The Third Party

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The Third Party

By: SmileSBeMr137 OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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After being massacred vigorously in his past life, now floating into nothingness, in an abyss where darkness reigns, he opens his eyes, and saw a small speck of light, perhaps... another chance? --- "What would you like me call you?" the orb of light spoke, in a gentle and humble voice. "Ken, please call me by my name, Ken." the man in white said, looking enticed at the orb of light, further drawing him in it's alluring glow. "Understood, and what would be your wish Ken?" the orb of light asked. "To be a third party." Ken smiled. 'To be a slow Transmigrator.' he added in his thought.

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55 chapters
Chapter 1 - Customization Room
Third Person’s POVKen looked around him but found himself in an endless world of white. An icon popped in front of him showing the words 'Customization Room' and below it is the word 'Enter' blinking in a faint light, he reached out to the icon thinking that he could press it but felt awkward the next when his hands went through."Ken you can only enter the Customization Room by using your mind" he screeched an unmanly sound for being startled by a voice. "EEEK, my gosh! You could've given me a heart attack" he exclaimed profusely.He looked at the icon and did what the ball of white said, wondering whatever gender the ball is, how else could he address this… thing if he did not know of the ball’s gender, he can’t just keep calling it as ‘it’."I heard that! and I'm a boy if you're asking in your mind." Ken jolted at the sudden answer from the ball of white, hastily turning to the ball’s directi
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Chapter 2 - What do you mean by "Concept?"
Third Person's POV"Okay?... What do you mean by 'Concept?'" the ball asks, tone laced in confusion."It may seem unlikely, but here's my explanation, if I remember correctly I wanted an ability that can decipher other peoples abilities and through deciphering other people's abilities I can create a counter to that specific ability,It's like nullifying magic, but that kind of magic can only work against’ spell casters, so I thought, why not create an ability that can counter every other abilities just by analyzing other people's abilities and counter them,Be it magical, phenomenal, or even cosmic, but that's not all, this ability can also amplify or upgrade other people's abilities, giving it a stats boost, oh, and this ability can also create new abilities for the user to use or to bestow upon others,Because you never know you might need other people to use the ability that you created, may the reason be that you are not
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Chapter 3 -The Kingdom of Ithel
Third Person's POV"So now that you're successfully introduced to the ability system, we will now be proceeding to the universes, and worlds, you will be transported to and carry out your duties, you can call it missions or objectives, or whichever you prefer.This system is called the universe map (another window opens and showed many galaxies), and world map (the window zoomed to highlight a galaxy then zoomed out), two components in one application, the universe map shows you the map to the universe, and it's the same as gazing at the stars,but you will notice blinking lights when you are to be sent out on a mission (the map zoomed in on a galaxy with a blinking light), it could be one, two or more blinking lights, you will be given information of the world you will be entering such as:Economy, social life, development, races, weather, and etc. (the window zoomed in on a planet opening another panel to show the information it contain
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Chapter 4 – Ready
Third Person's POV‘Wow they are so beautiful and handsome on the pictures, bet they're even more handsome and beautiful in person.’ Ken admiring the features of the two people, never minding the picture of the Kingdom."So what will be my main mission?" he asks thinking that this kingdom looks to be in good hands."On Recent events, the couple had a baby, it was a baby boy, a-, the information’s quite long, do you want me to continue?” Ken tilts his head slightly.“Yes please.” he says with a smile.“Okay, the kingdom rejoiced, for the heir to the throne has been born, they prepared a banquet for everyone to enjoy, but one person caused a commotion and took the baby.The King and his men tried to save the child but the kidnapper was fast and agile on its feet, the kidnapper was covered in black clothing and wore leather shoes, it had its face covered and wore a hood to further conce
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Chapter 5 - It's Just Me
Third Person's POVKen finding himself in the body of a baby, panicked him, flinging words after words complaining to the white ball about his situation, but being a baby as he is now, baby gibberish just went out of his small, cute mouth, cries echoing inside the room and the hut alerting the parents, Ken's parents. The couple hurriedly went to the room where their baby is nestled, ignoring their task moments ago, they look at the scene before them, and their worried expressions eased as they stare lovingly at their crying/wailing son at the crib, taking a slight glance at each other.The mother approached slowly at the crib, and once coming to view with her child, she slowly reached out with her arms to hold and cradle the baby to her chest protectively."My dear sweet child, are you afraid? Don't worry, mommy's here now for you" she rocked the baby side to side effectively soothing her child, and soon the baby's cries turned to s
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Chapter 6 - Visit
Third Person's POV*The Next Day* Ken woke up to the rays of the sun, he looked to his left and noticed that his parents are still sleeping at their own bed, he looked at his right and found that the ball of white was still where he was, just beside him,Not really beside him beside him, just there probably an arm’s length distance, a baby's arm length distance.'What are you staring at?' effectively catching Ken of guard, he finds it hard to find his words.'I uhh... I'm... Uh... good morning! I was just wondering whether you are awake or not.' that little startle subsiding down as Ken’s heart calmed.'Good morning to you too Ken, as for your question, I have been awake for a long time, because I do not take a rest.' replied the ball.'Why is that so?' Ken asks curiously.'That's because I do not have a body that gets tired, as you can see, I am a ball of white.' Ken nodded a
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Chapter 7 - It's Dangerous!!!
Third Person’s POV (1 and 6 months yrs. old) 'But why am I be able to know who the heroes and heroines are of this story? did I do some kind of tampering on the settings of this story? Or maybe I accidentally pressed 'reveal' on the create section? What am I even thinking, of course I haven't done any of those, *sigh* I could really need some help right now.’'*chuckles* Hearing your obnoxious thoughts running one after another is really entertaining, you’re wondering you say? Then I'll answer your question, although I really want to be a bit mysterious, but I don't think that will ever be helpful, seeing as you tend to overthink things, and might end up taking actions for the worst,Okay, enough ranting, you are able to determine the heroes and heroines through a faint glow of light, to indicate that the person you are in front with is the person you will be helping in the future, it could be by fulfilling a prophec
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Chapter 8 - Magic.....?
Third Person's POV ( 3 and 8 months yrs. old)"Wind Blade!" Ken watched as his father practiced his magic along with his mother.'Hey White! How does magic exist in this world?' curious for until now he still can’t believe that there’s magic, nope wait scratch that, more like he’s not willing to believe that there’s magic.'It’s another long story.’ said White.‘I don’t mind.’ but seeing as this is his first world, getting to accept it’s abnormalities would be the first step of accomplishing his mission, so might as well start now.‘Okay (in a singsong voice), to answer your question Ken, magic on this place originated from the very start of the formation of this planet, but because this planet had accumulated massive amounts of magic,From what I had witnessed, this planet absorbed about 9,000 both white dwarf and big stars, even on its phase of supernova or black hole wasn't even spared upon its making, making the space surrounding it look completely empty for it devoured these thou
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Chapter 9 – His Questions
Third Person's POV (4 yr.s old)"Wil! Let’s go! Papa's going to teach us now how to use magic! Oops wait, correction! More magic!" shouted Ken from outside Wilbert’s house at 5 A.M., the light rays of the sun visible over the blue sky, along with the soft caress of the morning chill.Thinking back to the time he showed his and Wilbert's parents how he could use teleportation magic, and in quick succession too, the adults were stunned, surprise was written all over their face at that time, Ken took note of his father’s surprised face.Those wide eyes were both cute and funny at the same time.Once the shock was over, Alfred decided right on the spot that his son was to be taught magic, but of course having a loving, caring and worrying mother, Lyn interjected that her son was still too young to learn magic, the both of them getting into an argument of which Lorna, and Erick interjected helplessly.Seriously, these two love birds are so head strong that it’s hard to stop them.Thankfull
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Chapter 10 – WAAAAAAH!!!!!
Third Person's POV (4 yr.s old)"Yes, yes it is Ken." Ken nodded in understanding."How about you go try it first Ken?" Ken looked up to his father in shock, accompanied by fear and confusion, but his eagerness to learn about how to use and wield magic, made him agree and decided to do it first."Okay so now all you have to do is to picture out how your flame would be like, basically fire is a free element, and it sways to whichever direction the wind blows."Ken held out his hand and focused on the mental picture of creating a flame, soon a small spark of flame formed atop his hand, he rejoiced and smiled to himself that he was able to invoke/ conjure fire on the first try, but true to his nature of being curious, he wondered and asked to himself 'What would happen if i try to make it bigger?'. *Wind rustles**The ball of fire expands slowly*In just a few moments, his questions were answered, he was able to make a fireball three times the size of a regular basketball.Alfred and Wi
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