watch. Then one that was awake would remain awake with the one that was asleep and so forth. [You do not need them. They will just hold you back] ‘Hold m back from what exactly. Kia?’ [Survival. Humans hinder each other.] Liz stared blindly ahead of her. Yes, that is a fact but nevertheless, human interaction is also important for survival. She would go crazy if she went on this way much longer- just killing and nobody to talk with. An A.I. would never understand that. They were built on facts not feelings. Sometimes facts can be untrue when dealing with emotions. ‘Switch off Kia.’ [Goodbye Elizabeth] The blue words flashed for two seconds then disappeared silently. They had to move as soon as possible for she had seen movement in the far distance earlier. She figured it wa
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7- We Are A Family
Matt They were running out of supplies at the house they’d called home for almost a month and had decided to venture out with caution. Extreme caution. They would have gotten supplies and come back here but it seemed that the new creatures were searching and for what if not for humans? Besides if they got a supermarket or somewhere near a pharmacy would be good. Medical supplies were always something to be near to. The next place a few miles down, the rations had lasted a bit longer than they’d expected but it had been a fully stocked house- as if the people that lived there had just stocked up, but no bodies were found on the premises. Most of the canned goods were expired and could not be consumed and some though expired were still edible. A nutritionist's nightmare is what it is when it comes to food in zombie-land. “Perhaps they had died when they went to get pizza,” Matt had joked, earning him a slight frown from them both when they’d first inspected the perimeter of the
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The One With Disgusting Liz
Matt “Down,” Randall orders in the same tone. Not needing any explanation, they both dropped to the floor stooping, too. That lowered tone would mean something was near- too near. Could either zombies or any one of the two new groups they discovered; the uniformed and the ununiformed were out and about. Too near, by Randall’s movements and lowered voice, Matt thought, glancing at Liz, waiting for Randall’s next words, still somewhat worried that the conversation between him and Liz just now was loud enough to be heard from outside let alone Randall. Matt is worried that he heard him playing matchmaker. The uniformed ones might be intel or humans …maybe aliens for all Matt knew. The others were a different kind of war-like humans that spoke their own invented language. It was sort of English words with sounds of letters mostly. It must be an adaptation of the English language and lack of words according to Liz and both men agreed with her. Which means when the zombie outbreak trans
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9- The military?
Zombie. As in one single one. Randall cautiously made his way into the medium-sized grocery, rolling behind an aisle, listening. A quick scan indicated the others had left and the lone creature alone remained. He released a relieved breath and waited for the rotted-fleshed individual to move along as they sometimes did when unbothered and no humans were in sight. He would shoot it, but the sound would attract the ones that just left. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a long blade with him where he could easily slice its neck clean out but…ugh- the reek. The work they would have to put in to get rid of the stench. It’s better to let it wander off and he would kill it if he comes across it again, he swears to himself. Places were scarce now and he was grateful that they actually had food and shelter for the time being. This was a treasure find as almost all places were already looted. The live decomposing woman raised her nose in the air and sniffed, turning her head at different an
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